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Easy To Make Crab Craft Tutorial For Toddlers

Easy To Make Crab Craft For Toddlers

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Easy To Make Crab Craft Tutorial For Toddlers

This guide will show you how to make a fun and straightforward crab craft for toddlers. You just need a few supplies to help your kid create an adorable and vibrant crab craft in no time. Follow the directions and let their imagination run wild!

This tutorial will teach you to make a crab using a food item, buns. It will use a whole bun and some shaped crumbs to make this crab. The inclusion of buns as a craft material makes it much easier to create the craft therefore making it appropriate for toddlers and beginners. And the texture of the bun resembles a lot of that of a real crab. So, collect all the material required, and let’s start making this craft.

DIY Crab Craft For Kids

Easy To Make Crab Craft For Toddlers

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Materials Required

  • A bun
  • A white sheet of paper
  • A black marker pen
  • A red sketch pen
  • Blue sketch pen
  • Small pinnation green leaves
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick


Step 1: Starting With The Bun

Starting With The Bun-Simple Step-by-Step Guide For Creating A Crab Craft With Toddlers

Take a round bun and using a pair of scissors, make some cuts on one of the sides of the bun making it look like the body of a crab. The cuts need to be small and pointed to achieve the structure desired. See the picture below for reference.

Step 2: Making The Legs Of The Crab

Make The Legs Of The Crab-Crafting With Crabs Is A Breeze When You Follow These Toddler-Friendly Instructions

Take a white sheet and place it on the table, and paste the bun in the middle of this sheet. Now, take a black sketch marker pen and draw four lines resembling the legs of a spider,  on the white sheet next to each side of the bun. Finally, draw two straight lines on the sheet above the top part of the bun. The two lines should be drawn on the two corners of this side of the bun. See the picture below for reference.

Step 3: Shaping The Claws Of The Crab

Shape The Claws Of The Crab-How To Put Together A Crab Craft For Little Ones

Take two small pieces of bread and cut a round shape out of them. Now, cut out a, ‘V’, shape from one of the sides of the bun. Repeat the process on both buns. Finally, paste them on the ends of each straight line that you drew in the previous step. See the picture below for reference.

Step 4: Pasting The Eyes Of The Crab

Pasting The Eyes Of The Crab-Follow These Tips To Make A DIY Crab Creation With Your Toddler

Take a white sheet of paper and cut two small circles out of it. Now, using the same black marker, color the circles leaving just a little space on the outlines of the circumference and a smaller circular space left uncolored at the top left part of these white circles as shown in the picture below. Paste the circles at the top of the bun right next to each other.

Step 5: Adding More Features To The Bun

Adding More Features To The Bun-Making A Crab Craft With Your Toddler Is A Piece Of Cake

Take the same black marker and draw a smiley right in the middle of the bun. Now, take a red sketch pen and make a dot on each side of the smiley as shown in the picture below. This completes the making of the crab.

Step 6: Adding Details To Its Surroundings

Adding Details To Its Surroundings-Learn How To Put Together A Toddler-Friendly Crab Craft

Take two green leaves and paste both of them next to each other at the bottom right corner of the sheet as shown in the picture below.

Finally Your Crab Is Ready!

Finally Your Crab Is Ready-Making Crab Crafts Is A Cinch When You Follow This Guidance

Paste two more leaves on the left side of the sheet as well. Now, using a blue sketch pen, draw three small circles on the right side of the sheet following a vertical order. Repeat the process on the left side of the sheet as shown in the picture below.

This brings an end to the craft and we learned to work with food items as a craft material. You also learned good drawing and pasting skills in this craft. You can hang it in the walls of your room or place it on your study table as a piece of decoration. Think of more such items that can be used in making craft and keep practicing the skills that you learn in these tutorials.

See you in the next tutorial. Good bye

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Interesting Crab Craft On The Beach For Kids

Interesting Crab Craft On The Beach For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Kids will love this fun and interesting crab craft on the beach! It’s an easy way to make memories and have fun in the sun. All you need is a few materials and you can be making your own crab masterpiece.

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