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Ice Cold Treats For Kids

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Ice Cold Treats For Kids

Beat the heat this summer with these delicious, fun, and easy-to-make ice-cold treats for kids. From classic popsicles and frozen yogurt to creating smoothies, cool off with these delicious recipes.

The Summer Happiness! Do you know what’s the most happening thing about summer? The variety of fruits, juices, and beverages we get. Plus who can forget the icy treats? Yeah, the ice creams. I know not any human who does not like ice creams. Ice cream is something we cannot say No to. These sweet tasty icy delights bring happiness to all. Be it a kid or a mom, it brings happiness.

If you’re searching for ice-cold treats for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of ice-cold treats like a jar of happiness, banana choco-chip magical delight, smoothly berry-Licious fruity popsicles, the bubble gum delight, happiness served, happy slushy to you, happy & healthy coconut, and frozen s’mores!!, frozen yogurt & love fruit bars, fruit props at its best, fudge revived, taco with a twist, the cookies monster, the transformation of cookies, health served, to the theme of a unicorn, the new day grape, swirl strawberry dole, bringing in vitamin c, glorified, who needs ice cream, lemonade, watermelons & sandwiches redefined, happily homemade, candies and fun, a bunch of fruits, the lifeboats of papaya, for the chocolate coating, sour worm popsicles, all about flavors and eat healthy think healthy.

Here are some recipes to prepare ice creams at your home. Try these recipes with your toddler. They’ll surely enjoy the part of making the batter and waiting until it freezes.  Let’s have a look at the cold yet healthy icy treats.

Ice Cold Treats For Kids

Ice Cold Treats For Kids - Children can enjoy icy snacks

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Banana Choco-chip delight

Banana choco-chip delight - Refreshing snacks for youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial:  Thebakermama

This banana ice cream is healthy and tempting too. What’s better than a happy treat that is not just delicious but also healthy. If your toddler loves bananas, it is for you. If your toddler doesn’t like bananas, no worries. Convert that fruit into this lovely ice cream. And hella! Enjoy!!

Berry-Licious Popsicles

Berry-Licious Popsicles - Cool treats for the young ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Well Plated

Not a fan of cheat days? Not wanna hamper your dietary plan and still wanna enjoy the icy treats? This is the recipe you have been waiting for. A healthy mix of yogurt, and berries popsicles. This one’s for the healthy lifestyle you crave for.

The Bubble Gum Delight

The Bubble Gum Delight - Cold snacks for the kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Cincyshopper

Ever since childhood, we have liked bubble gum flavors. Imagine having these flavors in your scoop of happiness. Tempting, right? Check this site out to calm your cravings down. Do check the recipe and prepare a bubble gum delight to satisfy your icy cravings.

Magical Banana

Magical Banana - Refrigerated goodies specifically for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Thehealthymaven

Wanna make your child something healthy plus delightful? We got you. Check this website out. If your child loves to eat bananas. Make them these chocolatey banana popsicles. If they don’t like it. Convert the banana into this chocolate treat. They’ll keep wondering about the flavor and still have the nutrition.

Happiness Served

Happiness Served - Frozen treats especially for the kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Houseofyumm

Be it a kid or an adult we all love cotton candies. Here’s a healthy and tempting treat for you. A yogurt-made cotton candy-flavored ice cream. Do check the website for the amazing recipe.

Happy Slushy to You

Happy Slushy to You - Cool treats for the young ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Thefrugalgirls

On a scorching heated day, we all crave something refreshing. Here’s something refreshing and tempting after a hard day. This summer refresh yourself with this amazing homemade slushy. Healthy, tempting, and refreshing. Do check the recipe and give yourself this amazingly refreshing treat.

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Happy & Healthy Coconut

Happy & Healthy Coconut - Chilled snacks for the children

Image Source/Tutorial: Myrecipemagic

Coconut water is the most nutritious drink you can have to keep your internals cool. Think about this nutritional drink combined with lemonade. Two refreshing treats in one glass. What a combination!! A must-try!!

