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Write The Room Activities for Kids


Write The Room Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

Create fun with learning. Learn every day with creative ideas and make so much enthusiasm in what you are doing. Kids will never get bored with these kinds of creative activities. Learn everywhere and anytime is the theme behind these activities. The write-the-room activities help children to easily learn vocabulary, formulae, shapes, colors, fruits, vegetables, etc. With hanging pictures and words all over the room, kids will be surrounded by knowledgeable things that help them grasp the matter easily. Ranging from kindergarten to primary school kids, this technique can give many positive results in their academics and intelligent quotient if practiced regularly.

These write-the-room activities can be made useful in many ways such as helping the kids to take up tests by hanging the questions on the walls of a room or pasting difficult tables and figures for the kids to learn repeatedly and get these done. Simple English vocabularies, synonyms, antonyms, rhyming words, math tables, shapes, etc can be included with these activities.

Knowledge Hunt With Write The Room Activities

Write The Room Activities for Kids

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Different Types Of Write-The-Room Activities

Colour Finding Room Activities For Kids

 Write The Room Activities for Kids Color Words Write The Room ActivityImage Source/Tutorial: The Kindergarten ConnectionKids always love to play with colors but they may not be aware of their names of them. It is necessary to help them know different colors. This color finding room activity. Give the color monster papers and crayons to the kids and make them find out the colors from the room and color the monsters

Write The Blend Room Activities For Kids

Write The Room Blends Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: A Dab Of Glue Will Do

Make the children roam around the classroom and write the words on a given sheet of paper in the appropriate number. children will have so much fun walking around the room and looking for the blended words and images. it is certain that children will never forget the knowledge gained in this activity.

Write The Rhyming Words Activities

 Write The Room Activities for Kids Rhyming Words Write The Room Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: This Reading Mama

It is always fun to pronounce the rhyming words louder and see how the words sound alike. Now, this writes room activity is given to the kids to find the words that sound alike to the words given on their papers and write their rhyming pairs by finding them in the room. This helps to increase the vocabulary of the children.

Write The Room Activities To Learn Article Usage

Write The Room Sweet Activity For 2nd Grade

Image Source/Tutorial: The Tahoe Teacher

Collect the names and pictures of different flowers, fruits, and veggies. Fill your room with these materials and give a plain sheet with the articles “a” and “an”. Let the children find which article suits the pictures in the room and categorize them accordingly.

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Superb Summer Addition Room Activity

 Write The Room Activities for Kids Room Addition Activity For Summer

Image Source/Tutorial: The Kindergarten Connection

Are your kids excited about the arrival of the summer holidays? Plan an exciting room activity based on the summer theme and create additional cards with it. Let the children roam and count the number of pictures in the addition cards and produce the results. This activity is so much fun and simple to perform.

Read & Write Room Activities For Primary Kids

Read And Write Room Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Peace Love And First Grade

Plan an interesting activity for your class kids and help them have healthy competition among their mates. This read and write room activity is really very enthusiastic and motivated for the kids to enjoy learning in a different way and if someone wins in this it is an extra bonus to their learning board.

Coding Challenge With Lego Maze For Kids

 Write The Room Activities for Kids Coding Activity With Lego For 2nd Grade

Image Source/Tutorial: Research Parent

Coding is important everywhere in this modern digitalized world. Teach coding and languages to your kids at a very younger age by helping them solve coding problems and challenges using flowcharts. This amazing Lego maze activity greatly encourages logical thinking of the children and make them little coding master at a very smaller age.

Paper Plate Maths Learning Room Activity

 Write The Room Activities for Kids Math Learning Activity With Paper Plate

Image Source/Tutorial: Teach Beside Me

What is one-third of a thousand and two third of two thousand? Seems difficult? Do not let your children feel fear of mathematics. Encourage them to start loving this interesting subject through these crazy activities. This will help them grasp the concepts easily and enjoy learning maths instead of fearing it.

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Printable Secret Decoder Math Activity For Kids

Printable Decoder Wheel Math Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Dabbles And Babbles

This printable decoder math activity is one of the interesting activities to stay enthusiastic and make learning fun. Kids become ultra masters when they start practicing this activity and keep them rocking. It’s very interesting to decode the numbers and letters from the decoder wheel and write down the decoded numbers.

Bottle Cap Multiplication Majestic Room Activity

 Write The Room Activities for Kids Multiplication Math Game With Bottle Cap

Image Source/Tutorial: Crofts ClassRoom

One of the things which school kids practice daily is the math table. Continuous practice and learning are needed with logical understanding to get them at their fingertips. Now it has become simple to learn this math table as a game by writing the numbers on the bottle caps. Multiply and write the answers on a paper and practice them regularly.

Story Map Room Activity For Foxy Kids

Story Map Room Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Mrs. Byrd’s Kinder

Make some creative room activities such that the kids are always engaged. Let these activities give them a sense of joy while doing and hence they will make some more creative tasks. Try out a story maker and color them with different colors and have fun with this room activity. This is an excellent summer activity for the kids to be carried out.

Marshmallow Geometry Card Room Activities

 Write The Room Activities for Kids Shapes Activity With Marshmallow And Toothpick

Marshmallows are sweet and make the best part of it is that they can also be used to create these incredible craft room activities to create different shaped geometrical patterns with straws or ice sticks and marshmallows. Enjoy creating these kinds of room activities and have fun.

Room activities for children can help them grasp the concepts and pictorial representations can easily be remembered by the children during their learning hours. This kind of room activity can also be created in homes to encourage learning. Comment below to share your ideas about room activities for kids and your fun experiences.

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