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DIY Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

DIY Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids


DIY Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

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Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way! Today we are back with some of the most incredible craft ideas for Christmas. Everyone waits the entire year for this lovely festival when we meet friends and family and celebrate the festival together.

This year it might be not the same owing to the pandemic, but we can always try to make the best of any situation. You can learn and teach your kids a lot through crafts. Teach your kids to be creative and focused.

Christmas Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

Make this festival more productive by decorating homes and Christmas trees with handmade crafts. Children will love doing this and you can teach them the importance of Christmas by making these crafts.

1. The Christmas Tree Craft

DIY Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Make these amazing colorful Christmas trees using ice cream sticks, cut the sticks in the various sizes as shown, and paint and decorate them with whatever color and beads you like. Assemble them and cut out a star and decorate it on the tree. Make the tree bright and colorful and decorate the small ones near the big Christmas tree.

2. The Santa’s Hat Craft

Make this lovely Santa Claus cap for your kids/students. Teach them how to make these using a red sheet and folding it into a cone and Santa’s face will be the most exciting part for children. If you are having a Christmas party, you and your kids can make plenty of these and make the guests wear these at the party. It is an amazing craft idea for a fun Christmas party.

3. The Handprint Christmas tree Craft

Create these cute Christmas trees. Imprint the outlines of your child’s hand and then cut it along the lines. Decorate it using beads and stars and ask your kids to make a greeting card from these for friends and family. Tell them why Christmas is celebrated and how it emphasizes on being selfless. Ask them to be generous and humble because those were the teachings of Jesus Christ.

4. The Scrap Sheet Christmas Tree

Create this beautiful Christmas tree by cutting out strips of papers and then folding them together in the manner shown below to a cardboard tube to make the Christmas tree and then decorate it using stars and paint. Ask your kids to make such Christmas trees and help them exploit their creative talent. This way you can make the best out of this pandemic by being productive in a beautiful way.

5) The Funky Christmas Tree Craft

Make this extremely cool Christmas Tree using ice cream sticks and buttons of various colors and sizes. It is very easy to make as you have to join the sticks together, paint it, and then decorate it by sticking these buttons and star on them. Ask your kids or students to do this and while they do this and tell the story of why Christmas is celebrated. They will learn while being creative.

6. The Reindeer Craft

Make these exquisite reindeers using ice cream sticks and craft papers. Join the sticks for the body and cuttings from craft paper for the face. Draw the lovely red nose and if you have old fur worn-out clothes, then cut out from them for the horns, otherwise, you can always use craft paper for anything. Make one and show it to your kids and ask them to make some by themselves. Hang it on your doors and Christmas trees. You can also decorate your garden using these.

7. The Simple One

Make this simple and cute Christmas tree by cutting out the tree shape from paper. Ask your kids to draw and decorate the tree. They will learn about lines and symmetry. As children will learn and grow it will also help to increase their self-esteem. You can make a section for your child’s craftworks and children will want to improve themselves and be more productive.

8. The Christmas Ball Ornaments

Make these beautiful Christmas balls using ribbons, laces, craft sheets, and other items such as buttons and decorative beads. Ask the children to cut out circles and draw symmetrical lines and decorate along those lines. This is a fun and smart way of teaching things. You can decorate your Christmas trees using these, this way it will benefit your child’s development and also be economical as you need not buy things to decorate your homes.

9. The colorful Christmas tree

Create this gorgeous Christmas trees by using bits of colorful cloth pieces and scrap sheets. You have to make a cone by folding a cardboard sheet. This is an amazing way of teaching colors and patterns to children between 4-6 years old. Ask them to paste different colorful bits of sheets. You can make these of various sizes and patterns and decorate it on your shelves or hang them on your Christmas trees.

10. The cute little Christmas Tree

Make this lovely Christmas tree by combining several small Christmas trees. Ask your kids to decorate it with hearts, stars, and ribbon bows. Through this, the children will learn about how to form meaningful patterns and symmetry. Help the festive spirit act as a catalyst for the creative spirit and help the children develop in a whole new sphere.

