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Tulip Flower Drawing Easy Tutorial For Kids

Learn to Draw a Tulip flower easy Tutorial for kids


Tulip Flower Drawing Easy Tutorial For Kids

Learn how to draw a tulip flower with this easy step-by-step tutorial for kids! With detailed illustrations and instructions, you’ll be able to draw a beautiful tulip flower drawing in no time. Perfect for budding artists!

Let’s make a tulip flower drawing with some super easy steps explained in detail. This tutorial will you how to draw a tulip flower. It is perfect for budding artists who want to enhance their drawing and coloring skills. With a little patience and practice, kids can improve their skills. Kids can use this drawing art to showcase their skills to their friends and family. So, grab some paper and colored pencils, and let’s get started!

How To Make Tulip Flower Drawing With Step-by-Step Instructions

Learn to Draw a Tulip flower easy Tutorial for kids

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Materials Required

  • White paper
  • Black Marker
  • Colors


Step 1: Drawing A ‘W’ Shape

Drawing A 'W' Shape - Gaining knowledge on how to sketch a Tulip flower in an uncomplicated manner for children.

Let’s begin this art tutorial by taking a white sheet of paper. Using a black marker draw a ‘W’ shape. Keep the middle portion of the ‘W’ slightly higher than the sides.

Step 2: Drawing The Curve

Drawing The Curve - Figure out the means to draw a Tulip blossom without difficulty Tutorial for minors.

Now, join the two ends of the ‘W’ by drawing a curve as shown.

Step 3: Adding Details To The Tulip

Adding Details To The Tulip - Teaching children the basics of creating a flower easily.

Extend the right edge of the ‘W’ and, draw a slant line to the middle of the curve. Extend the left edge of the ‘W’ and, draw a slant line ending at a three-fourth length of the previous slanting line. Now, on the left side, make an inverted ‘V’ shape. Repeat the same on the right side.

Step 4: Adding Sepals And Leaves

Adding Sepals And Leaves - Helping kids comprehend the straightforward process of painting a Tulip.

Now, draw the sepals on the base of the flower and draw the leaves as shown. Color the tulip in red and the sepals and leaves green color.

Coloring The Drawing – The Tulip Flower Drawing Is Ready!

This Is The Final Look OF Our Tulip Flower! - Instructing youngsters on how to easily draw a Tulip flower.

Congratulations! Your Tulip Flower Art is Ready!

After following our step-by-step guide, we now have a beautiful tulip flower to admire. With its bright colors and intricate petals, it’s no wonder why it’s a popular choice for kids to draw. So, what’s making you wait to draw and color this beautiful tulip? Stay Creative!

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