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Beautiful Cactus House Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Beautiful Cactus House Drawing Tutorial For Kids


Beautiful Cactus House Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Create the coolest cactus house just like your amazing imaginary world! This step-by-step tutorial will serve you as a guide for the same! 

Unleash your imagination onto a sheet of paper by making a super cool cactus house! We all love to wander in our imaginary world where all the impossible things happen, having wings, being a magical princess, and today’s star a cactus house! This artwork is very easy to make and your kid will surely over to make it! This artwork will be perfect for the kids to engage in fun art and craft activity to use their imagination and creativity instead of engaging in those harmful screens and devices. Grab the materials and start!

Simple Beautiful Cactus House Drawing

Beautiful Cactus House Drawing Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White Paper Sheet
  • Black Markers
  • Colors (Any)


Step 1: Making A Cactus Base On Land

Making A Cactus Base On Land-An Appealing Cactus Home Sketching Lesson For Children

To begin this artwork, take a white paper sheet and a black marker. Keep the white sheet in the portrait view as the base for your artwork. Using the marker, draw a curvy land on the below side of the base, and over it create a cactus base as shown in the image.

Step 2: Making The House And Path On The Land

Making The House And Path On The Land- Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Pretty Cactus House for Kids

Over the bottom cactus circle create an arched door and a circular window on the right top of it. Over the 2nd circle of the cactus, make a semi-oval window in the middle and a half-flower on the right side over the cactus. For the last circle of the cactus, make a heart in it, also a half-flower on the left of it. Now, make a wavy path coming from the door to the end of the base over the land.

Step 3: Detailing The Cactus House

Detailing The Cactus House-A Captivating Cactus House Drawing Guide for Little Ones

Using the marker, draw curvy lines all over the cactus circles. Also, make the boundaries of the windows and doors in them and make the double-lined partitions in them. Make flower petals on the 1st circle window and make straight lines with a round handle on the door.

Step 4: Making Trees And Cactus Spikes

Making Trees And Cactus Spikes-Visual Guide to Creating a Lovely Cactus Home for the Youngsters

Draw 3-lined cactus spikes randomly all over the lines of the cactus circle and boundary. Make drop-shaped trees over the land on the sides of the house and also make ovals on the pathway.

Step 5: Making The Sky

Making The Sky-An Enchanting Cactus House Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Make clouds over the cactus house and on the side even also make a sun with drop-shaped sunrays half behind a left cloud to complete the sky of your imaginary world!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Cactus House Artwork!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Cactus House Artwork- An Attractive Cactus Home Drawing Guide For Youngsters

For the last step, color out the whole drawing as shown in the image using any type of colors you like.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your amazing imaginary world cactus house artwork in no time!

You can now use this artwork as a fantastic addition to your drawing collections or can even use it as a school art project! You can even decorate it over your room’s wall to get the view of your peaceful imaginary world anytime you like! You can even customize this drawing to add your touch of creativity to it, add anything, that you wanted in your world! Your imagination is the limit!

Hope you liked the article and the idea of making a pretty cactus house! Do give it a like and leave a comment to us about your feedback in the comments section!

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