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Beautiful Hill Drawing and Scenery For Kids

Beautiful Hill drawing and scenery For Kids


Beautiful Hill Drawing and Scenery For Kids

If you’re looking for a drawing that brings kids close to nature and art! Then, look no further! Because we have Beautiful Hill Scenery Drawing For kids. This drawing will help them to explore their creativity and learn about the natural world around them. Drawing hills and other landscapes can help children understand how elements like trees and rivers interact with each other and how they can be used to create interesting compositions. It is also a fun activity that can spark their imagination and help them express their ideas visually. So, grab paper, pens, and colors and start drawing with us!

How To Draw Scenery Of Hill

Beautiful Hill drawing and scenery For Kids

Materials Required

  • A4 Size White sheet
  • Black Marker
  • Colors (Any)


Step 1: Drawing A Wavy Tree Stem

Drawing A Wavy Tree Stem Magnificent Hill Illustration and Landscape For Children

Let’s start with this scenery by taking an A4 size white sheet and taking a black marker. Draw a wavy stem of a tree on the left side of the paper a little above the bottom of the paper.

Step 2: Drawing Falling Branches

Drawing Falling Branches Stunning Hill Artwork and Vistas For Little Ones

From over the top of the tree draw random straight falling branches to the half of the tree.

Step 3: Drawing River And Grass

Drawing River And Grass Splendid Hill Sketching and Views For Kids

Draw a line over the top-behind of the tree to divide the paper, and draw a wavy river beside the tree from the line to the end of the paper. Draw some lotus leaves over the river and some grass over the land.

 Step 4: Drawing Mountains, Clouds, Birds And Sun

Drawing Mountains, Clouds, Birds And SunGorgeous Hill Rendering and Scene For Toddlers

over the line, draw 2 mountains, one slightly behind the other, Above the mountains, draw clouds and sun in the top right corner. Over the mountains draw some birds flying as shown in the image.

Coloring The Scenery

Coloring The Scenery Lovely Hill Picture and Perspective For Youngsters

Color the scenery with any colors you prefer and color according to what is shown in the image. And, you’re done with the drawing in no time.

This article is a great resource for helping kids bring their artistic visions to life with these wonderful hill drawing and scenery idea. Kids can create stunning art work that they can be proud of. You can customize the drawing by adding more details to it. Happy Drawing!

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