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Easy Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Kids Activities

Easy Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Having indoor activities on hand for any age is a great idea at this time of year. However, toddlers particularly seem to feel antsy and need some extra attention.
There is no difficulty in performing any of these indoor activities for toddlers. They can be set up easily. You probably already have all the materials on hand (they’re all pretty common items).
I have listed a bunch of fun-filled activities for toddlers and preschoolers!

Our lives are filled with quick and easy low-prep activities. They come in handy on busy afternoons or when everyone had a late night the night before and we are exhausted.

Fun Time For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Outdoor Fun Time

Image Source/Tutorial: Hand Son As We Grow

Indoors can be boring sometimes. Take your little toddlers and preschoolers outside to park or lawn and these following activities:

  • Make an outdoor waterfall out of repurposed yogurt cups! This is a very simple activity, so go for it!
  • Forest Tots learned how to paint outside on a sunny day. What a beautiful painting!
  • Play some tunes outside! It’s awesome!
  • Sand and water (a childhood favourite of mine) can lead to hours of fun, as they do outside

Cuddly Pool

Image Source/Tutorial: Busy Toddler

We rarely use our kiddie pool for swimming and only use it for kiddie activities. This is a fluffy pool of stuffed soft toys: a sensory exploration of all things cuddly.
I am pretty sure your kids love cuddles way too much so it’s time to make a cuddly pool for them. Take a pool and stuff with all kinds of soft toys so that they can cuddle all the time.

Porcelain Tub Cage For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Busy Toddler

It is one of the simplest, fastest, and “why didn’t I think of that?” baby activities available.

You can plop your baby in the bathtub with some of his closest and dearest toys in the morning if you need to do something crazy like getting ready.
Now that he’s contained, his friends are within reach, and you are within eyeshot, which you must be. At all times. Because of separation anxiety and supervision.
It’s kind of like a porcelain cage.

Mirror Time For Your Little One

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Home Blessings

You can enjoy watching your little one’s eyes light up when she or someone else is in the room!  When you and your baby have stood in front of a mirror and said, “Hello,” what’s next?” is the best thing to watch.  The mirror is a great place to get our little ones to smile and laugh (and learn a bit, too)!

Musical Box

Image Source/Tutorial: Busy Toddler

We have always seen that kids love kinds of music. They even stand up to dance if they find a piece of sweet music. So it’s time to make their music.

Bring out an empty cardboard box. Fill it with all types of musical toys so that they can shake them and make their music. You will be surprised to see them dancing to their music.

Water Play Time

Image Source/Tutorial: Learn With Play at Home

We have always seen that kids have a weird fascination with water. Whenever they see water, they go running to them and keep on splashing them.

Bring out the tray pour water on it and add some toys to the tray. Make your kid sit in front of it and they won’t disturb you at all for a long time.

Kids Drum

Image Source/Tutorial: Learn With Play at Home

As we have already discussed kids just love music. They even create their music so now it’s time that your little rockstar plays some drums.

Take some utensils and place them in front of your kid and give a stick in their hand and let them bang it on the utensils just like some kind of drum. Trust me you will love to listen to them.

Rainbow Bottles

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

As children learn and play through all their senses, sensory play activities are a wonderful way to provide them with a wide range of stimulation and new experiences. Baby and toddlers will love exploring these Rainbow  Bottles that are bright and cheerful. Moreover, they double up as fantastic shakers, so older children can use them for all their singing and musical ideas.

Kneading Play

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Fun For Kids

Kids love playing and kneading especially toddlers. It is very funny to see them kneading as their faces are covered with flour or cornstarch. Sometimes it might happen that you are running low on clay. You don’t need to worry about anything.

Bring out the cornstarch and add some water and let them knead. They will surely love it.

Sensing Bags For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Can Do Kiddo

The bag is a wonderful attention-span building, hand-eye-coordinating, visual scanning, and sensory exploration tool for your baby (learn why this is so important) activity. In addition, sensory bags make for great Tummy Time activities for babies who are not yet sitting up!

To make a sensory bag, you’ll need a sturdy gallon-sized freezer bag (or two, if you want extra peace of mind), a thick fluid, and small objects for the baby to see and touch.

Jiggly Jelly Time

Image Source/Tutorial: Simply Play Today

The babies enjoy squishing the cold jelly between their hands and fingers (the texture was quite similar to the fingerpaints) and won’t even eat any which surprised me! This activity will keep your baby entertained for about fifteen minutes, which is pretty good for a 6-month-old!

Sensory Box

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Toddler Play Time

Take an empty box and add objects of every shape, size, and texture. Sit beside them and make them touch things. Each time they pick a new thing, explain to them what is it and how is it used.

In this way, they will be introduced to new things and they will surely love how those things feel in their hand.

Let’s Play with Alphabets

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Toddler Play Time

Have you ever needed an activity to keep your baby occupied while you eat a bite to eat or wash a bottle? For babies ages six to nine months, here’s an easy baby activity
You are more than halfway there if you already have little ones on your fridge as you read this, so your magnetic fridge letters are already on there.
You are more than halfway there if you already have little ones on your fridge as you read this, so your magnetic fridge letters are already on there.
If your baby is sitting up, you can place the letters in front of the fridge at a height that is approximately eye level, or a little higher if they are older.

Jello Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Modern Homes Tead Mama

Having this jello dig activity on hand has been a staple sensory activity in our house for years! I have been adding this activity to my firstborn’s homeschool unit study about the five senses since he was a few months old and learning about his sense of taste and touch.

Craft With Lid

Image Source/Tutorial: Busy Toddler

Making this was just as simple as making the Kneading Play; maybe even simpler? Certainly easier.

After cutting holes in the lid with scissors, I added different ribbons with various textures and lengths, knotted the ends to prevent them from falling out, and she was done.

Forts For Your Babies

Image Source/Tutorial: Messy Little Monster

Building and playing in the forts (or den) is a must-do activity for children. This simple (no-stitch) tepee fort made a safe little space for baby Daisy (6 months) to play. With the addition of lots of sensory activities and fairy lights, this fort looked so inviting and every baby will be delighted.
These activities don’t require a lot of materials or brainpower on your part but keep kids occupied and entertained.

Perhaps you can pick one of these to try on busy days or crazy afternoons while making dinner when you need a quick idea. Let me know your favorite activities!

If you love our article, then let us know in the comment section and follow us for more of such content.

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