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Walnut Deer Craft Using Leaves Step By Step Tutorial

Walnut Deer Craft Using Leaves Step by Step Instructions

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Walnut Deer Craft Using Leaves Step By Step Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a cute walnut deer craft using leaves! It’s easy and suitable for all ages, so it’s a great present or decoration.

Welcome to this tutorial on how to make a deer craft using walnut and leaves. This is a creative craft in which we make use of the best out of waste. We always think of creative ways to craft new ideas. This craft can be tried out by anyone. All you need is walnut and leaves for this tutorial. Let’s begin!

DIY Walnut Deer Craft With Leaves For kids

Walnut Deer Craft Using Leaves Step by Step Instructions

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Materials Required

  • Walnut
  • Leaves
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Black marker pen


Step 1: Cutting A Big Green Leaf

Cut a Big Green Leaf- Forming a Walnut Deer Using Leaves Detailed Guide

Using the scissors, cut one side of a big green leaf in a circular shape.

Step 2: Sticking The Green Leaf

Stick The Green Leaf-Making a Walnut Deer with Leafy Material Step-by-Step

Stick the leaf to the base of our circular paper. Just like shown above.

Step 3: Placing The Walnut

Placing The Walnut- Instructions to Construct a Walnut Deer Out of Leaves

Place the walnut to form the body of the deer just like shown in the picture above.

Step 4: Eyes And Ears Of The Deer

Eyes And Ears Of The Deer- How to Make a Deer from Walnuts and Leaves Step by Step

Draw eyes and ears of the deer on a paper, cut it and stick it to the walnut.

Step 5: Horns, Nose, and Mouth of the Deer

Horns, Nose, and Mouth of the Deer- Crafting a Walnut Deer Utilizing Leaves Step-by-Step

Use two small leaves and stick them as the horns of the deer. Stick the nose. Draw the mouth with the marker pen.

Step 6: Walnut Deer Is Prepared

Walnut Deer

Similarly, craft another deer. Draw the hands, legs, and tail using the marker pen.

Step 7: Background Details

Background Details- Detailed Process of Creating a Deer from Walnut and Leaves

Using a brown pen, draw the spots on the deer. Stick a red paper as the sun in the background.

Step 8: Base Of Our Craft

Base Of Our Craft- Building a Walnut Deer with Leaves Step-by-Step Directions

Stick some small colorful leaves at the bottom above the green leaf. Our base is ready.

Walnut Deer Using Leaves is Ready!

Walnut Deer Using Leaves is Ready- A Guide to Constructing a Walnut Deer from Leaves

Good job! Our walnut deer craft using leaves looks amazing. This tutorial helps the kids to make fun animal crafts using out-of-the-box materials like walnut and leaves to create artistic crafts. We hope you had fun making this craft with us. There are always unique ways to learn new things!

Hope you like this article on how to make walnut deer using leaves. We would love to hear your thoughts on this article in our comments section below. Please do visit our website for other such fun and amazing articles on art and craft.

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