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Pretty Flowers Painting Artwork Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

Pretty Flowers Artwork Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

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Pretty Flowers Painting Artwork Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

This step-by-step tutorial will show kids how to draw beautiful flowers using simple shapes. With these easy-to-follow instructions, kids will learn to create colorful and unique artwork with a few basic supplies. Perfect for budding artists of all ages!

Have you ever seen mimosa flowers over trees? They look as if you are in some fairyland! They look so pretty that you might want to be under them like forever! Let’s create your own yellow mimosa flower painting to let you dive into your fairy world through fun and creative painting art! An artist should fall into his/her beautiful imagination to make their creation! Trust me, that will give you fabulous results! Unleash your inner artist with us in this painting-making and learn to shade and mix paints like a pro to give a realistic effect to your artwork! Grab your art supplies, and let’s get started!

Pretty Flowers Artwork For Kids

Pretty Flowers Artwork Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Circular Cardboard
  • Paints (Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow, And Black)
  • Flat And Rounded Paint Brushes


Step 1: Making Green Bush

Making Green Bush-Flowers Artwork Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

To begin this craft, take a circular-shaped cardboard and a flat brush. Dip the brush into light green color paint and start making curvy strokes from the below end of the cardboard to make a green bush.

Step 2: Detailing The Bush

Detailing The Bush-Pretty Flowers Artwork

Dip the same brush into dark green paint and make stokes of it over the already made stokes and blend them to give a realistic effect to the bush.

Step 3: Making Flower Stems

Making Flower Stems-Flowers Artwork

Using a thin rounded brush make straight and curved from the end stems coming from the center of the bush of dark green paint.

Step 4: Making Yellow Flowers

Making Yellow Flowers-Step-by-step

Dip a cotton bud into yellow paint and dab it below the end of the stems in lines to make falling-like yellow flowers from the stems.

Step 5: Making More Flowers

Making More Flowers-For Kids

Make flowers from each stem by following the previous same step and detail the flowers by adding a little black paint to the flowers to make them look like a shadow of flowers.

Step 6: Spraying Some Green And Yellow Paint

Spraying Some Green And Yellow Paint-Tutorial For Kids

For the last step, dip your paintbrush into green and yellow paint and gently sprinkle little-little paint over the artwork to make it look like some paint sprayed upon it.

Done, The Final Look Of Your Flower Artwork!

Done, The Final Look Of Your Flower Artwork!-Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

Tadaa! Your pretty yellow mimosa flowers are ready in no time!

You learned many tips and tricks to paint like a pro with this tutorial and you also learned some basics of painting! The absolutely fine results of the artwork depended upon the type of brush used during painting and the different elements of the painting!

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