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Writing Prompt Flashcards – Free Printable Worksheet


Writing Prompt Flashcards – Free Printable Worksheet

To write beautiful, concise yet articulate sentences and passages is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires one to have a command over the language, a grasp of its grammar, and an arsenal of words to be able to describe each scenario in the way that they wish to achieve.  But then, if it were easy everyone would do it. There’s no need to despair though. With enough practice, everyone would be able to do it. This week, we bring to you these ‘setting description writing prompts flashcards’ for you to help your kids or students gain command over creative English writing with the help of some cues that they’ll use in describing certain settings. The flashcards contain several descriptive words for some of the most commonly used settings used in children’s books, stories, and poems.

Writing Prompt Flashcards

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The first setting is that of a castle. It is majestic, rich, and expansive. Generally, it is set in a faraway land. Castles are always found in fairy tales and popular folktales. Wonderland is another similar setting found in children’s literature. The words used to describe a wonderland are magical, peaceful, sparkly, and so on.

Writing Prompt Flashcards- 1

Writing Prompt Flashcards

The next two flashcards describe forests and space. Forests are green, sunfilled, calm, and cool inviting places whereas space can be described as a vast, endless, empty, and infinite place.

Writing Prompt Flashcards- 2

The next flashcards describe a classroom and a park. The classroom should have a welcoming and educational learning environment and parks can be described as open, fresh, natural, large, manicured public places.

Writing Prompt Flashcards- 3

Writing Prompt Flashcards

There are several flashcards. Each flashcard can be used individually to describe places in a professional manner. The other flashcards in the sheets are of vacation, a mythical place, playground, beach, river, woodland, home, and bedroom.

Writing Prompt Flashcards- 4

writing-prompt-flashcards-free-printable-worksheet- 4

Writing Prompt Flashcards- 5

Writing Prompt Flashcards

Writing Prompt Flashcards- 6

Writing Prompt Flashcards

Writing Prompt Flashcards- 7

Writing Prompt Flashcards

You can use these flashcards in several different ways. Ask your students to use these flashcards to write a passage on the given setting or you may ask them to write a short story or a few lines by assigning them a certain setting from the flashcards. It is best to ask them to write on each of these for them to get the gist of the exercise. The more they practice, the more they’ll learn. It is important to guide young students so that they learn the art of writing easily. Download the flashcards to get started.

We upload different flashcards, worksheets, and other educational content on a daily basis. Be sure to visit our website for more.

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