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Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks

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Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks

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If you’re searching for fruit & vegetable carving & cutting tricks to do at home, you’re in the right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of fruit & vegetable carving & cutting tricks like learning to make flowers with dragonfruit, apple carving idea for fruit decor, banana decor idea to decor breakfast, cute swan cutting with tomato, simple cucumber carving idea, etc.

Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks

Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks Pinterest

Learn to Make Flowers with Dragonfruit

Learn to Make Flower with Dragonfruit

This dragonfruit carving will surely win everyone’s hearts! To make this carving first you have to cut out the upper stem portion of the dragonfruit then using a carving knife cut out the pink covering of the dragonfruit into pointed petals and shape the inner part of the fruit into small petals by cutting out small triangles after giving little gaps. For the top part, cut out the fruit into a holder shape and place cherry tomatoes over them! Tadaaa! Your dragon fruit flower will be ready in no time!

Apple Carving Idea For Fruit Decor

Apple Carving Idea For Fruit Decor Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks

Kids will love to eat these beautifully carved apples! There are always some tips and tricks a mom do to make her little ones eat healthy! So, carving them can also be a solution! This carving is pretty easy all you have to do is make slanting cuts adjacent to each other to form a petal shape, and make 3 petals over the apples at a similar distance. Now perform the same step over the cutout part to make more and more petals, till the part come to an end. Place the petals over each other in the same order by leaving little gaps. And Voils! They are ready to serve!

Banana Decor Idea to Decorate Breakfast

Banana Decor Idea to Decor Breakfast

Serve those boring bananas in a fun way! For this banana carving you first have to cut out a banana in half from its end to the start of the stem part. Then, remove the upper covering of the half banana and cut it down into 4 layers and place their ends over the banana stem, one over the other and secure the layers over it by inserting an all pin and decorate a cherry tomato over the top. Now for the fruit part, cut the half banana into small bits vertically to the end and alternatively shift them left and right to form a chain pattern.

Apple Cutting Trick For Experts

Apple Cutting Trick For Experts Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks

Do this apple flower carving like a pro! This may seem a little hard but is actually pretty easy! Take an apple and cut out a piece from it that you want to carve, now using a carving knife, make 2 adjacent slanting cuts to remove it, and make 3 cuts like this over the red covering part of the apple. Now, cut the apple into thin pieces opposite to the cuts you made, this will form designer petals. Insert a toothpick in the corner of all the petals, and rotate each petal in a circle one after the other to form a flower shape!

Christmas Tree Design with Watermelon

Christmas Tree Design with Watermelon

Give a healthy treat to everyone on Christmas which everybody will love too! Shape the watermelons in the exciting Christmas trees! All you have to do is cut out a quarter of the watermelon and make triangle slices of it using a knife. Now, shape these triangle slices in a Christmas tree shep using a carving knife! Tada! Ready in minutes! This will be a healthy snack and even kids will be excited to eat their Christmas trees!

Creative Eggplant Cutting Idea

Creative Eggplant Cutting Idea Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks

Learn to do this amazing carving over eggplant! This carving is pretty creative and easy at the same time! To do this garb a long eggplant and a sharp knife, handle the knife carefully! Cut the eggplant in half from the longer side, make sure to not cut it wholely just from below the stem to end by leaving some at the end. Now, slice the half eggplant into bits to the whole length of it, the bits should be a little thick and finally using your hand shift them left and right to form a chai-like pattern! Woohoo! You will love the results! So easy and classy!

Cute Swan Cutting with Tomato

Cute Swan Cutting with Tomato

Whoa! You are stunned I know, me too! To make this amazing carving art on your tomatoes, you will have to cut a tomato in half and then make slanting adjacent cuts on one side of the half tomato to cut out into a quarter shape then repeat the step to further cut the quarter shape till it is very small, now place them over the other by leaving some space. Perform the shape to the other side of the half tomato, this will become the wings of a swan. Make other swan wings too from the other half of the tomato and place them in front of one another. Now, for the swan’s face and neck, cut another tomato into half and cut out a whole thin slice of tomato from the middle this will become the 2 faces and necks of the swan, and stick two halves of black pepper over the center of the slice to make the eyes. Now stick the neck to the bodies by attaching them with a toothpick placed inside the wings.

Cool Heart Shape Watermelon

Cool Heart Shape Watermelon Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks

Fill the food with love all over! Make cute little heart shapes from a watermelon!! To make these little hearts, you need to have a watermelon with you and a sharp knife! Now, cut out the watermelon into quarter layers and then further cut the layer into bits for making triangle shapes out of it. Remove the unwanted white part from the bits and start shaping your hearts. Make 2 curvy lines from one side of the triangle to make a heart shape! And done! This went pretty smoothly, didn’t it? You took only some minutes to make these little hearts! Your kids will surely be excited to watch them and will be waiting to eat them!

Simple Cucumber Carving Idea

Simple Cucumber Carving Idea

Are these green mountains or green leaves? Let your kids find out! If your kids show tantrums eating healthy veggies like cucumbers? Then this hack will be a smart way to make them eat those veggies! This is a very easy cucumber carving to do in just minutes! Take a cucumber and a knife, and start by making 2 small slanting cuts adjacently till they meet, repeat this step one by one in increasing order over the cucumber. Then shift the cutout slices a little away from each other one by one to make a leaf or mountain-like structure! Voila! Madew in no time!

Musk Melon Arrow Design Cutting Idea

Watermelon Shell Arrow Design Cutting Idea Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Cutting Tricks

Serve a musk melon in a creative way to make it look like eating in a 5-star restaurant! All you have to do is get a musk melon and a knife! Now, using a knife cut out several thick slices of the melon and remove the covering from the fruit in one go. Remove the seeds from the melon and even the upper part in a starting melon slice. Start shaping the melons now, make slanting cuts half-half from both sides of the slice to make an arrow, and place them apart by leaving some space in between them, also for the first and last arrow cut the extra part out from the arrow you may eat those, Haha. And tada! Your melons are ready to serve with a bang!

We hope you like our list of fruit & vegetable carving & cutting tricks and will surely try to make them. If you want our fruit & vegetable carving & cutting tricks, read more craft ideas on our website. Please let us know in the comment section which fruit & vegetable carving & cutting tricks you like the most.

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