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Tiny Paper Headband Craft Idea For Beginners

Tiny Paper Headband Craft Idea For Beginners

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Tiny Paper Headband Craft Idea For Beginners

Create a cool and easy paper headband with this craft! It’s a great project for those new to paper crafting and requires only a few materials. You’ll soon have a fashionable paper headband in no time!

Welcome to this tutorial on how to make a tiny paper headband. You will require the basic drawing materials for this papercraft. This step-by-step tutorial papercraft is open to all age groups, especially beginners for art and craft. The tiny things do matter, so why not make the best use of them? Let’s get started!

Simple Tiny Paper Headband Craft

Tiny Paper Headband Craft Idea For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • Plastic bottle
  • Colorful papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1: Taking Out The Bottle Lid

Taking Out The Bottle Lid-Miniaturized Paper Headband Project for Novices

Take a plastic bottle and carefully take out the lid just like shown above.

Step 2: Taking A Paper Strip

Take A Paper Strip-Small Paper Headband Creation Suggestion for Newcomers

Take any colored paper strip. The strip must be long and thin as shown in the picture above.

Step 3: Base Of The Paper Headband

Base Of The Paper Headband- Mini Paper Headband Art Plan For Starters

Wrap the strip of paper around the lid of the bottle.

Step 4: Tiny Base Of The Paper Headband

Tiny Base Of The Paper Headband-Little Paper Headband Craft Proposal For Learners

Good wrapping! The base and body for our tiny paper headband are ready. Let’s move on to the final steps.

Step 5: Cutting Up Bunny-Shaped Ears For Headband

Cut Up Bunny-Shaped Ears For Headband-Diminutive Paper Headband Design Concept For Beginners

Using the scissors, cut up bunny-shaped ears for our tiny paper headband. This will look so cute!

Step 6: Sticking The Ears

Sticking The Ears-Petite Paper Headband Creation Notion For Newbies

Stick the ears to the headband just like shown in the picture.

Tiny Paper Headband – Cute Paper Craft Ideas

Tiny Paper Headband - Cute Paper Craft Ideas-Miniature Paper Headband Manufacture Thought For Novices

Well done. Our tiny paper headbands are ready. They look so cute. You can make your pets wear them or your stuffed toys. Have fun with this small plaything. We hope that you had fun while making these tiny headbands. Go ahead and make some more!

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