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Homemade Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

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Homemade Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

Make something with your own two hands to brighten up your baby’s nursery. And starting with his or her phone is a terrific place to start! Decorate the crib with a sweet and trendy accessory to stimulate your baby! Take a look at these gorgeous baby mobiles that you can make on your own!

Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of homemade baby mobile crafts like leaf nest mobile, black & white DIY, car mobile, beautiful star, elephant mobile, valentine mobile craft, weather, rainbow mobile, solar system, nature & dry clay, cardboard, painted leaf, Ramadan craft, 3-d bird mobile, and paper twirlers.

Homemade Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

Homemade Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

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Nest Mobile

Homemade Nest Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Apartment Therapy

This realistic and natural-looking birdhouse is likely to attract feathered friends. Everything you require can be found in your own backyard. Select rot-free twigs cut them into even pieces, and glue them together. With these natural and eco-friendly homes for your new buddies, you’re sure to create lifelong friends!

Black & White DIY

Black & White DIY

Image Source/Tutorial: Peek A Boo Pages

This project is simple enough, and the materials are reasonably priced. All you’ll need is a 9-inch embroidery hoop, some wood stickers, assorted wood rounds, black acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and some thread.

Car Mobile

Homemade Car Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: House Tweaking

In this project, everything is held together by a ribbon-wrapped embroidery hoop. The ribbon hanger is supported by two pieces of wire attached perpendicular to each other on the hoop. Using filament, several vehicle silhouettes cut from card stock hang from the hoop. Even road signs fashioned from map scrapbooking paper can be found. Sticky Dots are used to adhere the cut-outs to the filament. The Sticky Dots are hidden by the little circles punched out for the headlights. Isn’t that just the cutest thing?

Beautiful Mobile Craft

Homemade Beautiful Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Heart And Paper

For cutting images, you’ll need a butterfly punch, die-cut, or a Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter. You’ll need enough paper to cut 136 images, so choose your colors carefully. 14″ metal ring—you may use a metal wreath base or even a large embroidery hoop for this— 15-20 yards of complimentary ribbon for tying around the base— Line for fishing, Strong wire for chandelier crosshairs, Tulle, Glue Dots, and Scissors for hanging the chandelier from the ceiling

Star Mobile

Star Mobile

Image Source/Tutorial: Homemade Gifts Made Easy

This craft is ideal for repurposing any leftover scraps of felt or other brightly colored materials into a vividly colored baby present. You might use moons, hearts, dinosaurs, or any other form you choose instead of stars.

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Elephant Mobile

Homemade Elephant Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Imperfect Homemaking

If you want to work on some interesting and inexpensive projects for the nursery then try out this elephant mobile. This project is quite inexpensive, and you will be ecstatic with the results! Your kids will love their elephant mobile. Grab all the material and start making one.

Valentine Mobile Craft

Homemade Valentine Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Nurture Store

This easy-to-make, elegant, and one-of-a-kind handcrafted wall hanging is a great Valentine’s Day DIY! You can use shaving foam and marbling techniques. It’s simple to do, and each print you make is one-of-a-kind.

Weather Mobile

Weather Mobile

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

A DIY weather mobile created from a short branch is a great activity to add to your collection of weather activities for kids. Children can draw various weather symbols and keep them on their phones to see throughout the year!

Rainbow Mobile

Homemade Rainbow Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

Make this simple, airy rainbow mobile out of cardboard. These are vibrant, entertaining, and always bring a grin to people’s faces. You’ll adore the way it flies in the air.

Solar System Craft

Solar System Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Today’s Creative Life

This DIY Solar System will be a hit with the kids. Kids are fascinated by space, so painting all of the styrofoam planets will pique their interest. This is something they can display in their room, in their reading corner, or even bring to their teacher to share with the entire class! Making stuff is something that kids adore!

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Leaf Mobile

Homemade Leaf Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Art Bar Blog

These lovely painted leaf mobiles are a perfect example. It’s important to note that the pressed leaves are dry and delicate. Some of them did shatter, but it gave their phones a new lease on life. The advantage of painting dried leaves is that they do not curl. They will remain flat indefinitely.

Nature & Dry Clay Mobile

Nature & Dry Clay Mobile

Image Source/Tutorial: Artful Parent

Preschoolers, in particular, are naturally drawn to nature. If your kids are anything like mine, a brief trip to the park usually results in us returning home with heavy pockets full of rocks, sticks, leaves, and anything else the kids find along the way. Take a walk in the woods and gather natural materials for this lovely nature mobile. The finishing touch is painted air-dry clay beads!

3-D Mobile

Homemade Baby 3-D Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: So Much To Make

I started with an oval die-cut (from the teacher’s workroom) and a variety of cardstock colors. Include one cardstock with one side that is mirrored metallic. In a mobile, the light-catching element would be nice. cut enough ovals in the art for each child to have four ovals. This item would also look great with circles or triangles as a design.

Cardboard Mobile

Homemade Cardboard Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Handy With Scissors

This is a really effective project for something made with such few components. This project will begin with a simple cardboard painting exercise. When it was all strung together, you couldn’t believe how well it spun, and it just needs a little breeze to work its magic.

Painted Leaf Mobile

Painted Leaf Mobile

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

This is a simple and enjoyable hobby for people of all ages. Little hands can paint and embellish the garden collections, such as leaves, while an adult can tie everything together. Older children should be able to complete the task without assistance from beginning to end. The best part is that you should have all of these resources in your home, garden, or neighborhood park.

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Ramadan Craft

Homemade Ramadan Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Nurture Store

With this free printable, you can make a lovely crescent moon and stars mobile. It’s an excellent Ramadan craft or art activity if you’re studying space. In Islamic art, the crescent moon is a unique symbol. The sighting of the crescent moon marks the start of a new month in the Muslim calendar, which is based on the lunar (moon) calendar. This simple crescent moon and stars craft is a lovely Ramadan project to do with kids.

3-D Bird Mobile

Homemade 3-D Bird Baby Mobile Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Moss Wood Connections

Read books about birds, go bird watching, write about birds, or make bird-inspired crafts to get the kids interested in wildlife. Because this project necessitates good fine motor abilities, it is best suited for older children. The painting portion of this craft will appeal to younger children. Flying around our garden, this 3-D Bird Mobile looks fantastic. You’ll appreciate having one in your backyard as well!

Paper Twirlers

Paper Twirlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Artful Parent

These brightly colored paper twirlers are simple to make and fascinating to watch! Encourage your children to use the watercolor resist painting technique to create and decorate their own lovely paper twirlers.

I hope that you had a great time reading and trying to make these Homemade Baby Mobile Craft Ideas. And if you want more ideas then read more posts and let me know which Mobile Craft you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

We hope you like our list of Homemade Baby Mobile Crafts and will surely try to make them. If you liked our homemade baby mobile craft ideas, read more crafts ideas at our website. Please let us know in the comment section which homemade Baby Mobile Craft you like the most.

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