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DIY Felt Fabric Multipurpose Craft Ideas

DIY Felt Fabric Multipurpose Craft Ideas

Felt Crafts

DIY Felt Fabric Multipurpose Craft Ideas

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Soft as fleece, Felt fabric crafts are too ravishing to be ignored. Presenting, purposeful Felt fabric crafts that you can easily handcraft yourself to enchant everyone with your skills.

The best quality of Felt is its strength of structure which is neither too soft to get torn easily nor too hard to mold. Available mostly in rather delicate-looking shades of pastel, Felt, thus combines delicacy with the strength to give your crafts the perfect look and structure.

DIY Felt Craft Ideas

1. Pretty Felt Baskets

DIY Felt Fabric Multipurpose Craft Pretty Felt Baskets

These beautiful and easy to make Felt baskets have multiple uses. Use them to store candies, to pick flowers, to organize your jewels or simply to beautify your space. Add tiny butterflies, flowers etc. on the edges to add to the astounding beauty.

2. DIY Felt Tissue Organizer

DIY Felt Fabric Multipurpose Craft DIY Felt Tissue Organizer

Handcraft this adorable  Tissue Organizer to brighten up your dining space in accordance with your imagination. The bright colors and cheerful pattern of this organizer will give your place a more spacey look.

3. Easter Felt Basket

DIY Felt Fabric Multipurpose Craft Easter Felt Basket

Easter is the best time to bring out your creativity. This DIY Easter Bunny Basket can be used to store colorful  eggs and other Easter stuff. You are bound to receive much praise for your artistic genius.

4. DIY Flower Basket

DIY Felt Fabric Multipurpose Craft DIY Flower Basket

Pick up berries and flowers from your garden with this cute basket. Follow our guide and tutorial to handcraft this yourself.

5. Felt Flower Basket

Felt Flower Basket

This floral basket can find its applications in functions and weddings. Flower girls and bridesmaids can design this to grace the occasion with their creativity.

6. Pretty Floral Felt Basket

Pretty Floral Felt Basket

Flowers will never go out of fashion. Make this DIY basket with Felt and adorn it with handmade Daisies and Ladybugs. This craft is bound to catch everyone’s eye with its refreshing beauty.

7. DIY Felt Storage Box

DIY Felt Storage Box

Why buy a boring plastic container which is also hazardous to nature when you can make your very own customized storage boxes! Use your innovative ideas to make the box as personalized as you wish to and give your place the personal touch it needs.

8. Felt Decorative Plant Waterer

Felt Decorative Plant Waterer

Felt Decorative Plant Waterer

Felt Decorative Plant Waterer

If you have an indoor garden or simply want to bring in the nature aspect into your house decor, here is a variety of Plant Waterer decorative pieces made from Felt. Add little customizations like butterflies, grass, flower etc. and make it look as aesthetically pleasing as you wish. This is also an amazing gift option as you can fill it with chocolates and candies and surprise your friends with your handmade gift purely filled with your affection for them.

These ideas are easy to try and the soft fabric is bound to take away all the stress you have been carrying. Free the artist within your heart and make heart felt art from Felt. We hope you have a great time creating your own beautiful world.

Drop your love and suggestions in the comments section below. Please visit our website for more artistic ideas and creative content.

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