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Simple Spoon Crafts for Kids

Spoon Crafts For Toddlers

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Simple Spoon Crafts for Kids

Looking for a fun and creative way to keep your kids occupied? Why not try some simple spoon crafts! This article will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to make unique and fun spoon art projects that your kids will love.

The love for kids to play with utensils is something that is being continued for decades. Kids love to play with utensils as if they are cooking a real meal for the whole family. The craft ideas for kids that can be done by using spoons are really wonderful and a great task that the kids will enjoy. By using some decorations on the spoon, we can create these unique crafts. Take a spoon from your kitchen and start doing these crafts. Make use of all the innovative ideas that come into your mind and let your craft work be as best as possible. These simple and easy craft works can be used for submitting as projects or can be kept as showpiece models.

Simple And Interesting Spoon Crafts For Kids

Simple and Interesting Spoon crafts for kids

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Ant Craft Using Spoons

Ant Craft Using Spoons - Creative Utensil Projects for Children

Image Source/Tutorial: Danielle’s Place

You can use two spoons to make this simple and innovative craft of an ant by wrapping the spoons with black woollen or yarn materials and this craft can be used to study the ants and their body parts.

Owl Crafts With Spoon And Feathers

Owl Crafts With Spoon And Feathers - Fun Art Ideas with a Spoon for Little Ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Krokotak

Collect feathers from your gardens that some cute little birds might have left behind when they try to race with their elder ones. Do these simple crafts using spoons and paste these real feathers in your craft to make them look more attractive.

Bird’s Bottle Feeding Craft Using Spoon

Bird's Bottle Feeding Craft Using Spoon - Making Art with Spoons for Youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Heck Fridays

Feeding the birds is one of the most favourite activities that kids can do during a hot summer evening. This very unique idea for feeding the bird’s craft is an awesome one that will be very helpful for the birds as well as for humans to love nature and birds.

Easy To Do Bottle Cap Louise Bugs

Easy To Do Bottle Cap Louise Bugs - Innovative Spoon Art Projects for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Paging Fun Mums

Here is an interesting task that we can create with spoons. Making bugs out of spoons and placing them in the plant pots just like they are really present in the pots will surely look nice. Make its feathers and eyes and let them be unique and real.

Cute Plastic Spoon Bugs

Cute Plastic Spoon Bugs - Arts and Crafts with Spoons for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: rafts By Amanda

Are you all ready for the next fun activity to be carried out during your preparation for your school’s reopening? Do these bugs with spoons and then place them on little leaves to get the craft done. This is excellent work for display.

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Colourful Cute Butterflies With Spoons

Colourful Cute Butterflies With Spoons - Exciting Spoon Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Krokotak

Plastic spoons are very much useful to be used for making different and unique crafts and those crafts are liked by kids of all ages. Make some colourful butterflies with paper plates and spoons and stick them on the welcome boards.

Chrysanthemum Crafts Using Spoons For Kids

Chrysanthemum Crafts Using Spoons For Kids - Crafting with Spoons for Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Suzy’s Sitcom

Each petal of a flower explains its uniqueness and beauty. Make a very beautiful craft of a chrysanthemum flower with coloured plastic spoons and you can submit this craft work for your science or art class projects.

Spoon Bugs With Yarn

Spoon Bugs With Yarn - Entertaining Spoon Projects for Youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Paging Fun Mums

One of the simplest and the most common type of craft that kids can try is the bugs and insects with little legs and wings. Making these simple bugs with spoon crafts will make the kids increase their knowledge and interest in craft making.

Cute Baby Girl With Spoon Crafts

Cute Baby Girl With Spoon Crafts - Simple Spoon Art for Little Ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Skip To My Lou

No one can deny the fact that little girls are always cute. With the spoons and colours and your creative mind, do this amazing girl craft and gift them to your best friend which they will always cherish.

Learn The Spoon Entomology

Learn The Spoon Entomology - Interesting Spoon Crafts for Youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Handmade Charlotte

There are insects of different sizes and species that we see or don’t see every day. Making an activity regarding the insects will increase your knowledge about the physiology and the anatomy of the insects and these are very good ideas for science projects.

