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Beautiful Swan Craft Using Fall Leaves Ideas

Beautiful Swan Craft Using Fall Leaves Ideas

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Beautiful Swan Craft Using Fall Leaves Ideas

Bring the beauty of fall leaves into your home with this creative swan craft! Perfect for classrooms and family fun, this simple project uses leaves, glue, and other materials to create a beautiful swan perfect for any autumn decor. Get inspired with these inspiring fall leaf craft ideas.

DIY Beautiful Swan Craft Using Fall Leaves

Beautiful Swan Craft Using Fall Leaves Ideas

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Materials Required

  • White and Black Paper
  • Fall Leaves
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1: Preparing The Leaf

Preparing The Leaf - Crafting a Swanky Swan with Autumn Foliage

Cut out a circle from the white sheet of paper. Next, take your yellow leaves and prepare them by sticking glue strips on the back of the leaves.

Step 2: Pasting The Leaf

Pasting The Leaf - Crafting a Graceful Swan with Fallen Leaves

Carefully take the leaf and paste it on the paper, such that it forms the main body of your swan.

Step 3: Making Swan’s Wing

Making Swan's Wing - Coming up with a Stunning Swan Creation Using Fallen Leaves

Your next leaf will be the first wing of your swan. Stick it in a slightly slanting over the body of the swan.

Step 4: Making Swan’s Second Wing

Making Swan's Second Wing - Making an Alluring Swan Creation from Fallen Leaves in Autumn

Take your 3rd leaf and this will be the last layer for your swan’s main body. This third leaf will be the other wing. Stick this over the second leaf slanting to it.

Step 5: Making Swan’s neck

Making Swan's neck - Crafting a Pretty Swan with Autumn Leaves

Using scissors, cut out a long, hook-like neck from a yellow leaf and paste it over the white sheet in front and above the wings.

Step 6: Making Swan’s Beak and Eyes

Making Swan's Beak and Eyes - Constructing a Swanky Swan Using Autumn Leaves

For the swan’s beak, cut out a part of a red leaf in the shape of a beak and paste it on the mouth of your swan. And, make the eye from a white and black sheet.

Step 7: Adding The Sun

Adding The Sun - Making a Graceful Swan with Fall Leaves

Now that you’re done making your swan, it’s time to decorate the background. From a red leaf cut out a circle and paste it as the sun.

Step 8: Adding Grass

Adding Grass - Coming up with an Attractive Swan Creation Using Leaves of Fall

You will now take your green stems of leaves and paste them under the swan.

Step 9: Completing Pasting Grass

Completing Pasting Grass - Making a Lovely Swan with Leaves of Autumn

Stick each stem in your desired place with enough space to make it look neat. You can cut a few stems to make them fit properly. Once you’re done sticking everything make sure everything is in place.

Your Beautiful Swan Craft using Fall Leaves is Ready!

Your Beautiful Swan Craft using Fall Leaves is Ready! - Developing a Spectacular Swan Creation Using Leaves of Fall

And it’s READY! Your paper Swan made with fall leaves is ready!! With this easy tutorial, anyone can make their own swan. You can get more creative and use different colored leaves or decorate the background with more grass and leaves. You could draw around the swan or on it and make it even prettier! Use this craft to make easy decoration pieces using materials straight from nature. This craft is engaging, fun and interactive and will be liked by all! So give it a try and engage your kids in a fun craft-learning activity!

Hope you like this Swan craft using fall leaves step-by-step tutorial. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Be sure to visit our other articles for more ideas!

Some More Swan Craft Tutorial

Easy To Make Swan Craft Using Cardboard Tube

Easy To Make Swan Craft Using Cardboard Tube

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This easy-to-make swan craft using cardboard tubes is a fun and creative way to make a beautiful decoration for your home. All you need is a cardboard tube, some paint, and a few other materials. It’s an easy and inexpensive craft that will make a great addition to any space.

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