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Christmas Decorations with Dry Branches


Christmas Decorations with Dry Branches

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Have you ever made the Christmas tree? Yes of course! You might try for it on the occasion of Christmas. Everyone enjoys Christmas by making some new things on the occasion. They love to play with snow and do creative things by using their skills. But have you thought that you can decorate simple dry branches for the occasion?

If don’t! Then try for it! Here are the decoration ideas for dry branches of trees. just remember to take thin and thick branches for this. You can opt for them and be prepared for this Christmas. Let your friends and relatives be amazed by seeing this beautiful decoration.

Get all the supplies and get set go!!!!

Christmas Decorations with Dry Branches

# Simple Dry Branch Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas tree made by using only dry woods. It looks like a real Christmas tree. You will need some guidance in making this. So, I am giving the procedures for making this Christmas tree.

Materials required:

  • Dry branches
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Wooden cube(a thin and a thick)


  1. Take the wooden cubes and glue them on one another. Put the thinner one below the thicker cube.
  2. Now take the branches and start by putting one horizontally on the cube in a way that it covers two corners of the cube.
  3. Put all the branches on one another horizontally in every direction so that the balance should be maintained.
  4. Remember to glue the branches from larger to smaller. Glue the large branches in the base and then glue the smaller ones when moving upwards.
  5. At the top put a small branch vertically.

# Dry Branches Lighting Tree

on this Christmas, this idea of decoration by this method can be a good one. It can give your house an additional glow. For the procedure follow the given ways.

Materials required:

  • A small tree having dry branches
  • Decorative hanging balls
  • Lights
  • White wooden paint


  1. Take the dry branches tree and paint it with white wood paint.
  2. Now, hang the decorative balls on the branches.
  3. Remember to hang them in a manner that one ball is larger than the other and vice versa.
  4. Now, light up the tree especially the branches in a decorative manner.
  5. It will add an additional glow to your tree.

# Dry Branch Small Christmas Tree

Making a Christmas tree is an enjoyable moment. Everyone wants to make a beautiful Christmas tree by decorating it in a perfect manner. So, here is given that how to make a small Christmas tree using dry branches. It is a crafty idea.

Materials required:

  • Dry branches( larger to smaller)
  • A decorative star
  • Wood glue


  1. Take the dry branches and put them in a manner of larger to a smaller one
  2. Glue them on one another horizontally by their ends in each direction to maintain the balance.
  3. Give attention that branches should take place according to the shape of the Christmas tree.
  4. Take the decorative star and glue it on the top of the last branch.
  5. You can use light to make your Christmas tree more decorative.

# Thin Dry Branch Decoration

Get the thin but long dry branch for this decoration. For this, you needed some decorative materials as given below.

Materials required:

  • Thin and long dry branch
  • Decorative stars
  • Decorative stones and birds
  • Threads
  • Other materials related to Christmas.


  1. Take the dry branch and make it stand in a corner of your house.
  2. Get all the decorative materials and start decorating them on the branches.
  3. Start with the stars. Glue or tie them on some small threads.
  4. hang them on the top branches. You can use a glue gun to glue the threads on branches or you can tie them.
  5. Use the decorative birds and keys to make the tree more beautiful.
  6. For additional charm place a table near the tree and put your all gifts on it for the Christmas occasion.

# Pom Pom Decoration On Dry Branches

Till now you have used pom poms for the bunny crafts. But you can also use them to decorate your tree on the occasion of Christmas.

Materials required:

  • Dry branches
  • A glass jar or vase
  • Glue gun
  • Pom poms of different colors and the same size


  1. Take the glass vase and place the dry branches together in it.
  2. Now it’s the time to stick the pom poms.
  3. Take the different colored pom poms and start gluing them on the different branches.
  4. Glue at least 5-6 pom poms on a single branch.
  5. It will give your tree an immense look.

# Black Stars Decoration For Dry Branches

If you want to give a black theme on the occasion of Christmas, you can opt for this idea. Buy some black decorative stars and start making!

