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Laundry Basket Games Ideas For Kids

Laundry Basket Games For Toddlers

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Laundry Basket Games Ideas For Kids

Laundry baskets are one of the most common daily utility items which are so common that you can easily find this in almost everyone’s house. But do you ever think that these simple laundry baskets can be used to entertain your little children? Might sound strange but laundry baskets can be used as a good entertainment source to engage toddlers. Laundry baskets are quite inexpensive and are safe for toddlers. These small baskets are able to keep your toddler engaged for hours till you can finish your work.

Here is a list of some of the very cool Launary basket games for toddlers that they can enjoy while staying at home. Summer vacations are about to come and instead of going out on a hot summer day, it is much better to entertain your children at home with no extra investment but full joy and happiness. So this summer let your children enjoy these cool laundry basket games.

Kids always try to find some toys out of things at the home. They find it interesting and enthusiastic to play with them. Laundry time is a good time for them to play with all the hearts since kids love to play with water and soap bubbles. Making some games that can be played by the kids in their houses can make them feel happy and joyful. Here are some of the interesting ideas for preparing your kids to play laundry basket games with you. Enjoy having fun with your kids by playing these kinds of games during weekends and holidays and cherish some moments with your family.

Interesting Laundry Basket Games For Kids


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Laundry Basket Train Games Ideas For Kids

Laundry Basket Train Games Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Seriouslydaisies

Make yourself ready to party hard for any upcoming birthday in your friend list and try this super exciting laundry basket train game. You will really feel happy when you play this with your joyful group of friends and relatives.

Ship Building Game Basket Craft For Toddlers

Ship Building Game Laundry Basket Craft For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Innerchildfun

When your kids visit the beach for the first time they will be really excited to play with the waves and sand and to see the ship. Create the same feeling of excitement at your home by making this laundry basket ship with an umbrella and sailing stick.

Simple Ball & Bean Bag Games Craft For Kids

Simple Ball & Bean Bag Games Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Frogsandsnailsand

There are a lot of new and different types of games available online. But still playing games with your parents and siblings at home hits differently during weekends. Find some simple games that can be played with the laundry baskets and be joyful.

Ball Pit Game Ideas For Toddlers

Ball Pit Laundry Basket Game Ideas For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinkoatmeal

You can find out a lot of unique and interesting ways in which you can play with the balls and keep your little kid active throughout the day. Making a ball pit game for the kid is one sort of game that can be followed till the little one goes to school.

Balloon Sweeping Game Activity

Balloon Sweeping Game Activity

Image Source/Tutorial:

When we try something new every day we will find much more joy in it. Use the Laundry basket not only to collect clothes but also to improve your activities of play at your home. Put the balloons inside the basket and try a different game.

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Fun Laundry Basket Decorate in Car Shape

Fun Games Laundry Basket Decorate in Car Shape

Image Source/Tutorial: Thirtyhandmadedays

Make your kids go for movie time in a cute laundry basket car made with the help of printable tires and materials. Let them find a sort of excitement in this activity and spend a happy weekend. With no more wasting time, start to make your own laundry basket car.

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Basket

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Basket

Image Source/Tutorial: Innerchildfun

Balloons are one of the favorite things for cute little girls. Go for a hot air balloon ride with the laundry basket in your garden and make some colorful memories. Feel like a butterfly in your own garden with this new kind of activity.

Baby Play Laundry Basket Ideas

Baby Play Laundry Basket Games Ideas For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Rainydaymum

Create some fun with your baby just to see the smile on their faces with a different kind of excitement. The baby play laundry basket ideas are very much loved by kids and even parents to keep their kids very active and happy.

Easy Snowy Day Art Ideas For Beginners

Easy Snowy Day Art Ideas For Beginners

Image Source/Tutorial:

Make some interesting art of snow and winter and enjoy having some fun at home before the winter arrives. Do some art of snowballs, snow bears, and ice cubes and hang them on your walls.

Interesting Laundry Basket Play Activity For Kindergartners

Interesting Laundry Basket Play Game Activity For Kindergartners

Image Source/Tutorial: Adventuresandplay

Apart from always doing the same kind of activities with the laundry baskets you can also try some kind of different and unique ideas and make the best part of the fun.  Collect the needed materials and start doing the crafts.

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Sand Toys Activity Ideas For Kids

Sand Toys Activity Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial:

Little ones love to play with the beach and the wet sand and make beautiful small houses with the sand. Here are some of the interesting ideas that can keep the kids engaged with this activity and create cute works.

Sensory Processing Push Game Activity For Outdoor

Sensory Processing Laundry Basket Push Game Activity For Outdoor

Image Source/Tutorial: Growinghandsonkids

It is important always to take care of the physical health of the little kids when they play. Playing games can be good for both the mental and physical health of children. This laundry basket push game can be played to maintain the same.  It helps to improve your muscle power and keep you active.

Laundry Basket Posting Activity Using Pom Pom

Laundry Basket Posting Activity Using Pom Pom

Image Source/Tutorial: Playlearneveryday

With all the other interesting ideas that can be done with the laundry baskets, add another interesting task of laundry basket posting. This is a very exciting task and adds some toppings to the moment whenever you try to do something good.

Laundry Basket Boat Craft Ideas For Toddlers

Laundry Basket Game Boat Craft Ideas For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Notimeforflashcards

Kids are always in love with water, rain, and especially the beach. Why not try a cute boat sailing made out of laundry baskets and cardboard flags? Your kids will never get out of these cute little boats and enjoy a new world of happiness.

Colorful Ball Passing Indoor Game

Colorful Ball Passing Indoor Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugalfun4boys

Play a game where you have to pass the colorful balls from one basket to another. This game helps to increase the focus and concentration among the kids and also helps them to practice and keep up a good memory. It’s a useful way of spending time in the evening.

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Spider Web Discovery Activity With Laundry Basket

Spider Web Discovery Game Activity With Laundry Basket

Image Source/Tutorial: Thetraindriverswife

Kids find it interesting to play when the game is more than a task for them. Giving them a task to discover the spider web can make them super detectives and also keep them active and engaged. It is easy for the parents to make spider webs with holes in the laundry baskets.

 Bubble Game Indoor Activity Using Laundry Basket

 Bubble Game Indoor Activity Using Laundry Basket

Image Source/Tutorial: Readsbyredriverbanks.WordPress

Fill the laundry baskets full of colorful balls such that it looks very attractive and happening. Let your little kid sit inside the basket full of hops that bubble up when the kid makes a tiny jump from the basket.

Fun & Easy Hamper Fishing Activity

Fun & Easy Hamper Fishing Game Activity For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Playteachrepeat

There are a lot of circumstances with the kids when they try to imagine the laundry baskets as a boat in the sea and play some exciting games with it. Fishing is one of the most fantastic activities and lets your kid try to catch the fish toys from the laundry baskets and have fun.

The Favorite Hermit Crab Activity With Laundry Basket

The Favorite Hermit Crab Activity With Laundry Basket

Image Source/Tutorial: Homeschool. Rebecca Reid

Play this imagination game with the laundry baskets by decorating them and hiding them under the bracket. Play the role of the hermit crab by extending your hands out from the tiny hole in the basket.

The laundry basket activity ideas are really interesting to make your kids play indoor games. There are a lot of your own ideas you can make according to your convenience and share them here for future reference — comment below about your experiences.

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