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Recycled Craft Ideas for Christmas!


Recycled Craft Ideas for Christmas!

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Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for all of us. It is one of the best holidays, where we get extremely cozy and comfortable with our family. The best part of Christmas is bells jingling, the smell of the fresh Christmas tree, nice cold and cozy weather, gifts, and of course Santa Claus.

The feeling of sending and receiving gifts is the best. The other thing about Christmas is that we decorate our homes to give a good Christmas vibe to welcome Santa Claus. Here are some great ideas to decorate your house with recycled items. They make your house look very aesthetic and they are also not harmful to the environment. So let’s get started!

Recycled Craft Ideas for Christmas

1. The Cork Wreath

We usually throw away the cork once we’re done using the bottle. Now you can really use these corks and make a beautiful wreath for Christmas. This is an extremely creative way to make a wreath. This will make your design very unique and you won’t find this anywhere else. This is very inexpensive way to make a wreath. This will make your door look aesthetic.

2. The Cherry Roll Christmas Tree

We all throw away the kitchen tissue rolls after it’s done, but little did we know we can make cute crafts with these tissue rolls. This is such an amazing ideas to make a cute Christmas tree at the dining table. Christmas trees never get old and this is such a cute way to stack them up and form a beautiful Christmas tree. You can keep cute Christmas decoration inside the rolls to fill the hole.

3. The Christmas Terrarium

This is such a nice way to decorate your house. Terrariums are super beautiful and so elegant. They set a whole vibe to your house. You can stuff snowy filled Christmas decorations in the terrariums to make it look gorgeous. This is perfect to hang it on the Christmas tree. This makes the tree look so fancy and aesthetic. This sets a whole vibe to the mood of Christmas.

4. Leftover Cup Gingerbread House

Do you have an old leftover cup at home and don’t know what to do with it? Then, here is a chance for you to make a cute gingerbread house out of cups. It will look extremely beautiful and aesthetic. You can decorate it the way you want it. This will make a pretty house and will stay amazing in the hall or some beautiful corner of your house. This is a very beautiful way to decorate your house for Christmas.

5. A Gardening Trowel Christmas Tree

This is an excellent idea for a Christmas decorations. You can use your old trowels for this. You can paint the trowels in green paint to make it look like a tree. You can stack it one on top of the other and it will look just exactly like a Christmas tree. You can put in a few Christmas decorations on it to give it a realistic look. This is a very interesting way to use old trowels.

6. The Paper Cup Christmas Tree

This is such a great idea for a beautiful Christmas tree. The kids are sure to love this as it’s super fun to make. But be careful so that it does not fall. You can spray paint it with colors you want and give it an aesthetic and antique look. You can also draw cute designs on them to make it more attractive. This is super fun and easy. You can literally place it wherever you want it and it will look beautiful.

7. The Paintbrush Santa

We will always have these old and spoilt paintbrushes that we don’t use anymore. Here is a cute way to make Santa Claus out of paintbrushes. This will give a new perspective to the paintbrush that no had thought about. You can keep all of them together in a corner, or you can also hang then from the ceiling so that they as more aesthetic value to Christmas.

8. The Bottle Jingle Bells

We all just throw away all the old plastic bottle that we have, but here is an excellent way to make cute jingle bells to hang around the house. You can make a bundle of these cute jingle bells and they will look extremely aesthetic. You can also make it in different colors of Christmas so that they look colorful and bright. You can also design it the way you want. It’s perfect for Christmas.

9. The Dustpan Christmas Decoration

This is a cute way to decorate your dustpan. Christmas is all about having fun so here is a super fun way to decorate your house using an old dustpan. Usually when we think of a dustpan, we’re grossed out but this idea is super fun and very easy to do also. It also adds Christmas aesthetics to your house. You can hand it aroung a lonely corner of your house to make it brighter.

10. The Santa Claus Grater

Have you ever felt like giving a better vibe to your kitchen on Christmas? Here is an awesome idea to paint your grater into Santa Claus. This will look super cool and will add on the aesthetics to your kitchen. The creases and crevasses on the grater will make the Santa beard look way cooler and realistic. This is an excellent way to decorate your kitchen.

11. The Golden Roll Tree

This is such a nice way to make a tree out of paper rolls. You can spray paint it into golden so that it gives a glowing look. This looks super elegant and classy. This is a simple activity which is a like a best out of waste craft idea. This is really innovative and quite simple to do. You can place this near your pet house, or your kid’s room, or even in the dining area.

12. The Christmas Saw

Saws are a gardening tool and we hardly pay any attention to it. Here is a great idea to decorate your saw just in time for Christmas. This will make people throw some attention to the saw and give it a beautiful and a cheerful Christmas vibe. You can keep this in some corner of your house or even even keep at the garden to give a great look to compliment the greenery.

13. The Paper Cup Man And Lady

This is a very cute way to make a small statue for your living room. We usually but these sculptures from an expensive store, but here you can get to make these at home just free of cost. This is perfect and you can do the color theme similar to the one of Christmas so that it’ll look perfect just in  time for Christmas. This looks as though the man and the lady are going for ballroom dancing.

14. The Plastic Bottle Snow Globe

Snow globes are super fun and they. They make us enter a magical world and it’s astounding. If you just shake it, there will be a sizzle of snow all around. Here, we can create a beautiful Christmas snow globe at home. You can decorate just the way you want it to be. You can gift this to someone and it would add a personal meaning to the gift. You can place it on a desk and it would look perfect.

15. The Christmas Button Wreath

Christmas wreath are so beautiful and they add elegance to your door. This is a very cute way to make your Christmas wreath with different fancy green buttons. You can tie a cute bow on top and hang it on your beautiful door. This is an excellent decorative idea for Christmas. Anyone who walks past your door are going to be super impressed and they are going to love this.

16. The Mechanical Snowman

This is a super innovative and a cool way to build a snowman. If you have any extra cycle wheels lying around, you can use it a build a cute snowman. This snow man requires to be attached to a wall in order to stand. You can use spanners and screwdrivers for the hands. You can tie a cute scarf and a bow to make it more attractive. This can add to a perfect Christmas themed party.

17. The Egg Carton Crib

Cribs have always been a huge part of our Christmas traditions. It sets a a whole vibe to see the entire family of Jesus. This is a very cute way to make a simple crib our of egg cartons. You can paint the cartons according to your choice and place Mother Mary, Joseph and Jesus in this. This is a very nice way to educate the kids about the purpose of a crib.

Some more recycled craft ideas for Christmas.


Recycled Christmas Wreath

Plastic Bottle Christmas Ornament

These were some interesting ideas to make cute Christmas crafts out of recycled items. These are very innovative ideas and super different from the ones you find in a store. These ideas will be unique to you and no one else. This year your Christmas will be more colorful and cheerful than ever because of these amazing decorations all around. These ideas will help out the children to make use of recycled items rather than just throwing them away.

This will help them to think outside the box and bring out their amazing talents. I hope you really liked this article. Check out our website for more of such amazing craft ideas!

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