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Puzzle Activities For Kids

Puzzle Activities For Kids

Kids Activities

Puzzle Activities For Kids

We all want the best for our children and often try to get them involved in the best activities that can be helpful for their mental and physical health. And what could be more useful than a puzzle? A puzzle is the best activity for kids. Puzzles help in increasing imagination, and when we solve puzzles, we use our brain more, which helps with our mental growth.

These days, we often see that kids are less interested in those games that require brainpower. They often play games on their mobile phones. Due to these games, children are becoming less creative, and many cases of obesity are seen in children. We have some easy puzzle ideas for your young one. These easy puzzle ideas will help in making your children learn patience and will make them mentally strong.

Puzzle Activities For Kids

1. Brain Puzzle

Brain Puzzle Puzzle Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Crafty Classroom

A puzzle requires a brain, so why not make a puzzle in the shape of a brain? This puzzle will help your kid learn the shape of the brain and the names of different parts of the brain. To make this, we will need a large sheet on which the picture of the brain is printed, then stick it on thin cardboard, then cut the cardboard so when assembled together, we can get the perfect picture of the brain.

2. Egg Name Puzzle

Egg Name Puzzle Puzzle Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: How Wee Learn

The Egg name puzzle will be quite new and interesting for your little one. To make this one, you have to cut the paper into an egg shape. For example, if you want to make your children learn the spelling of a car, then cut 3 egg-shaped papers. and cut the two papers’ upper edges in a zig-zag. Then ask your kid to place the eggs one upon another so they can get the correct spelling. This way, you can make children learn spelling in an easy and fun way.

3. Ice Cream stick photo puzzle

Ice Cream stick photo puzzle Puzzle Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: myimaginaryblog

If you are thinking of gifting something creative to your friend or family, then you can try this ice cream stick photo puzzle. To make this, you will need an ice cream stick, a photo, and glue. Arrange the ice cream stick and stick the photo on it, then cut the piece neatly. and you’re all set with the puzzle.

4. BFF Puzzle Neckpiece

BFF Puzzle Neckpiece Puzzle Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Child in Harmony

Friendship bands are now out of style. It’s time for the BFF puzzle necklace. You’ll need some old puzzle pieces that fit together to make this, some colors, and thread. Paint the old puzzle piece, drill a small hole in it, and thread it, and you are ready with the BFF puzzle neckpiece.

5. Head matching puzzle cards

Head matching puzzle cards Puzzle Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Powerful Mothering

If you are unsure how to keep your children engaged in a positive way, remember that children easily become bored with an activity, so it is critical that we create something interesting for them to enjoy. and these head-matching puzzle cards can be one of the options. It is very easy for one to make this. First, take many pictures of different people in different costumes. Then cut their heads off and mixed them together. And then keep it in front of your kids and ask them to place the right head on the right body.

6. Ice Cream stick craft

Ice Cream stick craft Puzzle Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Mornings

Ice cream sticks are frequently used for crafts. There are a thousand ways to use them in the best possible way. The ice cream stick picture puzzle is one of them. To make this, you need an ice cream stick and some colors to paint an ice cream stick. Make some interesting drawings and then shuffle them. And now you can ask them to rearrange it in the perfect way.

7. LEGO Puzzle

LEGO Puzzle Puzzle Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: I Can Teach My Child

We have all played with Legos in our lives. But why play it in its old form? You’ll need photographs and Legos to make this Lego puzzle more interesting. Stick the photos on the Legos, and now detach them. You are done with the fantastic puzzle.

8. Math’s Puzzle

Math's Puzzle Puzzle Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Math’s has always been a tough and boring subject. Children always try to run away from math’s. But this DIY math puzzle will make math more interesting. To make this, you will need an ice cream stick and sketch pens. Write down questions at one end, write down the answer at the other end, and leave the other end. And pick a stick to answer it, and then another stick, and go on solving the puzzle.

9. Paper Puzzle

Paper Puzzle

Image Source/Tutorial: Mrs. Brown Art

This paper puzzle is simple to make and requires only a few materials. All you will need is paper and colors. Draw your favorite drawing on a piece of paper and then cut it. You can solve this on a lazy afternoon with your kids, friends, or siblings.

10. Number puzzle

Number puzzle

Image Source/Tutorial: Free Homeschool Deals

Teaching a toddler is not a cup of tea. You have to be very creative and active while teaching them. and this DIY will definitely help you. To make this, you will need paint and an ice cream stick. Draw a cute drawing and then label each stick with “no.” and then ask your toddlers to arrange them with “no.” to get the final result. You can teach your children to count by using this example.

11. Paint Chip Puzzle

Paint Chip Puzzle

Image Source/Tutorial: Happily Ever Mom

An interesting puzzle can be a paint chip puzzle. To make one, you will need paint chips and a cutter. You can paint your kids’ favorite drawings and also write down their spelling. Now cut it and ask your younger one to solve it.

12. Paper Plate Puzzle

Paper Plate Puzzle

Image Source/Tutorial: Laughing Kids Learn

Trust me, this is the easiest puzzle you can make for your kid. To make this, you will need paper plates and colors. Now color the plates in different colors, then cut them and mix all the pieces together. and now you ask your baby to get the right match in the order.

13. Meijo’s joy

Meijo's joy

Image Source/Tutorial: Meijo’s Joy

We all want to recycle things in a beautiful way. And this puzzle craft can be made from recycled materials. To make this, you will need an empty can, a picture, and double-sided tape. Now cut the pictures and put double-sided tape at the back. Now, carefully and smartly adhere the images to the can. It is a fun activity that can be done by any age group.

14. Shape Puzzle

Shape Puzzle

Image Source/Tutorial: their toy bin

Children have the habit of throwing their toys and other items here and there. But do you know you can use that stuff to make an interesting puzzle game? Yes, you will need to collect small random toys from your children’s section to make this. Draw the shape of those toys on a piece of cardboard and place it in front of your child, asking them to place the toy in its proper place. It is not only an interesting activity, but it also helps with learning shapes and increases the concentration level.

15. Tree puzzle

Tree puzzle

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things 

This tree puzzle is fun. To make this, you need puzzle pieces, paint, a brown sheet, and cardboard. Make a trunk out of brown paper and paint the puzzle pieces of the tree green. Put the puzzle together in the right order and you are done with this easy DIY.

16. Sponge Puzzle

Sponge Puzzle

Image Source/Tutorial: Education Blog

If you have a leftover sponge with you and you don’t know how to reuse it, don’t worry. We have a creative idea for you. To make this, you will need a sponge, a sheet, and pens. Draw the drawing on the sheet and, with the right measurement, cut down the sponge. Ask your toddler to put the sponge in the right place. This activity increases the brain’s use and develops the understanding of the shapes.

17. Vegetables and fun

Vegetables and fun

Image Source/Tutorial: The Idea Room makes

It is very hard to make a kid eat vegetables and also learn their names. But with this fun activity, you can do it. Yes, all you will need is a piece of cardboard on which different shapes of vegetables are made, double-sided tape, and vegetable stickers. Give the name of the vegetable and then ask your kid to place it in the right place on the board. In this way, your kid will learn more in a fun way.

A puzzle is an interesting and fun game, and it is very important, especially for kids, to use their brains more and more. You can make these puzzles and play them with kids at a birthday party or any kid’s party. These games will increase the enjoyment and will also be very helpful in teaching kids and making them learn new things.

Give us a thumbs up and comment on the name of your favorite puzzle that you are going to make for your babies.

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