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Garden Stacks With Wooden Spoons

Garden Stacks With Wooden Spoons - Children can make simple projects using spoons.

Image Source/Tutorial: Twig and Toad Stool

A wonderful idea is here for you to relax during the evening times by doing something very useful and interesting. Take the wooden spoons and make garden stacks for different types of vegetables and place them in the mud in your gardens.

Spoon Princess Dolls For Kids

Spoon Princess Dolls For Kids - Easy spoon activities for kids.

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

The days when the dolls were simply awesome and simple were wonderful. Recreate those princess dolls with spoons and coloured artificial hair and gift them to your best friends. They will surely love this work.

Halloween Spoon Monster Crafts

Halloween Spoon Monster Crafts - Crafting with spoons for children.

Image Source/Tutorial: Home Talk

Children used to play by imagining themselves as Halloween creatures and used to make fun by scaring each other. Make this attractive and scary Halloween craft using spoons and decorate them to look like the real ones.

The Spoon Puppet Crafts For Kids

The Spoon Puppet Crafts For Kids - Fun projects for kids made with spoons.

Image Source/Tutorial: Teach Me, Mommy

Puppets shows are loved by all and they become enthusiastic especially when the puppets are different, simple, and handmade. Make simple and easy puppets with wooden spoons and make them look like different creatures in your puppet show.

Cute Spring Bunny Using Spoons

Cute Spring Bunny Using Spoons - Fun spoon-based crafts for kids.

Image Source/Tutorial: The Guardian

Welcoming the season of flowers and animals with your crafts will always be the best. Make a cute bunny with spoons and let it be one of the best welcomes for the spring that most of us have been waiting for. Make their nose and ears cuter.

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The Spoon Made Forest King

The Spoon Made Forest King - Simple spoon projects for little ones.

Image Source/Tutorial: Bible Class Creations

The king of the forest shows its pride and strength in such an amazing way. Make the lion with spoon and yarn materials. This will help them learn and grasp the forest animals and their uniqueness.

Puppet Times With Spoon Crafts

Puppet Times With Spoon Crafts - Simple projects for youngsters with spoons.

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Jewish Mom

Make a boy-and-girl paired puppet with spoons and organize a little and creative puppet show. This can be very useful and unique and when you present it in front of your classmates they will surely be amazed at this creativity.

Christmas Crafts With Spoons For Kids

Christmas Crafts With Spoons For Kids - Basic spoon creations for children.

Image Source/Tutorial: Holiday Kids Crafts

Welcoming the day of the birth of Christ with handmade crafts like the one mentioned here will add joy to the moment. Make this craft prior to the arrival of Christmas and be excited for the happy celebrations on the way.

Thanksgiving Spoon Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving Spoon Crafts For Kids - Crafting with spoons for the young ones.

Image Source/Tutorial: Barnacle Bill

The attitude of showing gratitude must be developed at a very younger age. Kids will learn this habit of thanksgiving to others from their elders and parents. Doing warm regards with these crafts which are made by the kids will make them feel happy and elated.


1. What materials do I need to make simple spoon crafts for kids?

You will need plastic spoons, craft supplies such as paints, markers, and other decorative items, glue, scissors, and other materials to create your desired crafts.

2. How long does it take to make a spoon craft?

The time it takes to make a spoon craft varies depending on the complexity of the craft. Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

3. What types of spoon crafts can I make?

There is a wide variety of spoon crafts that can be made. Common craft ideas include making animals, flowers, jewelry, ornaments, and other decorative items.

4. What age group is appropriate for making spoon crafts?

Spoon crafts are suitable for all ages, however, younger children may need assistance from an adult.

5. How can I get creative with spoon crafts?

You can get creative with spoon crafts by using a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. You can also use different materials such as fabrics, ribbons, and beads to add texture and depth.

6. How can I make sure my spoon crafts last a long time?

You can make sure your spoon crafts last a long time by using waterproof glue and sealants. Additionally, you can apply a layer of clear coat to protect the craft from fading or chipping.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you like our list of simple & interesting spoon crafts for kids and surely try to make them at home. If you need more such amazing and creative ideas for kids do visit our website again.

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