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Dog Crafts & Activities for Kids

Dog Crafts & Activities for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Dog Crafts & Activities for Kids

The only animal who loves you more than he loves himself is a dog. bad day? Nothing makes you feel better like petting a dog. Children, in particular, like dogs and puppies. They always desire a pet dog at home, but caring for pets constantly is really challenging. We are providing these craft activities for you and your children as a result. This post contains several arts and crafts that you will enjoy making. They are really simple. Let’s explore a few:

Creative Ideas To Make Peanut Shell Dog Craft For Kids

Creative Ideas To Make Peanut Shell Dog Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This is an exciting activity for kids! With a few simple supplies, kids can make their own dog craft using peanut shells. This craft is fun and creative and will provide hours of entertainment. Let your kids get creative and make their own unique pets!

Paper Plate Dog

Make a puppet out of little paper plates, brown foam, brown acrylic paint, googly eyes, pen, scissors, and glue. The plate should now be painted to resemble a dog. Include eyes, a nose, and brows. Make the mouth with the marker. Using brown foam, add ears. This paper dog may be used to decorate a child’s room or as a mask.

Image Source /Tutorial: craftcreatecook

Toilet Roll Dog

Bring any coloured paper you choose, as many toilet paper rolls as you like, a large piece of cardboard, scissors, colour, a brush, and glue. Begin wrapping the roll in the paper. You may add whatever colour dog patches you desire. With a marker, draw eyes and a nose. To cut the legs, use cardboard, and if you want a tail, use a thread. Use this approach to create as many dogs as you like.

Image Source /Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Paper Bag Dogs

You’ll need a brown paper bag, pink, white, brown, and black paper, glue, scissors, and a marker to make this paper puppet. Cut his tongue with pink paper, ears with brown paper, nose with black paper, and the space around his nose with white paper. Stick the body pieces on the paper bag after folding the bottom of the bag. Your puppet is now prepared. Create a skit using your hands for your children.

Image Source /Tutorial: 86lemons

Dog Bookmark

This one could be something you’d enjoy if your kid enjoys reading. Making a dog bookmark is pretty easy. You’ll also need scissors, glue, brown paper, and square paper. Cut the tongue, eyes, brown spots, nose, and tail. Simply fold it into triangles and halves. Your adorable bookmark is ready when you paste the pieces of his face.

Image Source /Tutorial: redtedart

Tissue Roll Dog

Image Source /Tutorial: frgalfunforboys

Grab some brown and black paper, a toilet paper roll, and a marker. Cut out a tail, ear, and paws from the black paper, then stick the brown paper on the roll. Add goofy eyeballs to the roll. Create a nose and colour the tail tip using the marker. Your adorable paper puppy is prepared. It may be used as a vase for your garden or even as a stationary keeper.

Toy Story Dog

Image Source /Tutorial: kidsactivitesblog

The Slinky Dog from Toy Story comes to mind, right? If so, this is the one for you. Cut the dog’s face, belly, legs, ears, nose, butt, and tail out of a piece of brown foam paper. Take a silver spring coil as well. Apply glue on the nose, ears, belly, and one end of the coil. The butt tail and two legs should be on the other end. Your spring slinky dog is prepared after this.

Puppy Boxes

Image Source /Tutorial: jennifermaker

You’ll need thick paper for this. You may also use papers that are of different colours. It must be cut into templates and then folded to create a three-dimensional dog shape. Include extras like as ears, noses, whiskers, paws, eyes, and so on. To make the templets resemble a dog, fold and attach them.

Balloon Puppy

Image Source /Tutorial: thecrafttrain

Inflate a balloon in a circle, but not so much that it will burst. Paper ears should be pasted, and a sketch pen should be used to design the nose, whiskers, and eyes. Attach a thread to the balloon’s end. You’ll appear to be taking your dog for a walk to a garden. The dream of owning a dog will come true.

Toy Story Dog

Image Source /Tutorial: thechirpingmoms

Make a chain out of all the brown paper strips you cut into stripes. Dogs’ faces and bottoms are cut off and attached to the chain’s ends. Similar to the former exercise using the Toy Story Dog, this one is both simple and enjoyable.

