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DIY Blossom Flower On Tree Easy Artwork For Kids

DIY Blossom Flower on tree Easy Artwork for Kids

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DIY Blossom Flower On Tree Easy Artwork For Kids

Bring the pretty blossom flowers to your home with this craft! This tutorial includes very easy steps and supplies to make this blossom flower craft! 

Who doesn’t love the prettiest spring season of blossom flowers!? This is an amazing inspired craftwork from this season! This tutorial will guide you to the easiest steps to make this craftwork from various materials that you already have at your home will turn out budget-friendly for you! Create this craftwork to bring the spring season right into the room where this craft is hanged upon! This craft will definitely be the piece to showcase and will be admired by everyone who passes by! Unleash your creativity in a craft of nature to get the best results! Now, grab your supplies, and let’s roll on!

Easy To Make Blossom Flower On Tree

DIY Blossom Flower on tree Easy Artwork for Kids

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Materials Required

  • Colorful Paper Sheets (Blue And Red)
  • White And Brown Paint
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Colored Clay ( Red And Orange)
  • Circle Stamp


Step 1: Pasting A Red Sheet Cutout

Pasting A Red Sheet Cutout- A Flower Blooming On A Tree Is An Effortless Piece Of Art For Children

Let’s begin this craft by taking a red and a blue colored sheet. Using scissors, cut down the blue sheet into a circle as the base of the craft and cut out a less-than-half semicircle at the end of the base using glue.

Step 2: Pasting A Cardboard Strip

Pasting A Cardboard Strip-Designing A Flower On A Tree Is A Simple Activity For Kids

Now, take a cardboard and cut out a thick strip from it, also remove the first layer of the cardboard to get the zigzag strips of it. Paste the strip right above the red cutout using glue.

Step 3: Stamping White Irregular Circles

Stamping White Irregular Circles-An easy Artwork Of A Flower On A Tree For Beginners

Dip a circle stamp lightly into white paint and start dabbing over the circumference of the red circle to above it dabbing it lighter as you gradually move upward. This will look like snow.

Step 4: Painting Over The Cardboard Strip

Painting Over The Cardboard Strip- Simple Artwork Of A Flower Growing On A Tree For Amateurs

Dip a paintbrush into white paint and start covering the top part of the cardboard strip by making small strokes using the paintbrush.

Step 5: Making Snow Over The Cardboard Strip

Making Snow Over The Cardboard Strip-Kids Can Create A Flower On A Tree

Completely cover the whole strip with white strokes to make it look like snow over it.

Step 6: Making A Tree Branch

Making A Tree Branch-A Flower On A Tree Is A Craft That Is Simple For Kids

Dip the paintbrush into brown paint and make irregular tree branches coming from the left top of the blue sheet.

Step 7: Making Snow Over The Tree Branch

Making Snow Over The Tree Branch-Easy for children to identify a blooming tree

Dip the paintbrush into white paint and form irregular lines on the top half of the tree branches to make snow over it.

Step 8: Completing Making Snow Over Branches

Completing Making Snow Over Branches-Creating a Bloom Flower On A Woodland Easily For Children

Cover each tree branch from the upper half with white paint to make it look like snow over them.

Step 9: Making Flowers

Making Flowers- Children can make a blossoming flower on a tree with ease

For making a flower, dough red clay into 5 balls and orange clay into a ball. Now, stick together the red clay balls in a circle and put the orange clay ball over them in the middle of the circle to form a flower. Gently press this flower over the branches to make it stick to the paper.

Step 10: Making More Flowers

Making More Flowers- Kids can easily create a flowery tree

In the same way, as mentioned above, make more flowers and stick them randomly over the branches, also just stick a red clay ball over the branches to make them look like flower buds.

Step 11: Sprinkling Some White Paint

Sprinkling Some White Paint- Crafting a flowery tree is an easy task for children

Dip the paintbrush into white paint and gently start striking it to a pen over the craft to sprinkle some white paint over the craft. This will look like falling snow in your artwork.

Finally !Your Blossom Artwork Is Ready!

Final image of Blossom Flower On Tree Easy Artwork For Kids

Look at the astonishing results! You are stunned too, right!? Well, I told you before that you will love this craft, guess I was right! This amazing craft will only take some minutes to be formed and will definitely be the best craft you ever made! The white paint texture we made using different-different equipment makes this craft realistic and it looks like it is actually snowing! Decorate this craft in the drawing room and show off your creation to everyone who sees it!

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