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Easy Paper Dog Face Craft Tutorial For Kids

Easy Paper Dog Face Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Easy Paper Dog Face Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Make a cute paper dog face craft with your kids using this simple guide. This is a great way to keep your kids busy and help them express their creativity. You just need a few basic materials to put this project together.

Hello And Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to make an Easy Paper Dog Face Craft! Dog’s are said to be man’s best friends. Who doesn’t love cute dogs? Let’s put our creative skills to work with this cute craft. This tutorial has some easy steps that can assist you in making your perfect dog face craft. Let’s get started!!!

DIY Paper Dog Face Craft For Kids

Easy Paper Dog Face Craft Tutorial For Kids

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  • White, black and orange craft paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black sketch pen


Step 1: Take A White Craft Paper

Take a white Craft paper- A Simple Paper Dog Mask Crafting Guide for Children

For the first step, cut out a big circle from white craft paper. This will be the base for your craft and serve as the dog’s face.

Step 2: Cut Out A Circle From Black Craft Paper For The Nose

Cut out a circle from Black craft paper for the nose- Crafting a Dog Face Out of Paper - an Easy Tutorial for Kids

Next, cut out a small circle, the size of a bottle cap, from black craft paper. Stick this circle at the center of the dog’s face, that is the white circle. This black circle will be the dog’s nose.

Step 3: Take An Orange Craft Paper Circle For The Eye Patch

Take an orange craft paper circle for the eye patch- A Simple Paper Dog Face Tutorial for Little Ones

You will now give your dog a cute eye patch. For the eye patch, cut out a small circle from orange craft paper. Stick this circle on the left side of the dog’s face, where the left eye would be.

Step 4: Stick Two White Circles For The Eyes

Stick two white circles for the eyes- Explaining How to Make a Dog Face Out of Paper to Kids

Now, cut out two circles from white craft paper. Make sure these circles are smaller in size than the size of the eye patch. These will be the eyes of your dog. Stick these on the face with the help of glue. Cut out two even smaller circles from black craft paper, and stick these inside the white eyes.

Step 5: Make A Heart Shape Cut Out From Orange Craft Paper

Make a heart shape cut out from Orange craft paper- A Guide to Crafting a Dog Face Out of Paper for Children

You will now move on to the ears of the dog. On orange craft paper, draw a big heart. Cut it out using scissors and then, fold it in half from the middle such that you have two symmetrical sides.

Step 6: Cut The Orange Heart In Half

Cut the orange heart in half- A Tutorial for Crafting a Dog Face with Paper for Kids

Grab your scissors and cut through the fold in the middle of the heart. Once cut, you will have two tear drop shaped cut outs.

Step 7: Sticking The Ears Of The Dog

Sticking the ears of the dog- An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Dog Face Out of Paper for Children

Using glue, stick these two ears on either side of the dog’s face, such that the circular part is facing downwards.

Finally !Your Paper Dog Face Craft Is Ready!

Drawing the eyelashes and the mouth of the dog- Crafting a Dog Face Mask from Paper - A Tutorial for Kids

You will now add in the final details using your handy black sketch pen. Outline the eyes and make eye lashes for the dog’s eyes. Make a snout and smiley mouth for the dog.

And Ta-da! Your Paper Dog Face Craft is done and ready!!

Following this step-by-step tutorial, kids can easily make this fun craft very easily. Using easy to find, basic craft materials, this craft can be made in minutes. It is just perfect for craft projects and decorations. It is super easy and quick to make and kids can easily catch on to the steps with this tutorial and spark their creative streak. So give it a try and engage your kids and yourself in a fun craft-learning activity!
Hope you like this creative and quick to make Paper Dog Face Craft step-by-step tutorial for kids. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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