Materials required:

  • Thin dry branches
  • Decorative black stars of medium size.
  • Threads
  • Glue gun
  • Lights


  1. Take the black stars and glue the threads on top of them.
  2. Now make your dry branch stand in a flowerpot by putting some soil in it.
  3. Tie the threads along with stars on branches.
  4. Take Different lengths for hanging them.
  5. Get the lights and decorate them on the branches.

Your beautiful dry branch decoration is ready!

# White Dry Branch Tree Decoration

Give your dry branches a white look to make them beautiful. You can place them in the corner of your house to add a glow to your room.

Materials required:

  • Jointed Dry branches
  • White wooden paint
  • Pieces of fabric
  • Scissor
  • Threads


  1. Take the dry branch and paint them white.
  2. Now, take the fabrics and cut them into square shapes. cut at least 4 squares.
  3. Put something in the fabric like chocolate and candies and fold the shapes.
  4. Tie threads to make them packed.
  5. Pin the threads to make them hanged.
  6. Hang all the pockets on the branches tieing the threads.

# Snow Branch Decoration Christmas Tree

Everyone loves snow. We enjoy playing with snow. So, we can try for the snow tree. How? Here is the procedure. Just follow it and enjoy!

Materials required:

  • Thick, separate dry branches( larger to a smaller size)
  • Big white pom poms
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative balls
  • Decorative stars


  1. Take the dry branches, larger one first, and glue them on one another in an alternative manner.
  2. Then take smaller ones and glue them too. Make a manner of larger to smaller branches for making a Christmas tree.
  3. Get the pom poms and glue them on different positions of branches to give a look like snow.
  4. Hang the decorative stars with threads on branches.
  5. Also, hang the decorable balls by tieing the threads.
  6. Place a big star on the top of the Christmas tree.

And you are all done!

# Golden Decoration For Christmas

By giving the golden decoration to your tree you can make it wonderful. For this, you need some essential materials and then proceed by following the given ways!

Materials required:

  • Thin jointed dry branches
  • Golden paint
  • Decorative balls
  • Threads


  1. Take the dry branches and paint them with gold paint with perfection.
  2. Let it dry.
  3. Now, take the decorative balls and hang them on the branches by giving them different lengths.
  4. Place the tree in a corner of your home.

# Riendeer Decoration

Reindeer is a sign of Christmas occasion. You can use it to decorate the tree. Simply take the thin branches and do your creativity with them. Here is a procedure is given for it.

Materials required:

  • Jointed thin branches
  • Glitter sheet
  • Scissor
  • Threads
  • Plastic Reindeer
  • A vase


  1. Take the branches and put them in a vase.
  2. Now, take the glitter sheet and cut out heart shapes from it. Make at least 5-6 heart shapes of small size as the branches are small too.
  3. Now make the holes in hearts to hang them by using the threads.
  4. Take the threads and tie them in the hearts from the holes.
  5. Now hang the threads on branches along with hearts.
  6. Place the reindeer near the branches.
  7. You can also place the candle near the vase to add a charm.

# Glass Lanterns For Decoration

If you are thinking of decoration ideas for the occasion of Christmas, you can try this. This is the idea of using glass balls to decorate dry branches. Try the given procedure.

Materials required:

  • Dry branches
  • Small glass lantern
  • Small candles
  • Decorative balls
  • Green moss
  • Flowerpot
  • Threads
  • Glue gun


  1. Take the branches and place them flower pot.
  2. Also, place the green moss in it.
  3. On the green moss decorate the decorative balls by using a glue gun.
  4. Now, put the candles in a small glass lantern. Hang the lanterns by using threads on branches. Tie the threads along with the lanterns at different positions of branches.

Find more interesting Christmas tree making ideas from dry branches for your home decoration.

Your beautiful dry branches Decoration is ready! For more ideas visit here again and again! You will be satisfied with your creativity.

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