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Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids


Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Painting does not always need a huge canvas, brushes of various dimensions or a sophisticated color pallet. Painting dear young artists is a simple job to express yourself in your own way. Today we are going to introduce you to a simple, fun artform which has various applications. Get ready to learn   Hand and Footprint craft which is super fun, exciting and often really deep.

This craft can be used to make some cool wall paintings, customized greetings, school projects and memory frames. Do this as a fun activity with your friends and family to make your bond stronger.

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Bouquet of Memories

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids Bouquet of Memories

Who needs perishable flower bouquets when you can bunch up memories to gift to someone. Make a bouquet painting of handprints of people who are important to the recipient, label it if you wish and surprise everyone with this thoughtful present.

2. Footprint Rose Craft

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids Footprint Rose Craft

Want to give your room an artistic change? Try this wall painting of fresh roses made with footprints and leave your guests confused about the masterpiece.

3. Hand Print Sunflower

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids Handprint Sunflower

Bless and brighten your day with this sunflower craft. The only tool you need to make this is your hand. Get a little messy, dip your palm in paint and have fun with the colors.

4. Memory Frames

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids Memory Frames

Here is an amazing idea to save precious memories. First steps in a new house, the arrival of a baby or first birthday, frame these timeless memories by crafting a hand and footprint memory frame.

5. Bee And Blossom

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids Bee And Blossom

Make a delightful scenery consisting of bees and flowers quickly and easily with handprint craft. Refer to this painting for guidelines.

6. Dino Painting

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids Dino Painting

All your dreams are achievable, everything is possible – it’s all in your hands. Well, for this one, it truly is in your hand. Use your handprint to make this cute dinosaur and win praises for your creativity.

7. Hen With Hand

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids Hen With Hand

It’s not really always about hard work. Its often about smart work. Make a hen efficiently with your handprint. It is no less good than a painting made with a brush.

8. Lady Bug Craft

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids Lady Bug Craft

Lady Bugs are friendly insects and their beautiful apparel is worth admiring. Draw this amazing creature with a red footprint. Make black spots with thumb printing to add to the details.

9. Buzzy Bee

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids

Being busy is good. Let this buzzy busy bee adorn your study space and inspire you to do well.

10. Fun Flamingo

Hand and Footprint Craft Ideas for Kids

Flamingoes are the most elegant of all birds. Their pink feathers, stoic posture and curvy shape make it look like a pretty princess. You can use this very easy craft to make greetings, school projects or simply some leisure time art.

11. Chicken Craft

Chicken Craft

Isn’t this such a cute chicken! Try this out for yourself and have fun.

12. Elephant Hand Craft

Elephant Hand Craft

Elephant is a giant animal but crafting it is not a giant task at all. Follow this art for reference and make your own elephant art. Add details with a black sketch pen to make it more realistic.

13. Craft A Cow

Craft A Cow

Give your school projects an interesting twist by adding handcrafted figures. Take for instance, this cow. Adding this craft at a relevant place will fetch you the best grades for sure.

14. Butterfly DIY

Butterfly DIY

A butterfly brings hope ,joy and peace to the onlooker. Gift someone happiness with a handcrafted butterfly greeting card. Add a few details t0 make it absolutely personalized.

15. Water World

Water World

There is a world as vast as your imagination underwater. Paint your dreams freely using this handprint technique and win hearts with your artistic abilities.

16. Handprint Animals

Handprint Animals

We know you really enjoy hand printing. So here are a few more splendid ideas for you to try out.

Creativity is simply enjoying in a carefree manner. Only when you break free from the stereotype of perfection, you can craft a masterpiece.

Please drop your reviews in the comments section and visit our website for more fun stuff.

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Activities for Kids
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