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Easy Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make at Home

Easy Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make at Home


Easy Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make at Home

Activities for Kids

It Is The Season To Be Jolly! Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids are waiting for you to spread creative time at Home.

Corona has given a pause to our lives. The running towards our goal has been stopped by this. Many people suffer for their livelihood. Many are homeless and are without food. After so many months of lockdown, till today if you have food in your plates, thank god for that. Hope all these difficulties come to an end soon. This is the season of excitement. Yes!!! Its Christmas time. Sing FA LA LA LA LA LA LA and hope for a new life.

Easy Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids

1. Recycled Snowman using paper plate

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Snowman

The first thing we remember about winter is a snowman. Though it cannot be done in our places, they have a separate fan base from little kids. Do a snowman by this method and place it your home. It looks perfect for Christmas time.

2. Best out of waste Hangings using paper cups

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Hangings

Hangings are so special and add spice to your life. Its also Christmas time, why not go on for hangings. Do it with your own hands. It is so simple and funnier.

3. Recycled Winter Creatures

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Glowing Nose

Nose adds special credit to snowmen. When it is glowing, it looks super cool. Make these snowman faces hang in your home. Make it a Christmas feel, let joy and happiness spread around your house.

4. Recycled Caps And Caps

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Caps And Caps

Do you think bottle caps are waste and end up throwing in the dustbin??? It can make you do many simple crafts. Why throw useful things in the bin. Do something realistic. Santa Claus loves this type of crafts.

5. Cute Little Home using Popsicles

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Cute Little Home

A small home is loved by people than the bigger ones. These can be done with ice cream sticks. Eating ice cream in winter is a wow feeling. Use these sticks to make wonders. It looks lovely!!!

6. Winter Popsicle Hat

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Hats

Hats are much-needed thing in winter and they remain as an inevitable part during Christmas time. Do it with simple sticks. Decorate your Christmas tree with such things.

7. Footprint Christmas Tree

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas Tree

What if your leg print turns into a Christmas tree!!! It looks so creative and funnier to look at. Make kids to keep their footprint and do a painting of a Christmas tree. Draw the decorations using various colours and make it more colorful.

8. The Paintings

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids The Paintings

Paintings add memories. They can never be forgotten by anyone. Even the place where you did the painting pops up to your mind when you see it. It gives a super feeling. Do such paintings and hang it in your home during Christmas.

9. Cuteness of Kinds

Cuteness of Kinds

Drawings are exciting to look at. It is more exciting when kids do it. Though they are not perfect, they give you a satisfying feeling. Make kids draw this type of beautiful drawings and hang it in your home.

10. Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

Pop Up Trees:

Pop up cards are not so tough to do. They are so easy and kids so more interest to do it. Do a welcome home greeting to the Santa coming home with a tree in it. This makes Santa happy!!!

11. Blue Snowflakes


Have you seen the shape of snowflakes?? How wonderful it is!!! God has given it the perfect shape and makes it a wow thing. Do this easily. Have a warm Christmas.

12. Hatty Man

Hatty Man

Hatty men are cool to look at. It can be done easily with sticks. Come on kids!! Give it a name and make it your best friend. Friends can be of any form. Make the hatty man a super cool friends too!!

13. Santa Claus with Cotton Balls

Cotton Balls

Do Santa with cotton balls and have fun. This does not require much effort. Give a Christmas gift to the little kids, I’m pretty sure they will love it.

14. Welcome Home Santa with Recycled Wreath

Welcome Home Santa

Welcome home Santa by keeping this at your home entrance. Santa loves this type of welcome. This can be done using paper plates. It decorates your home and makes it lovely to look at.

15. Christmas Lamp

Christmas Lamp

These lamps are so easy to do. It gives you light and positivity to your home. Keep it during Christmas time.

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way!!!

Do you hear the Santa coming in his reindeer??? Let all sorrow turns into joy. Wait for a beautiful year ahead. Let Christmas be a beginning trail for it. Write your comment in the comment session. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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