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Beautiful Underwater Fish Using Colored Clay Craft

Beautiful Underwater Fish Using Colored Clay Craft

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Beautiful Underwater Fish Using Colored Clay Craft

Learn how to make a beautiful underwater fish using colored clay and simple craft supplies! This easy-to-follow tutorial will guide you through the steps of creating a unique and colorful clay fish.

Whoa! Look at this stunning clay fish craft! This looks like made by some artist! Well, you can also make this craftwork with us! This step-by-step instruction guide will let the way through it! You will too be able to make this craft like a pro including a fish, water waves, and some aquatic plants! You will only be needing colored clay, clay tools, colors, and a sheet paper for your base of the artwork, that’s all! This can be a budget-friendly room decor too! Decorate it over your wall to get the underwater feels! You can also customize the size of the craft, imagine what a giant fish would look at your wall!

DIY Beautiful Underwater Fish Using Clay

Beautiful Underwater Fish Using Colored Clay Craft

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Materials Required

  • Colored Clay
  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Clay shaping Tool
  • Polymer Clay Tool
  • Holder Tool


Step 1: Making A Fish

Making A Fish-Using Colored Clay Craft

To begin with, take a white circular paper sheet as the base of the craft. Now, shape a red-colored clay into a 2D fish and stick it over the paper by pressing it.

Step 2: Making Eye And Mouth

Making Eye And Mouth-Beautiful Underwater Fish

Dough white clay into a small ball and place it over the fish. Now, using a polymer clay tool press the ball over the fish to flatten it and form an eye shape. Using a red-colored clay make the mouth of the fish in front of it’s face.

Step 3: Sticking A Googly Eye

Sticking A Googly Eye-Clay Craft

Using a holder, stick a googly eye over the white eye shape.

Step 4: Making Scales Over The Fish’s Body

Making Scales Over The Fish's Body-Colored Clay Craft

Using a clay shaping tool, make scales over the body of the fish as shown by pressing it over.

Step 5: Making Scales Over The Tail

Making Scales Over The Tail- Using Colored Clay Craft

Using the same tool, make liner scales over the tail of the fish.

Step 6: Making Fin Of The Fish

Making Fin Of The Fish-Beautiful Underwater Fish

Dough a red-colored clay into an oval, and place it above the fish’s body, press to flatten it to form fins.

Step 7: Making Scales On The Fin

Making Scales On The Fin-Underwater Fish

Using a clay shaping tool, make small vertical lines over the fins to form scales.

Step 8: Making Another Fin

Making Another Fin-Beautiful Underwater Fish

Knead the red-colored clay into a drop shape and using a clay tool, make lines to form scales. Now, join the fin to the fish over it and press it to make it stick.

Step 9: Making Long Drop Shapes

Making Long Drop Shapes-Using Colored

Dough the blue and sea-blue colored clay into long drop shapes individually.

Step 10: Making More Drop Shapes And Sticking Them Together

Making More Drop Shapes And Sticking Them Together-Using Clay

Make 2 more drop shapes of white and light-blue colored clay. Align all 4 of them together in a line to stick them together.

Step 11: Making A Water Plant

Making A Water Plant-Underwater Fish

Now, hold all 4 ends of the shapes and pinch them together to make their single end and form a water plant.

Step 12: Pasting The Water Plant

Pasting The Water Plant-Beautiful fish

Apply glue and stick the plant below the fish a little tilted as shown.

Step 13: Making Waves And More Plants

Making Waves And More Plants-Fish Using Clay

Follow the same previous steps to form 3 more water plants and stick 2 of them to the paper the same. Now, knead the third plant into a long wire-like shape and stick it to the paper below the plants in a wavy form to make it look like waves.

Step 14: Making Bubbles

Making Bubbles-Beautiful Underwater Fish Using Colored

Make bubbles using a blue sketch pen over the paper and coming out of the mouth of the fish. Also, dough blue clay into small circles and stick them in between the waves and plant, using a clay shaping tool, press them from the middle. Dough white clay into a drop shape and stick it randomly between the waves and above and beside the fish as shown.

Finally, Look Of Your Clay Fish!

Finally, Look Of Your Clay Fish!- are ready Underwater Fish Using Colored Clay Craft

Congratulations! Your clay fish is happily diving under and over water!

This beautiful piece of art and craft is ready in no time! This clay craft is full of motor skills and kids will love to make it as it involves playing with clay! Kids can further add up more aquatic things to it as they wish! Let them unleash their creativity and explore the underwater world through this craft activity!

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