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DIY Paper Broom Easy Craft Tutorial for Kids

DIY Paper Broom easy craft tutorial for kids

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DIY Paper Broom Easy Craft Tutorial for Kids

Create a cool paper broom with your kids with this easy DIY tutorial! This craft is perfect for kids of all ages and is a great way to keep them entertained.

This DIY Paper Broom Easy Craft Tutorial for Kids is perfect for those looking for a fun activity to do with their children. With just a few simple supplies, you can create an adorable paper broom that your kids can use for pretend play. This tutorial will guide you through the process step-by-step so that you and your children can easily create a unique and fun craft.

Easy Paper Broom Craft Tutorial For Kids

DIY Paper Broom easy craft tutorial for kids

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Materials Required

  • Chart Paper
  • Glue Or Adhesive
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Double Side Tape
  • Color Paper


Step 1: Preparing Chart Papers

Preparing Chart Papers-A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Homemade Paper Broom for Kids

Cut a chart paper into a 15X15 cm square shape, with the help of a scale and scissors.

Step 2: Cutting Them

Cut Them-How to Make a Paper Broom - A Fun Craft Tutorial for Kids

Fold the chart twice, draw an Arc using the pencil in chat, and cut the arc with the help of scissors.

Step 3: Cutting Them For Brooms

Cut Them For Brooms-Construct a DIY Paper Broom with This Easy Tutorial for Kids

Now, Continuously cut the bottom of the chart for the broom as shown in this picture.

Step 4: Rolling Another One

Rolling Another One-Make a Paper Broom Yourself - A Kid-Friendly Craft Tutorial

Take another color 15X15 cm chart, paste double side tape at the bottom of the chart then, roll the chart as shown in this picture, this will become the stick of the broom.

Step 5: Pasting The Stick With Broom

Paste The Stick With Broom-Paper Broom Tutorial - A Simple DIY Guide for Kids

Now, paste the rolled chart with a broom using double side tape.

Step 6: Broomstick Is Getting Ready

Broomstick Is Getting Ready-A Kid-Friendly Craft Tutorial to Make Your Own Paper Broom

Take a piece of colored paper and paste it in the middle of the broom and stick (with the help of glue) to cover the corner.

Step 7: Attaching The Eyes For The Broom Stick

Eyes For The Broom Stick-How to Craft a Paper Broom Easily - A Tutorial for Kids

Now, take a piece of paper and cut it into two small round pieces and draw eyes in it with the help of a marker or pencil and paste them in the broom and draw smiles and cheeks.

The Final Look Of Broom Stick

The Final Look Of Broom Stick-Making a Paper Broom - A Simple Guide for Kids

Congratulations, Easy Paper Broom Craft is Ready!!

This DIY Paper Broom Easy Craft Tutorial for Kids is a fun and creative way to get your children involved in a craft project that will give them a sense of accomplishment.

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