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Amazing Drawing Ideas For Summer Vacation


Amazing Drawing Ideas For Summer Vacation

Time for the summer break. This hot screeching sun is burning the skin and thus it is time to stay indoors, refreshed and cool in this hot weather. And with this season comes the season of the longest vacation – the summer vacation. However, this season will not let you allow your kiddo to go out and play in this hot heat. And thus, you need to babysit them the entire day. But there is nothing to worry about. We got your back. Here is an amazing list of drawing and coloring all picked out for the summer emotion. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of amazing drawing ideas for summer vacation like the bunny melon, bunny-ish beverages, his fav meal, bear teddy bear,  a gift, time for some chillness, and the happy carrots.

So let’s begin…

Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation

Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation

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The Bunny Melon

Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation The Bunny Melon

Watermelons!!!! Oh, what a relief it brings during the hot summer days. Here’s a picture of this cute bunny ready to have its refreshing dose of watermelon. Ask your toddler to show their creativity by drawing this watermelon onto the paper, color it and keep them busy in this refreshing entertainment program for this afternoon (while you enjoy your watermelon).

Bunny-ish Beverages

Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation Bunny-ish Beverages

Ice tea or bubble tea or a juice or any sort of shake – all these beverages give the most soothing feeling on a hot summer afternoon. Here’s a glass of your fav beverage. Tell your child to pen this down in their beautiful creative way. Keep them busy this summer vacation while you sit back and relax on your chair with a glass of juice. Give yourself a break this summer break.

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His Fav Meal

Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation His Fav Meal

Carrots are rabbits’ favorite. From our childhood to our kids, we have learned that rabbits love eating carrots. These orange sweet veggies are an important source of vitamin K and not only help in vision but also in digestion and curing a few diseases. Thus, tell your child the importance of this special veggie, make them eat this, and let them draw this rabbit with its fav food.

Bear Teddy Bear

Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation Bear Bear Teddy Bear

Who does not love soft toys? As an elder, I am fond of them so the kids would love them. Here is a simple yet cute drawing they can easily draw. They can use their favorite colors to color their fav toy. Make them enjoy this work of art while you sit back and watch your young one craft wonders.

 A Gift

 Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation A Gift

We all love flowers on our birthdays and anniversaries or on any occasion and sometimes un-occasionally too. This cute rabbit brings you a beautiful color. Make your toddler draw this as a token of love to you bringing to you their handmade flower via a cute bunny.

Time For Some Chillness

Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation Time For Some Chillness

Summers are all about finding different ways of keeping oneself cool and calm. And thus, grab a chilled juice and let your toddler draw one for you while you peacefully enjoy yours.

The Happy Carrots

Amazing Drawing Idea For Summer Vacation The Happy Carrots

Tell your kids the benefits of carrots and how happy they would look after being healthy. These happy-go-lucky carrots are super cute and once your toddler draws them, these will definitely bring the happiest smile on your face too just like that of the middle one!!


1. What supplies do I need to draw on vacation?

The supplies you need to draw on vacation will depend on the type of drawing you plan to do. If you plan to do traditional drawing with pencils, paper, and erasers, you’ll need to bring some drawing paper, a selection of pencils, erasers, and perhaps some colored pencils or markers. If you plan to do digital drawing, you’ll need to bring along a drawing tablet or laptop that’s compatible with drawing software. You’ll also need to bring any styluses or other input devices that are necessary for your particular tablet or laptop. Additionally, you may want to bring some reference material like photographs or books to help you draw more accurately.

2. What are the best drawing techniques for vacation sketches?

The best drawing techniques for vacation sketches depend on the artist’s individual style and preferences. Some of the most popular techniques for vacation sketches include gesture drawing, blind contour drawing, and contour drawing. Gesture drawing is a fast and loose technique that captures the overall gesture of a scene. Blind contour drawing is a technique where the artist draws the contours of an image without looking at the paper. Contour drawing is a technique where the artist focuses on the outlines of an image to capture the overall shape and form. Other techniques such as line drawing, shading, and hatching can also be used to create attractive vacation sketches.

3. What are the best materials for drawing outdoors?

The best materials for drawing outdoors depend on the nature of your project and the environment you’ll be working in. Generally, it’s best to use materials that are light and portable like pencils, pens, markers, and watercolors. If you’re going to be in a wet environment, it’s a good idea to use waterproof pens and pencils, and if you’re going to be in a very bright environment, colored pencils, charcoal, or pastels might be better. Additionally, it’s important to consider the type of paper you’ll be using; you may want to use heavier paper or even watercolor paper if you’re using watercolors.

4. How can I draw more accurately while on vacation?

One of the best ways to draw more accurately while on vacation is to practice gesture drawing. This type of drawing involves quickly sketching the basic shapes and forms of a scene, object, or figure in a few strokes. This will help you capture the essence of your subject without spending too much time on all the details. Additionally, bringing along a small sketchbook or art journal can be helpful for making quick sketches of your vacation scenes. You can also try taking reference photos of your subject to practice from when you have more time to draw. Finally, make sure that you have the right art supplies with you so that you can draw on the go.

5. How can I find inspiring subjects to draw on vacation?

When you’re on vacation, there are countless inspiring subjects to draw! Look around you and notice the details of the landscape, architecture, and people. Capture the movement of the waves, the shadows of the trees, and the expressions of the people you meet. Pay attention to the colors, textures, and shapes of the things around you. Take photos or make sketches of the things that catch your eye, and use them as references for your drawings. You can also look up artwork done by local artists for inspiration. Have fun and be creative – you never know what you’ll come up with!

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