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DIY Movable Egg Craft With Little Chick Tutorial for Kids

DIY Movable Egg Craft With Little Chick Tutorial for Kids

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DIY Movable Egg Craft With Little Chick Tutorial for Kids

This fun and easy DIY craft is perfect for kids! In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to make a movable egg craft featuring an adorable little chick that will bring life to your home. Get ready for some fun crafting!

Cute little chicks hatching out of giant ripe eggs with their little feet and beaks. This tutorial brings to you one such hatching chick made through art and craft with a movable egg and a small, happy chick hatching out of it. It’s innovative yet easy to make and requires a few material stuff. So, get ready with all your colored sheets, and let’s make these eggs with their chicks.

Easy To Make Movable Little Chick Egg Craft For Kids
DIY Movable Egg Craft With Little Chick Tutorial for Kids

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Materials Required

  • Yellow & Orange Colored Paper Sheet
  • A Pair Of Scissors
  • Glue Stick & Ice Cream Stick
  • Pencil & Crayons
  • Blue Sketch Pen
  • Googly Eyes


Step 1: Starting With a Basic Sheet Of Paper

Start With a Basic Sheet Of Paper- Guide to Making a Portable Egg Artwork with a Little Chick for Children

Take a yellow sheet of paper and fold it in half. Now start cutting on the mark of the fold creating two sheets of paper.

Step 2: Taking a Piece Of Orange Sheet

Taking a Piece Of Orange Sheet - Easy Movable Egg Craft With Little Chick Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

Take a piece of Orange Sheet the same as the size half of the yellow sheet.

Step 3: Drawing On The Sheets

Drawing On The Sheets-. How to Create a Movable Egg Creation With a Small Chick for Kids

Cut the orange sheet in order to equalize all the sides with the yellow sheet. Place it in the middle of the two yellow sheets and draw a big egg shape on the top sheet as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Cutting The Egg Shape

Cutting The Egg Shape-A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Making a Moveable Egg Art with a Small Chick for Kids

With a pair of scissors, cut the egg shape you just made. Remember to cut all three sheets together at the same time. This leaves us with three eggs, two in yellow color and one in orange.

Step 5: Drawing Marks On The Egg

Draw Marks On The Egg-An Instructional Guide to Making an Egg Art Project with a Tiny Chick for Youngsters

Take the yellow sheet and draw big dots on one of its sides with a blue sketch pen. See the picture below for reference.

Step 6: Making The Egg Hatch

Make The Egg Hatch-Crafting a Mobile Egg Piece With a Small Chick for Toddlers

Place both the yellow sheets together completely aligned with each other. Take a pencil and make a zig-zag line on the top of the dotted sheet as shown in the picture below. Now, cut the zig-zag line with scissors. You need to cut both the sheets together, at the same time.

Step 7: Applying Some Glue

Apply Some Glue-A Tutorial for Kids to Produce a Portable Egg Work of Art with a Little Chick

Take the plane yellow sheet and apply some glue to the two parallel sides. Do not apply glue on the bottom and the top sides.

Step 8: Pasting Both Eggs Together

Pasting Both Eggs Together-A Guide on How to Build a Moveable Egg Piece of Artwork With a Small Chick for Children

Align both sheets together and press down on the sides to seal the two eggs together.

Step 9: Working On The Orange Sheet

Working On The Orange Sheet- Making a Moveable Egg Creation With a Minor Chick for Little Ones

Take the orange sheet and make an oval figure on it with a pencil. This figure should have two small featured wings on the sides as shown in the picture below. Cut the figure you just made with the help of scissors. This will serve as a chick in the hatching egg.

Step 10: Pasting a Pair Of Eyes

Pasting a Pair Of Eyes- A Tutorial for Kids to Create a Relocatable Egg Craft With a Tiny Chick

Take a pair of googly eyes and paste them on the top of the figure, next to each other.

Step 11: Adding Some Color

Adding Some Color-. A Guide on Developing a Mobile Egg Art With a Small Chick for Youngsters

Take a red crayon and draw a mouth shape below the eyes as shown in the picture below. Add some dots on the sides of the mouth with a purple crayon. Take an ice cream stick and paste it on the back of the orange sheet. You just need to paste the top part of the stick on the sheet, with a major portion sticking out of the sheet at the bottom. Finally, put the bar between the two pasted sheets.

Step 12: Pasting The Smaller Cracked Piece

Pasting The Smaller Cracked Piece- Make a Transportable Egg Creation With Instructions for Little Chickens for Children

Take the smaller cracked pieces of the yellow dotted sheet you chopped earlier and apply a little glue on the center of its back. Paste this center on the top end of the orange chick as shown in the picture below.

Finally, Cute Movable Little Chick Egg Craft is Ready!!

Pasting The Two Cracked Pieces Together-Teach Your Kids How to Construct a Portable Egg Art Piece Featuring a Little Chick

Take another cracked piece and apply glue on one of the sides of its circumference and paste the two cracked pieces together. Congratulations, the cute movable little chick craft is ready!!

Some More Chick Craft Tutorial

Making Balloon Chick Craft For Kids

Making Balloon Chick Craft For Kids 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Making Balloon Chick Craft For Kids is a great way to keep kids amused and entertained. It is also a fun and creative activity that helps to promote imaginative play. It is also a great way to teach kids about shapes and colors.

This completes our today’s tutorial and we are left with an adorable little chick hatching out of its egg. You can write a message on the chick and gift it to someone. You can simply play with it or make it act out. Today, you learned to make a movable craft with some sheets of paper and an ice cream stick. Think of more ideas you can implement these techniques on and grow your art further. See you in more tutorials to come, till then, good luck and goodbye.

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