11. The one with the designer leaves

Create this extraordinary Christmas tree with unique leaves by cutting it in different patterns and then ask your kids to make new patterns of their desire and then decorate it with stars and snow crystals. Hang these Christmas trees at your doors or in your garden. Teach your kids a Christmas carol while doing this craft.

12. The one with rings

Use circular ring craft and make this Christmas tree. This is a new idea of making a Christmas tree. Ask children to make rings out of strips of scrap sheets and then paste them together in this manner. Teach them to make a ribbon bow and decorate it on the tree. This will stimulate the development of their minds.

13. The Photoframes

Make these lovely square-shaped photo frames by sticking together ice cream sticks. Decorate it with stars, dust diamonds, and beads. Teach kids about the shapes and not only square but also they can make photo frames of various other shapes such as triangles and squares. You can make these and place small passport-sized pictures of your guests and give them these special customized gifts. Everyone will love these.

14. Decorative Cupboard

Decorate your kid’s cupboard by making this amazing reindeer along with the Christmas tree. You can be an interior designer for your kid’s room this festive season in this pandemic and decorate it with a Christmas theme. Decorate it with the dust diamonds to give a more beautiful look and ask your kids to help you. Narrate Christmas tales to your kids and ask them their ideas.

15. The one on the wall

Create this marvelous Christmas tree that requires less space and fewer efforts but looks extremely impressive and creative. Just paste rectangular strips of scrap sheets of sizes as shown on adjacent walls and then decorate it with stars and lights. Make this one and surprise everyone owing to your creative mind.

We hope you love these ideas. Try these craft ideas and this is an amazing way of teaching kids about why Christmas is so important and what message it gives us. You can also have an economical Christmas by following these craft ideas which will help in cost-cutting and also enhance your skills and your child’s development. It will help in their spatial development and creative spirit.

Connect to us by sharing your feedback in the comments section and also tell us if you want us to post about something. Check out other posts on our website related to fashion, craft, etc. and you will certainly love the ideas.

FAQ’s on DIY Christmas Craft

1. What supplies do I need for DIY Christmas craft ideas for kids?

Answer: You will need basic supplies such as construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons/markers, and other craft materials.

2. What type of Christmas crafts are good for kids to make?

Answer: Simple projects such as paper snowflakes, salt dough ornaments, tissue paper wreaths, and paper plate reindeer are some great ideas.

3. Are there any easy Christmas crafts for toddlers?

Answer: Yes! Simple crafts such as paper plate Christmas trees, cotton ball snowmen, and fingerprint Christmas cards are all fun and easy projects that toddlers can do.

4. Are there any Christmas craft ideas that don’t require a lot of supplies?

Answer: Yes! You can make decorations such as pine cone garlands, paper star ornaments, and paper snowflakes with just a few supplies.

5. How do I make a paper plate Christmas tree?

Answer: You will need a paper plate, green paint, green construction paper, and various decorations such as pom-poms, glitter, and buttons. Paint the paper plate green and cut out a triangle from the green construction paper to create the tree’s trunk. Glue the triangle to the plate and then decorate the tree with the various decorations.

6. What are some Christmas crafts that can be done with recycled materials?

Answer: You can create decorations using items such as old wrapping paper, ribbon, and cardboard. Ideas include paper snowflakes, tissue paper wreaths, and cardboard Christmas trees.

7. Are there any Christmas craft ideas that involve painting?

Answer: Yes! You can make decorations such as salt dough ornaments, paper plate reindeer, and paper snowflakes using paint.

8. Are there any Christmas craft ideas that involve sewing?

Answer: Yes! You can make decorations such as a fabric Christmas tree skirt, felt ornaments, and a burlap stocking.

9. Are there any Christmas craft ideas that involve glue?

Answer: Yes! You can make decorations such as glitter snowflakes, pine cone garlands, and paper plate reindeer using glue.

10. Are there any Christmas craft ideas that involve drawing?

Answer: Yes! You can make decorations such as fingerprint Christmas cards, paper snowflakes, and paper plate reindeer using drawing materials such as crayons, markers, and colored pencils.

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