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Lion Face Craft Using Orange Peel For Kids

DIY Lion Face Craft Using Orang Peel

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Lion Face Craft Using Orange Peel For Kids

This fun and easy craft is perfect for kids to make – a lion face craft using orange peel! With just a few supplies, it’s a great way to get creative and make a unique piece of art. Learn how to make your own lion face using orange peel in this step-by-step guide.

Welcome to the article on making a lion face craft using orange peel! This article will show you how to make a cute and simple lion face with a few materials and steps. It is a great way to introduce preschoolers to crafting and teach them about animals while having fun. This craft will take no time to complete and is a perfect way to stay productive in your spare time. Kids will have a blast creating this stunning lion face craft. So, collect the supplies, and let’s get crafting!

Easy Orange Peel Lion Face Craft With Step By Step Tutorials

DIY Lion Face Craft Using Orang Peel

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Material Required

  • Yellow Construction Paper
  • Orange
  • Black Sheet
  • Markers (Black, Red, And White)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1: Cutting A Yellow Circle

Cutting A Yellow Circle -1. Making a Lion Visage Artwork Utilizing Orange Peels

Let’s begin this craft by cutting a big yellow circle and pasting it on a black sheet using glue.

Step 2: Making the Body Of The Lion

Making the Body Of The Lion- Creating a Lion Facial Representation Utilizing Orange Rind

Cut a small lion’s body shape out of yellow paper and paste it under the circle.

Step 3: Drawing Details On Face

Drawing Details On Face -Constructing a Lion Mien Artwork Using Orange Peels

Using a black marker, draw the eyes and nose on the lion’s face.

Step 4: Drawing Mouth And Whiskers

Drawing Mouth And Whiskers- Forming a Lion Appearance Art Employing Orange Skins

Draw the mouth and whiskers of the lion on its face using a black marker.

Step 5: Making Cheeks Of Lion

Making Cheeks Of Lion Building a Lion Facial Expression with Orange Peels

To complete the face details, make the cheek of the lion using a red marker.

Step 6: Pasting Orange Peels

Pasting Orange Peels- Fabricating a Lion Expression Art Form with Orange Peelings

Now, apply and spread the glue around the edge of the face of the lion and start pasting pieces of orange peel, Cover the entire circumference and some outer part using orange peel pieces.

Hurray! Orange Peel Lion Face Craft Is Completed!

Hurray! Orange Peel Lion Craft Is Completed- Manufacture a Lion Face Craftwork Using Orange Peels

Finally, draw the tail of a lion using a white color or pen to complete the craft. And, Look! You’re with the Orange Peel Lion craft in a few simple steps.

It’s time to get the kids creative with this fun and educational DIY Orange Peel Lion Craft! With some imagination and creativity, kids can make any type of animal they can think of. This craft is a great way for them to use their time productively and learn about animals while having fun. Why not give it a try at home to encourage your kids to be creative? Enjoy the learning experience while crafting!

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