Frozen s’mores!!

Frozen s'mores!! - Frosty goodies for the young ones

Image Source/Tutorial:  Itsalwaysautumn

Delicacies don’t have limits. Here’s to tasty treats for your summer break. Do check out the recipe for these amazing s’mores. Pamper yourself with these tasty delights that are not just refreshing but will satisfy your hunger cravings on a summer eve.

A Jar Of Happiness

A Jar Of Happiness - Chilling snacks for children

Image Source/Tutorial: Livingchicmom

Bringing to you this jar of unlimited happiness. This frosted lemonade is not just tempting on a hot summer day but healthy too. This will keep you hydrated and make your cheeks glow. Happy summer to you!!

Smoothly Berry-Licious

Smoothly Berry-Licious - Refreshing snacks for the young ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Simplistically Living

Berries – healthy and tempting!! This summer treat yourself to tempting delicacies. Time for some berry-made smoothie. Check out the recipe and make yourself some lovely berry smoothie. Happy summers to you!

Yogurt & Love

Yogurt & Love - Cool treats for youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Ladybehindthecurtain

You are considerate about your health and still want to enjoy the tasty treats in hot scorching summers? So here’s the recipe for you by Lady Behind The Curtain. These Frozen yogurt buttons look cute and delicious. Are healthy and you can consume it without giving any second thoughts. Thus, a package of happiness and health.

Fruit Props At Its Best

Fruit Props At Its Best - Frozen treats for small fry

Image Source/Tutorial:  A Cultivated Nest

This summer pamper yourself with lots of fruits and juices. A wholesome platter of health. But we all crave for the icy treats. Here’s a solution to it. These fruit pops are healthy and delicious plus ice cold too. Do follow the link for the recipe.

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Love For Yogurt

Love For Yogurt - Icy goodies for the tykes

Image Source/Tutorial: Saltandlavender

Having healthy and delightful desserts is an ordeal. Generally, desserts bring a home lot of calories and carbs. But here’s something special and soothing. That will bring home good health. This yogurt popsicle looks delicious and is healthy too. Do check out the link for the recipe.

Fudge Revived

Fudge Revived - Frosty snacks for minors

Image Source/Tutorial: Cincyshopper

This chocolate fudge looks amazing. Try the recipe out by Cincy Shopper. Health and happiness are combined in this delightful summer craving. Have a happy after-meal dessert ready by the tutorial provided by this amazing site.

Taco With A Twist

Taco With A Twist - Refrigerated goodies for the minors

Image Source/Tutorial: Mostly Homemade Mom

This amazing dessert by Mostly Homemade Mom looks so delicious. Let’s try this mouth-watering taco. Who thought of an ice cream taco. Well, here’s the beautiful masterpiece. Do check the website for the recipe and tutorials on this amazing taco ice cream.

All About Flavours

All About Flavours - Frozen snacks for kiddos

Image Source/Tutorial: Smart School House

Try this super amazing ice cream. It comes in different flavors and is super easy to make at home. A creative and healthy treat for your kids and an enjoyable moment for you. Do visit the website for the recipe.

The Cookies Monster

The Cookies Monster - Cool snacks for tots

Image Source/Tutorial: Ourfamilyofseven

Cookies are so wonderful, can be converted into anything. Be it a cake or a smoothie and now an ice cream too. Here’s a cookie monster ice cream that is easy to prepare and yummy to eat. Looks beautiful to be served and definitely makes me crave. Do check the website for the recipe for this amazing sweet ice-cold monster.

Eat Healthy Think Healthy

Eat Healthy Think Healthy - Icy treats for juniors

Image Source/Tutorial: Cincyshopper

Serving to you a glass of orange dole whip. Healthy and icy. Delicious and full of vitamins. This amazing glass of happiness is a combination of health and deliciousness. Do check the website for the recipe of the same.

