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Learn to draw Flower Garden drawing for kids

Learn to draw Flower Garden drawing for kids


Learn to draw Flower Garden drawing for kids

Drawing is a great way to express creativity and your thoughts. One can utilize their time by drawing things around. Why not try a flower garden to enhance your drawing skills?

Hello! Young Aspiring Artists! We are here to show you how to draw a simple yet beautiful drawing with easy instructions and illustrations. While having some patience and passion for drawing, you can create a colorful flower garden. This is a fun activity to pass the time while creating something beautiful to hang on your wall. Plus, it will increase your drawing and coloring skills. So, gather up the materials and have fun while creating this drawing!

How To Draw Flower Garden

Learn to draw Flower Garden drawing for kids

Materials Required

  • White Sheet
  • Black marker
  • Colors (any)


Step 1: Making Bushes Over White Sheet

Making Bushes Over White Sheet Discover how to sketch a flower garden illustration for children

Let’s start this drawing by taking a white circular sheet and a black marker. On the sheet draw some bushes on the bottom side using the marker.

Step 2: Drawing Mushroom And Grass

Drawing Mushroom And Grass Master the art of drawing a flower garden illustration for young ones

Above the bushes,  draw some random grass and a mushroom on the left side as shown in the image.

Step 3: Drawing Flowers

Drawing Flowers Pick up the skill of creating a flower garden drawing for kids

Draw flowers attached to the grass you made as shown, you can also draw flowers as your preference.

Step 4: Drawing Bee And Butterfly

Drawing Bee And Butterfly Grasp the technique of producing a flower garden drawing for children

Draw a bee and a butterfly in the remaining space over the flowers.

Coloring The DrawingColoring The Drawing Become adept at drawing a flower garden picture for little ones

Color the drawing with any colors you like to make it realistic, as shown in the image. You can use any type of color. Use your imagination and creative skills to customize the drawing.

This article is an ideal resource for budding creatives to express their artistry. Add vibrancy to the walls of your space by displaying this artwork. Bring delight and cheer to your loved ones by giving them this beautiful painting. Happy Drawing!

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