Pebble Dog

Image Source /Tutorial: theinspirationedit

Pick up a pebble. You can paint on it more easily the more smooth it is. Using a small paintbrush and black acrylic paint, trace the dog’s outline. Create a nose, eyes, and optional extras like a bone or ball in his mouth. Then gradually apply any colour you like to the dog. As many dog pebbles as you like can be made. Use this to decorate your garden.

Paper Dog Puppet

Image Source /Tutorial: redtedart

Take some coloured paper in the size of an A4 or use paint instead. Use black markers, scissors, and glue. Fold the papers three times. Cut coloured paper for the tongue, eyes, ears, and tail. Paste everything but the tongue on the first fold. The tongue should go on the second fold. Your puppet is now prepared. While you’re at it, create one, hundreds, or even thousands of new dog breeds!

Footprint Puppy

Image Source /Tutorial: craftymorning

Using a large brush, paint your feet any colour of your choosing. Print the footprint on the paper after that. Make ears, eyes, and a neckband with your finger. Add a button to the neckband and eyes for decoration.

Pencil Holder

Image Source /Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Take thick cardboard, as many cardboard rolls as you like, glue, scissors, and coloured pens. All of the rolls should be joined. Then, using the cardboard, cut his back, tails, and face. Attach the tail and back to one end, and the face and ears to the other. You may give the body whatever colour you wish. Your pencil stand is prepared. It’s the greatest and most creative technique to keep stationary.

Puppy Origami

Image Source /Tutorial: redtedart

You’ll need some pens and a piece of paper in whichever colour you desire for your dog. Thats it! Hold the square of paper so that it resembles a diamond. It is folded in half. To make the corners resemble ears, fold both of them. at the bottom to give the appearance of his mouth. Create whiskers, patches, eyes, and a nose using a pen.

Paper Cup Dog

Image Source /Tutorial: gluedtomycraft

A paper cup, cardboard, white and black paper, pencils, a beautiful ribbon, and googly eyes are good to have on hand. Cut the legs, face, and ears. Stick it on the paper cup. Make patches and whiskers using the marker. eyes, as well as the dog’s paper cup bow.

Dog Mask

Image Source /Tutorial: redtedart

You will need scissors, a paper plate, a pencil, paint and a paintbrush, elastic, and hot glue. Cut a dog form out of the paper plate, leaving room for eyes. Glue the mask’s ears on. On the mask, apply some patches. For the nose, you can use a pom-pom. Create holes on the mask’s sides, then tie the elastic through the holes. Once your mask is complete, you can create as many masks as you like.

Ice Cream Stick Dog

Image Source /Tutorial: ourkidsthing

15 ice cream sticks, brown paper, googly eyes, pom-poms, glue, a blank sheet, and black and red markers are all required for this. Maintain the simple sheet as the foundation and stick 9 sticks to it. This is the face of our dog. Additionally, attach three ice cream sticks from the sheet’s reverse side. These are the legs. Cut brown paper into paws, a tail, and ears. And then attach it on the sticks. Add pom poms and eyeballs to the face. When the tongue is marked with a marker, your dog is prepared!

Pom Pom Dog

Image Source /Tutorial: hamndemadecharlotte

Pom poms in white and black, scissors, fabric adhesive, and any additional decorations you like are required. Make the head and body out of two large and one little pom-pom. Make beautiful circles out of them. Put the little yarn on top of the large yarn to represent his nose. Add the nose and eyes. Make ears out of this fabric paper and attach the body and this face together. Your adorable pom pom puppy is prepared.

Pipe Cleaner Dog

Image Source /Tutorial: craftfoxes

Toy eyes, a nose, and a pipe cleaner are required. Bend the tip of the pipe cleaner. This is his face. From that, make the ears. Add the head and the nose to it. The body is now ready; just add the tail and legs. The puppy may be made to perform anything you want, including sit and stand.

Wall Hanging

Image Source /Tutorial: thespurcecraft

Take coloured papers, scissors, glue, thread, eyes, and nose. Cut this colour into the forms of dogs. You must use glue to affix everything together, then wait for it to dry. Then, on the top of your creation, cut a hole or attach a hook. then fasten a thread to it. As many wall hangings as you like can be made.

We hope you enjoyed our interesting, attractive, and entertaining activities. Please do let us know what you think in the comments area. Don’t forget to look at our k4craft articles as well. Soon, we’ll be back with more entertaining articles, as well as a variety of art and activities.

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