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The Transformation Of Cookies

The Transformation Of Cookies - Chilled snacks for children

Image Source/Tutorial:  Recipeboy

Oreos have this specialty of getting converted to anything – be it a cake, a smoothie, or an ice cream. It has the tendency to fulfill the requirements of any dessert and thus the Recipe Boy brings to you another delicious dessert made of Oreos. Do check the website out for the amazing recipe for this amazing dessert.

Health Served

Health Served - Cold sweets for little ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Cincyshopper

Who would not like getting served health and happiness in a single glass? This glass of raspberry lemonade is refreshing for a hot scorching summer day and also brings in health. A perfect combination of good health and refreshment.

To The Theme Of Unicorn

To The Theme Of Unicorn - Refreshing treats for youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Bread Booze Bacon

To fulfill the theme of Unicorns, Bread Booze Bacon brings to you a special unicorn ice cream. This colored tub of happiness makes me crave and kind of revives the child in me. This looks so incredibly beautiful and delicious. A must-try I’d suggest. Do check the website for the recipe.

Hello Happiness

Hello Happiness - Cool snacks for the young

Image Source/Tutorial:  Dashingdish

This cup of happiness contains health and delightfulness. Made with watermelon and strawberries and garnished with lots of love this cup serves health and happiness in every bite. This summer stay hydrated and happy with these overwhelming dishes of ice treats.

The Healthy Dose Of Popsicle

The Healthy Dose Of Popsicle - Icy treats for the young ones

Image Source/Tutorial:  Onelovelylife

Tired of eating watermelons in the same old way. Let’s try serving it in a popsicle. Turn your boring watermelons to beautiful, delicious Popsicles.

A Reboot Of Cookies

A Reboot Of Cookies - Frosty goodies for the kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Melskitchencafe

Cookies again!! Try this mouth-watering ice cream made of choco-chip and cookies. Healthy and satisfying. Delicious and delightful. Icy and tasty. Fulfilling all these adjectives, this ice cream looks delicious. Check the website out for the amazing recipe for this amazing masterpiece.

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The New Day Grape

The New Day Grape - Cool snacks for the kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Make and Takes

Turn your boring grapes into fun pops. These grape pops will be fun to eat and hygienic too. It would prevent your hands from getting wet or sticky and could be fun to eat. Sometimes, we should kick out the basic boring daily routine and try out new fun ways.

Swirl strawberry dole

Swirl strawberry dole - Refreshments for the young ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Chocolate Covered Katie

Look at this amazing dole whip made at home with strawberries. Ain’t it mouth-watering? Check out the recipe for this amazing healthy dessert. This cup serves happiness and health in each bite.  Try it put now!!

Bringing In Vitamin C

Bringing In Vitamin C - Frozen treats for the youth

Image Source/Tutorial: Crazy for Crust

Say no to scorching heat summers and dry air. Say no to unhealthy packaged icy treats. Let’s make these lemon pie popsicles. Easy to make and healthy to eat – these popsicles will make you crave them for sure. Do check the website for the recipe.


Glorified - Cool treats for the youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Simply Gloria

Homemade desserts are love and adding pinches of twists and turns makes it fun. This deliciously flavored custard just got converted to amazing popsicles. Easy to prepare and healthy to serve. Say no to boring serving techniques and bring home delightful ideas.

The Chocolate Banana

The Chocolate Banana - Chilled snacks for children

Image Source/Tutorial: The View from Great Island

These are simple banana slices dipped in chocolate and frozen. Sounds amazing right? Simple and unique. A dessert that can be easily prepared and served readily.

Who Needs An Ice Cream

Who Needs An Ice Cream - Refreshing snacks for the youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Make and Takes

This blackberry ice cream is another delightful treat. Home-made, filled with love, healthy, and ice cold – a perfect combo to save you from the scorching summer heat. A perfect break for the day on a summer day. Do visit the site for further instructions on the recipe.

