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Holiday / Vacation Flashcards – Free Printables


Holiday / Vacation Flashcards – Free Printables

Vacations are fun. Don’t you agree? Everyone needs a break. It is obviously not possible for anyone to work all year long. It is impossible for both adults and kids alike. That’s why at schools and colleges students are provided with summer and winter breaks. How do you spend your holidays? For many, a vacation to the nearest beach, or a place they want to visit is an ideal vacation.

Hey there viewers! In this edition, we bring to you these vacation flashcards to make sure your kids are ready for their next vacation. These flashcards have images of different items related to vacations. Download the sheets and cut these out into individual pieces. Test if your kid can understand how each item in these flashcards is related to their favorite time of the year.

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards

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There are 32 different flashcards on the sheet. All of these are related to a vacation in one way or another. A camera is used to click pictures and capture happy memories. We travel via airplane to visit our favorite beaches full of palm trees. Kids swim near the shore using inflatable life tubes. We travel across the city through double-decker buses and before all this fun starts we pack our belongings to leave.

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards- 1

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards

The flashcards have several different images that can be associated with vacations. A backpack, palm trees, the sun shining brightly on the beach, a set of binoculars, you get the gist of it.

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards- 2

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards- 3

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards- 4

Holiday / Vacation Flashcards

Young kids can use these flashcards at school if asked to make a scrapbook of their ideal vacation or a recent vacation. They can use the flashcards of the palm trees, the tickets, the airplanes to imply that they traveled to a beach. You can also use these flashcards in classes and test if your students know the use of common but useful devices such as a compass, binoculars, and more.

Vacations and holidays are important. While not everyone can afford a trip to a beach or mountains every once in a while, vacations are about relaxing and finding some peace. One might visit their relatives and call it a day. In the end, it’s about having fun. Download the flashcard sheets and make sure your students know all about the vacations they enjoy the most.

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