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Lovely Paper Flowers Garden Craft Step by Step Tutorial

Lovely Paper Flowers Garden Craft Step by Step Tutorial

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Lovely Paper Flowers Garden Craft Step by Step Tutorial

Learn how to make a stunning flower garden out of paper right in your own home! Follow these simple steps to make the ideal floral display for any event. You just need paper and some other basic materials.

Welcome! We will learn how to make a simple but beautiful garden full of paper flowers. This is a very simple craft that can be easily done by children. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you to make your own paper flower garden using simple and easily available materials. Children can use their imagination and creativity to make their own colourful flower garden – let’s get started!

Simple Paper Flowers Garden Craft

Lovely Paper Flowers Garden Craft Step by Step Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Coloured paper (white and green)
  • Cardboard or thick sheet of paper
  • Sketch pens
  • Scissors and glue


Step 1: Drawing Some Flowers

Drawing Some Flowers-Crafting a Garden of Delightful Paper Flowers Step by Step

On a white sheet of paper, draw and colour some flowers of various shapes and sizes. You could also take printouts and then colour them using sketch pens.

Step 2: Cutting Them Out

Cutting Them Out- Learn How to Make Beautiful Paper Flowers for Your Garden

Now using a scissor, cut out all the flowers.

Step 3: Making The Stem Using Green Paper

Making The Stem Using Paper-Step by Step Guide to Creating a Garden of Lovely Paper Flowers

Take two long, narrow strips of green coloured paper. Now hold the two strips at right angles and stick the ends of the strips using glue.

Step 4: Folding The Paper

Folding The Paper-Instructions for Crafting an Elegant Garden of Paper Flowers

Now take the free ends of the strip and fold keep folding one above the other. Once you complete folding, stick the ends together.

Step 5: Sticking The Stems

Sticking The Stems-Crafting a Garden of Paper Flowers: Step-by-Step Guide

Now take a piece of cardboard or a thick sheet of paper and paste all the stems that we have made.

Step 6: Sticking The Flowers

Sticking The Flowers-Learn How to Make a Garden of Charming Paper Flowers

Once you have pasted the stems, take out the beautiful flowers that you have drawn and coloured. Using glue, paste these flowers on the stems.

Step 7: Making The Leaves

Making The Leaves- Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Garden of Delightful Paper Flowers

On green coloured paper, draw leaves for our plants. Now, cut it out and paste it towards the bottom of our flower’s stem.

Our Pretty Garden With All The Colourful Flowers Is Ready!!

Our pretty garden with all the colourful flowers is ready- Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Garden of Lovely Paper Flowers

This step-by-step tutorial teaches us a very simple craft that can be done by kids with a very few easily available materials. Kids can customize the paper flower garden by using their own creativity and imagination.  This craft will be highly enjoyable to kids, just give it a try.

We will be glad to know what you think of this craft through comments in the comment section below. Hope you will try this craft.

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