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Lemonade Redefined

Lemonade Redefined - Icy treats for the young ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Raining Hot Coupons

This raspberry lemonade gives another level of satisfaction on a heated summer day. Healthy and delicious. Tempting and refreshing. A perfect way to satisfy your summer delightful cravings. Do visit the website for further information on the recipe. This amazing healthy dessert.

Happily Homemade

Happily Homemade - Cool treats for the little ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Mrshappyhomemaker

Oh, this beauty!! This amazing dessert can be your tasty treat after a meal. This looks so mouth-watering and tempting. This frozen yogurt dessert is not just a delicious delight but also something healthy. A perfect combination of health and happiness.

Watermelons Redefined

Watermelons Redefined - Frozen goodies for the young ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Hotbeautyhealth

Who does not loves watermelons during Summers. Personally speaking, I wait for summers just for these fruits. Something so healthy and satisfying, so refreshing and amazing. And who could say no to this frozen watermelon stick? A simple and quick hack to plate these juicy ripe watermelons as a dessert. Happy icy treat of the day.

Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bars

Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bars - Refreshments for kids

Image Source/Tutorial:  Courtneyssweets

Summers are for fruits, refreshments, vacations, and fun. And these Frozen fruit yogurt bars are a chill dessert on a hot day. Fun to have and

The Goodness Of Yogurt

The Goodness Of Yogurt - Delicious snacks for the kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Hotpankitchen

Here is a scoop full of the goodness of yogurt and the benefits of peanut butter. If you follow a proper diet and still crave for delightful ice-cold treats, this recipe is for you!! Do visit the website for the recipe for this amazingly healthy and satisfying dessert.

Candies And Fun

Candies And Fun - Freezing treats for the children

Image Source/Tutorial: Healthylittlepeach

We all love candies – sweet and sour, sugar-coated with pinches of salt – here’s a tutorial by Healthy Little Peach. These candies are made of grapes- thus are healthy too. With no added preservatives these homemade candies are healthy and full of love for your toddler. Do try this out.

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Sandwiches Redefined

Sandwiches Redefined - Cool treats for the tykes

Image Source/Tutorial: Creativeramblingsblog

This frozen cool whipped sandwich dessert is another mouth-watering and tempting delightful treat for your young one. Do check the recipe for these yummy frozen sandwiches. Serve them with love and witness the happiness of seeing the creative sandwiches.

Frozen & Tempting

Frozen & Tempting - Frosty treats for the minors

Image Source/Tutorial: Not Enough Cinnamon

Oh, this tempting beauty. I’d love to have this scoop full cup of homemade dessert. Good for the health and satisfying for the summer cravings. A perfect combination of health and happiness. A must-try!! Do visit the website for the recipe and tutorials for this beautiful disaster.

A Bunch Of Fruits

A Bunch Of Fruits - Chilly snacks for children.

Image Source/Tutorial: My fussy eater

Here’s a new way to serve fruits to your young ones. Somewhat bringing in more excitement for the boring fruits routine. A so tempting tasty and frozen treat for your toddler. Plus, looks creative too. A perfect form of perfection.

The Lifeboats Of Papaya

The Lifeboats Of Papaya - Refreshing snacks for youngsters.

Image Source/Tutorial:  Minimalist Baker

In the ocean of mouth-watering desserts, let this papaya boat sink in and satisfy your summer cravings. Beautiful to look at, creative in its appearance, tempting, and mouth-watering, this refreshment is a perfect combo of everything.

The Refreshment Of Yogurt

The Refreshment Of Yogurt - Kids' icy snacks.

Image Source/Tutorial: Weelicious

Witness the happiness with these yogurt bars. Healthy and satisfying. Full of fruits, health, and wellness. These frozen yogurt bars could be a great source of refreshment and fitness on a hot summer day. Do visit the website for the recipe.

For The Chocolate Coating

For The Chocolate Coating - Cold snacks for the kids.

