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How to Make a Folding Surprise – Drawing Ideas for Kids


How to Make a Folding Surprise – Drawing Ideas for Kids

Too worried about entertaining your toddler in unique ways?? Oh C’mon, we got your back!! Let’s dwell on art and craft to entertain your child. Here are a few unique ways of keeping your young one busy and entertained at the same time.

How to Make a Folding Surprise – Drawing Ideas for Kids

How to Make a Folding Surprise - Drawing Ideas for Kids

 A for Apple:

A for Apple: Let's Make Drawing Fun And Entertaining

Ever since our childhood, we have learned about the age-old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. And the fact is, we have ended up exclaiming this to our next-gen a million times. Here’s something unique for the A for apple for your young one. For how long will they draw the basic red apple? Here’s something new – the semi-sliced apple – unique, red, and sliced – ready to eat!!! So, it is high time to switch from traditional age-old figures to unique cartooned apples!

 Squidward And Life

Let's Make Drawing Fun And Entertaining  Squidward and Life

Here’s to the cartoon character Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants, a classic comedy cartoon show for kids. This Squidward has always been gloomy and melancholic about life and here the image depicts a heart in his mouth. It is an octopus drawn into a cartoon who has been depicted as a selfish and ill-tempered character, but somehow adds its aroma to the show and is loved by many.

A Dragon Flower

A Dragon Flower

What a masterpiece it could be! A flower that is supposed to spread fragrance and is a symbol of love, has always been depicted as fragile, but here – it looks like a hungry monster that could eat the first thing that touches it. Honestly, Art is all about illusions and creativity. Pour down this creativity into your child’s mind with some stories and colors and get this art ready, both for fun and some learning. Art has always been beneficial for the mind. It brings peace, sensibility, and sensitivity to the adult mind. And to young ones, it could be something that can help you mold them. You never know who might be the next Pablo Picasso.

The Egg or The Hen?

Let's Make Drawing Fun And Entertaining The egg or the hen?

Once in our lifetime (or maybe many times), we all have been stuck with this question of what came first, the egg or the hen? Well, the answer is still unknown, but here is something new and unique. The upper and bottom layers of the egg with a hen in the middle. Well, you can teach your toddler that we do we get eggs from and what is exactly the chicken we have been eating. It might surprise them to know such small details at this young age. And things will start to fascinate them. Colors are fun but they can be interesting too!

The Story of a Doll-flower

The Story of a Doll-flower

Ever seen a wallflower? Beautiful right? Now let’s draw this doll – flower with our young one. Although it has nothing to do with the wallflower, this doll-flower not only looks cute but is all unique.

The picture says it all –

  • A doll depicting a girl,
  • A girl depicting a flower,
  • And a flower depicting the beauty and sensitivity a girl possesses

There are hidden meanings behind every artistic illusion. Get your champ’s brain developed through these drawings. Let it bloom like a flower and let it be full of so knowing that it delivers its fragrance all around.

Stuck in There

Let's Make Drawing Fun And Entertaining Stuck in There

Talking about art and craft and not dealing with something unique with a message behind would be such a sin. So here we are depicting a cartoon picture of an angry kid, who seems to be tied up in her own anger. You can even create fascinating stories for your toddler and help them be a better person via these images of anger or sadness. The young ones catch up on things quite quickly and are eager to learn more about anything you provide them with. Let’s be unique and creative in shaping the toddler into someone better through these activities.



Ever since childhood even we have watched and loved this fictional character, Pikachu, from the famous cartoon show – Pokemon. From watching it over television to bringing home this cuteness overloaded characters’ stuffed soft toys, I grew up. And here it is, an acute small drawing of this cute Pikachu. Not just a yellow mouse, it is an emotion to many. To all the Pokemon lovers, Pikachu has been a lovable character, on-screen or off-screen as teddies, and its craze is still at its max. It’s not just a mouse, it’s Pikapi – Pikachu!!

To conclude, our team would like to welcome all sorts of suggestions and queries and help you through our next article. Do check our other articles too.

Thank you!

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