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DIY Paper Cup Lion Easy Craft For Kids

DIY Paper Cup Lion Easy Craft For Kids

Recycled Crafts

DIY Paper Cup Lion Easy Craft For Kids

Activities for Kids

This DIY Paper Cup Lion is an easy craft for kids that will bring out the creativity in them. With a few simple materials, you can have fun crafting a lion that can sit on your desk or shelf. Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own paper cup lion!

Today, we are here with an easy tutorial that will teach you to make a lion head using a paper cup. This lion is going to be of any color you desire unlike the real fawn-coloured one. The liberty you could only take through art and craft, Unleash yo It will also be having colorful facial hair made out of sheets of paper. This lion is going to be a happy and harmless creature. Collect all the material required, find a calm place, sit down, relax, and let’s get started!

Creative Little Lion Craft Using Paper Cup

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Materials Required

  • Colored Sheets (Pink, Baby Pink, And Black)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Pink-colored Paper Cup
  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • Black Pen


Step 1: Making Circle On Paper Cup

Making Circle On Paper Cup - Constructing A Paper Cup Lion - An Easy Activity For Little Ones

Let’s begin with your lion by taking a paper cup. With the help of a compass, draw a circle over the cup in the middle.

Step 2: Cutting Strips

Cutting Strips - Make Your Own Lion Out Of A Paper Cup - Fun For Kids

From pink paper and cut out thin and long strips using scissors. Now, take one strip and paste it on the circumference of the circle drawn.

Step 3: Pasting More Strips

Pasting More Strips - Easy DIY Lion Craft Using A Paper Cup For Children

Start pasting the other strips over the circumference.

Step 4: Completing Pasting Strips

Completing Pasting Strips - Crafting A Lion From A Paper Cup - Simple For Children

Complete a circle of strips this will become the hair of your lion.

Step 5: Making Eyes

Making Eyes - A Simple Paper Cup Lion Craft For Kids

From a white and black sheet cut out the eyes of the lion and paste it side by side over the face.

Step 6: Making Ears

Making Ears - Self-Made Paper Cup Lion - A Fun Activity For The Young Ones

Using a baby pink sheet and pink sheet make the ears of the lion and paste it over the hair as shown.

Step 7: Making Facial Details

Making Facial Details - Creating A Paper Cup Lion As A Fun Project For Youngsters

Using a black pen make the details of your lion’s face i.e. nose, mouth, and mustache.

Step 8: Shaping The Stripy Hair

Shaping The Stripy Hair - An Enjoyable Paper Cup Lion Craft For Kids

Using the same pen, roll the pink strips inward from the end to shape the hair.

Your Paper Cup Lion Is Ready!

Your Paper Cup Lion Is Ready! - Home-Made Lion Craft With A Paper Cup - Perfect For Youngsters

This completes the process of making this lion and the results are amazing. Make more of these lions using different colored cups and sheets of paper.

Use the techniques you learned in this tutorial to make more unique and original art and craft. Keep following the tutorials to learn more fun and cool craft skills. See you in plenty more tutorials to come. Till then, work hard and focus on inventing new craft ideas and comment on the inventions. Good luck and goodbye.

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