Image Source/Tutorial: Domestically Blissful

Dark chocolate is love. It calms the difficult moods and hormones. Think about combining this beautiful dark chocolate with juicy watermelons. Weird and crazy!! And at the same time mouth-watering and tempting. A must-try. Pamper yourself with new frozen treats.

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Fun With The Bananas

Fun With The Bananas - Cool treats for children.

Image Source/Tutorial:  Mylifeandkids

These super easy, homemade banana ice creams could be fun to prepare and yummy to eat. Plus healthy too. Do try this beautiful healthy dessert at home. Serve it with love to your toddler.

Fruity Popsicles

Fruity Popsicles - Frosty treats for the young ones.

Image Source/Tutorial: Foodiefun

Serving boring fruits could be fun with these popsicles. This summer break tries this tempting beauty. Fruits will never be boring and would never feel like a routine. These summers try out the healthy popsicles. Do check the website for further instructions.

Sour Worm Popsicles

Sour Worm Popsicles - Frosty snacks for kids.

Image Source/Tutorial: Amomstake

Last but not the least, here’s the show stopper. Sour worm popsicles. Quite unique, quite easy, and quite healthy. Try this mouth-watering beast at home. Summers are not going to be the same old boring days in bed. They are gonna be fun, filled with the adventures of these desserts.

Hope that you enjoyed the article full of mouth-watering recipes. Do check our other articles too. For any queries do contact us.

Welcoming all sorts of recommendations and suggestions.

Thank you!

FAQs on Ice Cold Treats For Kids

1. What are some easy recipes I can use to make ice cold treats?

Making ice cold treats doesn’t have to be difficult! Try some easy recipes like homemade popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, or frozen fruit bars. With a few simple ingredients, you can make delicious and refreshing treats that everyone will love.

2. How can I make sure my kids stay cool and hydrated while eating their treats?

To ensure your kids stay cool and hydrated while enjoying their treats, make sure they have access to plenty of cool, refreshing drinks such as water or juice. You can also provide them with cool, damp cloths to place on the back of their necks to help keep them cool. Additionally, be sure to provide them with healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables in between treats to help keep them hydrated and full. Lastly, keep them in shaded areas to help keep their bodies cool and comfortable.

3. Are there any tips for making ice cold treats that don’t require a lot of time or effort?

Yes, there are several tips for making ice cold treats that don’t require a lot of time or effort. The first tip is to use frozen fruit and yogurt to make smoothies or sorbets. All you have to do is blend together your favorite frozen fruits and yogurt for a delicious and healthy treat. Another option is to make ice pops using your favorite juice or fruit puree. Simply pour the juice or puree into popsicle molds and freeze until solid. For a more indulgent treat, you can make ice cream sandwiches by layering softened ice cream between two cookies. Finally, you can also make a delicious frozen treat by blending frozen bananas and adding your favorite toppings. These are all quick and easy recipes that require minimal time and effort.

4. How can I make sure my ice cold treats stay cold for longer periods of time?

To keep your ice cold treats cold for longer periods of time, there are a few things you can do. First, you should use a cooler or insulated container to store the treats. This will help keep the cold air inside and prevent the heat from outside from penetrating. Additionally, you should freeze the treats before storing them, as this will help keep them colder for longer. Furthermore, you can add ice packs to the cooler or container to help keep the treats cold. Finally, you should store the treats in a cool, dry, and dark place to further slow down the melting process. Following these tips should help your ice cold treats stay cold for longer periods of time.

5. Are there any specific safety precautions I should take when making and serving ice cold treats to my kids?

Yes, when making and serving ice cold treats to your kids, there are a few safety precautions to keep in mind. First, ensure that all utensils, bowls, and other equipment used to make the treats are clean and sanitized. Second, be careful when handling the ice and cold ingredients as they can cause burns if they come into contact with the skin. Finally, make sure that the treats are served at a safe temperature, as too-cold treats can be a choking hazard for young children.

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