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Plastic Straw Falling Flowers Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

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Plastic Straw Falling Flowers Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

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Create fancy flowers for decorating your home with our step-by-step easy tutorial! These pretty flowers are budget-friendly and not even time-consuming! 

Whoa! Look at this astonishing piece of craft that you can make too! This tutorial will guide you to the very easy and simple steps to make these falling flowers so that you can further use them to decorate your room or even your home! They will definitely look stunning in any corner you place them! The vibrant colors of these flowers will add colors everywhere! These flowers are also washable, which makes it very easy to keep them clean also! Make these flowers using up these basic supplies you will have at home or are budget-friendly! They will serve as fantastic decor made in just minutes!

DIY Plastic Straw Falling Flowers

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Materials Required

  • Pink And Green-colored Plastic Straws
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Earbud


Step 1: Bending The Straw

Bending the straw- Let's start the craft by bending straw into zig zag for beginners

To begin this craft, take a pink-colored plastic straw and bend it over so that the zig-zag bent part of the straw is folded in half.

Step 2: Cutting Out The Straight Straw Part

Cutting out the straight straw part-Creative art Plastic Straw Falling Flowers Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

Using scissors, cut out the straight straw part altogether.

Step 3: Cutting Open The Bent Part

Cutting Open The Bent Part-Making a beautiful pastic straw falling flower for beginners

Using scissors, cut open the bent part of the straw by inserting a scissor part into it and then cutting to the end of the straw.

Step 4: Cutting The Zig-Zag Lines

Cutting the zig zag lines-Step-by-step guide to create an beautiful plastic straw falling flower for Kids

Using scissors, cut the zig-zag crease appearing over it one by one. Make sure to not cut the strip wholely, instead leave some space at the end.

Step 5: Applying Double-Sided Tape

Apply double sided tape- Tutorial for creative artwork of plastic straw falling flower for beginners

Over the space left uncut, apply double-sided tape to the whole straw piece end.

Step 6: Pasting The Straw Over A Cotton Bud

Pasting the straw over cotton bud- Step-by-step guide to make a plastic straw falling flower tutorial

Over the bud over the cotton earbud, start to circle the straw cut-out from where the tape was applied to form a flower shape.

Step 7: Completing The Flower

Completing the flower-Complete procedure of making a plastic straw falling flower for beginner

Circle the whole straw cut-out again and again over the bud till it is pasted wholely. This forms the flower.

Step 8: Cutting A Green Straw Into Half

Cutting a green straw into half- Step-by-step tutorial to create a plastic straw falling flower craft for Kids

Pinch and crease a green straw into half, then use scissors and cut the whole straw from the middle. This will be the leaf and stem of the flower.

Step 9: Shaping The Leaf and Stem

Shaping The leaf and stem-In this tutorial we're cutting a straw to make leaf and stem out of it for beginner

Using the scissors, make 2 slanting cuts on each side to the end of the leaf and stem to shape them.

Step 10: Pasting The Flower To The Leaf

Pasting the flower to the leaf- Tutorial for beginner to create a beautiful plastic straw falling flower craft

Paste the flower over the pointed stem top using double-sided tape. And paste the leaf to the bottom of the stem using the tape.

The Final Look Of Your Falling Flowers!

Plastic Straw Falling Flowers Step by Step Tutorial For Amateur

Make more and more flowers, leaves, and stems using different colored plastic straws.

Voila! Your flowers are thriving in the vase!

Some More Flower Craft Tutorial

Crafting clay flowers for children

Crafting clay flowers for children

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Crafting clay flowers is a fun and creative activity for children. It encourages children to use their imagination and develop their motor skills. Crafting clay flowers is a great way for children to explore their creativity and have fun while doing it.

I’m definitely you are stunned by the amazing results! They look exactly like those expensive flowers we bought from the market! Hehe, was a cheap alternative! You can now show off your amazing creation to everyone and flaunt your crafting and innovation skills in front of them! You can even customize the appearance of these flowers by shaping the petals with different textures, or you can even make them more realistic by painting them from the corners! Your imagination is the limit!

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