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Simple Animal Drawing Ideas


Simple Animal Drawing Ideas

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We are here with easy and simple animal drawing ideas to make at home or school. Parents and teachers can ask kids to make these drawings of cute creatures to practice. Hope kids will enjoy drawing them.

Simple Animal Drawing Ideas


 Animal Drawing For Kids Elephant

An Elephant gives us a very valuable life lesson which everyone is supposed to be aware of that is an elephant has two sets of teeth, one for chewing and the other to show! It is a very famous idiom that simply means that sometimes in life there are certain things that are in reality different from what they apparently seem to be at first blush. We should try and make our kids learn about it and we can start by drawing this simple drawing of an elephant.



Tigers are one animal that every parent wants them to be like as they make great leaders and will stand up and fight for what they believe in. They are strong and fierce animals who are respected for their courage. These are some of the great qualities every parent wants to impart in their child and so we all should make our child learn about them and we can start by giving them this picture to draw. You can draw it by using a small pencil, a sheet of paper and some sketch pens.


 Animal Drawing For Kids  Lion

“A live dog is better than a dead lion”, this English idiom tells us that one should rather prefer to be a coward and remain alive than being a hero and die, it perceives a view where one should live there lives with fear but we all want our kids to take up the traits of a lion not only because he was the king of the jungle but because a lion is someone who is brave, not afraid of anything and even has the courage to go to any extent in order to protect their family and these are some of the qualities we want to impart in our kids.



Monkeys are cute little animals, they are mainly considered to be our predecessors. Monkeys generally hop around and can easily climb on the trees, they take your stuff to have fun but will exchange the things with food or anything you give them. These cute little animals can be found anywhere, on the streets as well. They are super fond of bananas and they are often a man’s friend. So, to draw this you will only require a piece of white paper, a small pencil, some sketch pens, and crayons if you wish to color them.


 Animal Drawing For Kids Pig

Description- They say ‘to eat like a pig’ to every kid people see which is quite right as at this age every kid should take their proper meals and include all the green-leafy and fiber-rich foods in their diet. To make the kids learn about some wonderful qualities of kids, you can start by drawing this wonderful drawing of the pig. For this, you will only require a piece of white paper, a small pencil, and some sketch pens.



Description- Rabbits are known to be the best pet any child could have! They catch people’s attention with their cute little furs and cute teeth. They are often found to be eating carrots. They are considered one of the best pets because of their tendency to obey their master. Their playful nature and cute little features attract almost everyone. To make this drawing of rabbits you only require a piece of a white sheet, a small pencil, some sketch pens, and crayons for coloring.


 Animal Drawing For Kids  Sheep

Description – We all must have heard the famous poem ‘Baba baba black sheep’! Well, we know our kids grew up listening to it on a constant loop and the kids of our generation won’t even eat without listening to it. So, keeping that in mind let’s take our children and make them revisit their childhood lullaby and help them create their baba black sheep. For this, you only require a white sheet, a small pencil, sketch pens and some crayons.

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