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Make DIY Origami Paper Envelop Craft For Kids

Make DIY Origami Paper Envelop Craft For Kids

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Make DIY Origami Paper Envelop Craft For Kids

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Make your kids’ day extra special with this fun and easy origami paper envelop craft! With a few simple materials, your kids can make their own DIY envelopes perfect for cards, letters, and special gifts. Follow the step-by-step tutorial and get creative with colors, embellishments, and more.

Origami is an amazing and fun craft that is perfect for children of all ages. It allows them to be creative and make something unique out of simple paper. In this article, we will be discussing how to make a DIY Origami Paper Envelop Craft perfect for children. This easy-to-follow tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own origami envelope. So, get ready to have some creative fun with your kids and bring out their inner artists!

How To Make DIY Origami Paper Envelop Craft – Step by Step Instructions

Make DIY Origami Paper Envelop Craft For Kids

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Material Used:

  • Design Paper
  • Glue Stick

Instructions: –

Step-1: Take a Design Paper

Easy To Make Envelop Craft For Kids Using Origami

Take a colorful piece of paper and fold it into two halves.

Step-2: Folding All The Corners

Easy Paper Activity To Make Envelop Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

Hold all the corners one by one and fold them, bringing them towards the middle.

Step-3: Folding The Bottom Left And Right Edge

Cool Art Of Paper Folding To Make Cute Envelop Craft Idea For Kids

Unfold the lower section. Fold the lower part upwards making a crease. Fold the lower left edge touching the crease formed, and then unfold it, fold the lower right edge, and unfold it. Now fold the bottom corner inwards making a mountain.

Step-4: Folding The Unfolded Parts

Step By Step To Make Paper Envelop Craft Idea For Children

Fold the left and right edges and the bottom corner as in the previous steps and paste to fix it.

Step-5: Folding The Lower Section

Learn How To Make Paper Envelop Craft For Kids

Fold the whole lower section inwards with the crease formed.

Step-6: Inserting The Mountain Outwards

Handmade Origami paper Envelop Craft Idea For Kids

Fold the top of the bottom section and pick out the mountain part.

Step-7: Pasting The Right Section

Creative Ideas Of Origami To Make Envelop Craft At Home

Paste the right section inside the back of the mountain.

Step-8: Pasting The Left Section

Easy Process To Make Creative Envelop Craft For Kids

Paste the left section inside the back of the mountains.

Step-9: Folding The Upper Section

Fun Activities To Make Envelop Craft For Kids

Fold the upper section downwards towards a crease mark and unfold it and now fold the top corner towards the crease and fold the upper section inside the mountain and also fold the tip of the mountain inwards.

Step-10: Folding The Upper Section Inwards

Homemade Idea To Make Envelop Craft For Kids

Fold the upper section inwards.

Final Step: This Is The Final Envelope!

Amazing Paper Envelop Craft Ideas For Kids

Your origami envelope is complete and ready to use. Fill it with your note, money, or anything else that fits.


What kind of paper do I need to make origami paper envelopes?

You’ll need either standard-sized origami paper or any kind of paper that is the same size on each side. This could be a square of scrapbook paper, newspaper, tissue paper, or even a magazine page.

How many sheets of paper do I need to make origami paper envelopes?

You will need two sheets of paper for each origami paper envelope you want to make.

What type of glue should I use?

You can use either a glue stick or a glue pen to attach the sides of your paper envelopes.

What kind of decorations can I add to my origami paper envelopes?

You can add decorations such as ribbons, stickers, or stamps to your origami paper envelopes.

How do I fold the envelope?

First, fold the paper in half. Then, fold the corners into the center of the paper and press them down. Finally, fold the sides of the paper inwards and press them down.

DIY origami paper envelop craft is a great way to encourage your kids to have fun while learning a new skill. With a few simple steps and some patience, your kids can create beautiful paper envelopes that their friends and family will admire.

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