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Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower Craft – Step by Step Tutorial

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Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower Craft – Step by Step Tutorial

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This tutorial will teach you how to upcycle empty egg trays into a beautiful flower and mushroom craft that you can use as a decoration for your home or garden. Follow our easy step-by-step guide to make this colorful craft with supplies you already have at home.

Welcome! Today, we’re going to be creating a unique and fun craft using recycled egg trays and other materials. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a bright and colorful mushroom and flower decoration that can be used to brighten up any room or outdoor space. So, grab your supplies, and let’s get started!

Creative Craft of Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower For Kids

Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower Craft - Step by Step Tutorial

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Material Required:-

  • Egg tray
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrush
  • Green wooden/plastic stick
  • Green chart paper
  • Cotton earbud


Step -1

Creating a Craft with an Egg Tray

Simple To Make Recycled Egg Tray Craft Idea For Beginner

Let’s start this awesome craft by taking an egg tray. Cut out around 15-cup shapes using scissors.

Make sure all the shapes are similar.

Step -2

Creating Flower Shapes with Scissors

Easy Process To Make Mushroom Craft Idea For Kids Using Scissor Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower Craft - Step by Step Tutorial

Now, as half of these shapes are going to be flowers, you need to make small cuts on the slope of the cups to make petals and give their corners a rounded shape using scissors.

Step -3

Turning Cups into Flowers and Mushrooms

Super Cute Idea To Make Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower Craft Idea For Children

After making cuts on half of the cups they will start looking like flowers.

The rest of the cups will become mushrooms.

Step -4

Creating Mushroom Stems with Green Sticks

Cool Art Of Recycled Egg Tray To Make Mushroom Craft Idea For Kids

Now, take small pieces of green wooden/plastic sticks for the stem of the mushrooms and stick them using glue in the bottom of the cups that you made for the mushrooms.

Step -5

Sticking Mushrooms to Green Chart Paper

Handmade To Make Cute Mushroom Craft Idea For KidsIn this step, stick all the mushrooms onto the green chart paper using glue. Press all of them firmly so that they don’t come off the paper.

Step -6

Stick The Mushrooms At Normal Gaps

Step By Step To Make Creative Mushroom Art & Craft Idea For Kids

Stick the mushrooms at regular gaps, as shown in the above image.

Step -7

Arranging Flowers with Mushrooms and Glue

Learn How To Make Adorable Flower & Mushroom Craft Idea For Kids

Stick the flowers in between the mushrooms using glue as shown above.

Step -8

Coloring Flowers and Mushrooms with Watercolors

Acrylic Paint Is Used To Make Colorful Flower & Mushroom Craft Idea For Kids

Now comes the coloring part. Color the flowers and mushrooms using different watercolors and a paintbrush. You can choose any bright color of your choice for this.

Step -9

Creating Polka Dots On The Mushrooms Using Ear Bud

Cool Activities To Make Decorative Flower & Mushroom Craft Idea For Kids Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower Craft - Step by Step Tutorial

At last, take a cotton earbud and dip it in white watercolor and create white polka dots on the mushrooms for detailing the craft.

Final Image

Make a Special Craft with a Recycled Egg Tray!

Handmade Recycled Egg Tray To Make Beautiful Flower & Mushroom Craft Idea For Kids

There you go!! Your beautiful mushroom and flower craft is ready using a recycled egg tray that is enough to impress others. This craft is special as it uses a left-out egg tray and can be made easily by your kids using limited supplies. It will not only entertain your kids but also make them more creative and capable of making things out of waste. So what are you waiting for? Tell your child to grab the material required and make something interesting out of an egg tray!

FAQs Related to Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower Craft

1. What can I do with old egg trays?

Old egg trays can be surprisingly versatile! They can be used as mini planters for seedlings, or to make a little herb garden. They can also be used to store small items like jewelry, paper clips, and buttons. If you want to get creative, you can paint them or cover them with fabric and make decorative storage containers. You can also use them to line drawers or shelves to keep items from sliding around. Finally, you can even use them to make fun crafts with the kids, like cute little egg carton animals. With a little imagination, there are endless possibilities for old egg trays!

2. What craft can I do with egg cartons?

Egg cartons can be used to make a wide variety of crafts! One of the most popular projects is to create the classic egg carton flower. To do this, simply cut each cup of the egg carton into a petal shape and paint each petal a different color. You can also affix a stem and leaves made of construction paper or felt to the egg carton flower to make it look even more realistic. Other creative projects to make with an egg carton include animals, such as butterflies, birds, or even a dinosaur. With some paint and a few other supplies, you can turn an ordinary egg carton into a work of art!

3. What materials can egg cartons be recycled into?

Egg cartons can be recycled into a variety of materials, ranging from packing material and insulation to craft items and toys. Egg cartons are often made from paper or cardboard, which can be recycled into other paper products or used to make new egg cartons. Egg cartons can also be recycled into plastic items, such as flower pots, storage containers, and even furniture. In addition, egg cartons can be repurposed into art projects and craft materials, such as flower decorations, birdhouses, and other creative items. In short, egg cartons can be recycled into a variety of materials, depending on the creativity of the recycler.

4. Is paper egg tray recyclable?

Yes, paper egg trays are recyclable. They are made from paper and cardboard, so they can be recycled with other paper and cardboard materials. Egg trays can be recycled at most recycling centers, and they are also a great way to repurpose paper and cardboard materials. Egg trays can be reused for crafts, in the garden, and for other creative projects. Recycling paper egg trays are a great way to reduce waste and help the environment.

5. Can egg cartons made from recycled paper be recycled again?

Yes, egg cartons made from recycled paper can be recycled again. This is because the paper is a recyclable material and can be reused multiple times. The process of recycling egg cartons is the same as recycling regular paper. Egg cartons are collected and broken down into their components. The paper is then screened and separated from any other materials that may have been used in the making of the carton. The paper is then pulped, cleaned, and made into new paper products. Egg cartons made from recycled paper are an excellent way to help conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

This Recycled Egg Tray Mushroom & Flower Craft is a fun and creative way to upcycle your egg trays and turn them into something beautiful. With just a few simple supplies and some creative thinking, you can make a fun and unique craft to brighten up your home. Follow us on Youtube for art and craft tutorials and much more.

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