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Potato Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

Potato Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

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Potato Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

We all must have potatoes that are either rotting or getting spoiled and I hate when veggies go waste, there are so many people in the world who don’t even have the chance to access the food and they fight for every square inch of food supplies. So, I decided to put them to some good use and also engage the kids into something more creative rather than just sitting on the couch. After spending quite a lot of time, we have gathered a bunch of activities where you can put these potatoes to some use and have a lot of fun while doing this. These activities will require minimal materials, most of them are already available in our house, and if not then you can purchase them from any nearby store.

Let’s move ahead and find some good activities to do with these squashable potatoes:

Potato Art & Craft for Kids

1. Potato Stamped Mouse Card

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Hello people, it’s probably that time of the month when we will just immerse ourselves in craft activities. I spent quite a lot of time thinking about what can we use so that we can score a craft out of it and just then potatoes came into my mind. Potatoes are available in almost every home and also we can find them with minimal effort. So let’s just prepare ourselves and make the most out of it.

2. Potato Stamped Ladybug

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Hello, my artful followers! Welcome to another creative craft activity. In this activity, we have decided on creating a mouse card where we will be customizing it with stamping potatoes to add couture in the design. This is going to be super fun when you perform this with your kids and it will also add up to the maximum amount of knowledge-building power in your kids.

3. Potato Star Prints

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun-Stuff-To-Do

The picture that is above you is a simple art where we just used potatoes and drew stars on them and imprinted them on a sheet of paper. We could also use different colors for the patterns and if you wish and you can also change the fabric. You can carry out this activity whenever you want to and it will look absolutely remarkable.

4. Snowman Printing Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Growing A Jeweled Rose

Snowman’s are marvelous, we all want to play with them and build them as soon as the winter approaches us but since all of us are facing a pandemic and can’t head out until and unless it is absolutely necessary, we can’t build a real one. So, the fun part is that we can still make a snowman but with potatoes and it will give you leisure when you play with it. So, what are we waiting for lets go and create our snowman?

5. Tree Potato Printing

Image Source/Tutorial: Persil

Have you heard yet that potatoes make the finest home-grown stamper in the world. We can in fact reuse them as much as possible and build new crafts from them. So keeping that in mind we discovered a whole new activity for you where we will just cut a potato from the middle and draw a tree on one of its surfaces and stamp the following on a piece of the white sheet. This will encourage your kids to make different variety of crafts as well.

6. Watermelon Wrapping Paper

Image Source/Tutorial: Inner Child Fun

I always wanted to send away good presents to friends and family and so I was searching for something that could create a unique effect on my presents and just then I came across the idea of painting the gift wrap. I decided on a watermelon theme as summers are approaching us soon and it will be fun to witness the same. So, let’s gear up and be creative with our kids.

7. Monster Potato Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Arts n Crafts

Well, who doesn’t love Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc? So we decided to get on with the kids and make some monsters with the help of the potatoes. For this, you will only require a fresh-cut slice of potato, some paint color, and a white sheet of paper. Stamp the potatoes onto the paint and then onto the white sheet and then you can just go on and decorate your monster as per your choice.

8. Potato Print Garland

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Arts n Crafts

There is something about the potato stamps that makes me yearn for my babyhood. So, to flourish that once again, I thought of a craft where we will be creating a potato garland just by stamping potatoes on it. You must cut the potato in half and then you can create various shapes on the potato and start stamping them on a sheet or even better newspaper. It will add contrast to your craft.

9. Potato Print Owl Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

We all must have potatoes at our homes that are going into absolute waste or sometimes when we don’t cook them for prolonged hours. So, to cope with this I thought of an activity where we can stamp potatoes and create an owl painting out of them. It will super exciting and amazing and we will be having a lot of fun.

10. Vegetable Printing

Image Source/Tutorial: Good to

This craft that we are going to perform today is a mere piece of cake and pretty simple and so it is perfect for the toddlers to begin with. This simple vegetable printing craft is going to be full of enjoyment. For this just draw a simple shape on one slice of the potato and start dabbing it on a sheet of paper and that’s it, you’re pretty much done here.

11. Potato People Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

I wanted to make something that looked realistic rather than just a simple craft and so I landed on the idea of making sculptures from potatoes. We can simply craft sculptures of people from potatoes by peeling them off and even adding some radiance of art to it. Suppose we along with the help of markers create the features of the people and for the antennae, we can definitely use toothpicks and pipe cleaners.

12. Potato Pets Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Skip To My Lou

There must be some potatoes in the house that might go to waste and we don’t like it when food goes to waste. So, we decided to make pets with them! You seem to be a little surprised so let’s just say we are going to take a potato, add some googly eyes on it, craft its features with the help of a marker and insert some toothpicks portraying its hands and legs. It will be super cute to construct.

13. Potato Face

Image Source/Tutorial: Education

As the name suggests, we are going to make a potato face with a mere amount of black markers and some cotton balls. After listing out so many activities, I thought why don’t we introduce a simple one it will be great for the kids as well. So, for this, we are just going to create a potato face and with the markers, we will draw the features of the same. We can finish it off by adding some cotton balls on the head of the potato which will add some couture to our craft.

14. Potato Haircut Heads

Image Source/Tutorial: My Kid Craft

After a long list of diverse activities, we decided on creating a simple craft with a funny motive that will make any person laugh when they will look at it. As for the hairs we will be using some grasses and plot them onto the head of the potato. It will help in developing the mind of your child.

15. Easy Penguin Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Messy Little Monster

Who doesn’t love penguins? They are beautiful animals that generally remain stable in their own habitat and don’t even bother anyone. So, penguins are perfect when it comes to creating a good craft from them. They are super simple and you can convert them almost into anything. For this, you will only require a potato and some paint colors.

16. Footprint Potato Head

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

I was thinking while we are making potato crafts and almost everyone has a family of their own, why don’t we create a family of potatoes. They are the most loved edible things in the world, plus they can be combined with almost any vegetable. For this, you will only require some paint, markers and a white sheet of paper. Dip your foot onto the paint and stamp them into the white sheet of paper.

17. Potato Pineapple

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft With Toddler

We are going to end this article with a very simple craft that is the pineapple craft. In this, we will be simply taking a potato and with paint colors and brush we will draw the structure of a pineapple on the same and then stamp it onto a white sheet of paper. It will super fun and amazing to watch and I am sure kids will have a lot of fun while performing the same.

I hope all your queries were answered by our article and you found our activities interesting. So, what are you waiting for! Put your potatoes to good use with these creative craft ideas. Also, do let us know in the comment section which craft was your kid’s favorite, and do visit our website for future posts.

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