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Cute Peppa Pig Scenery Craft Step-By-Step Tutorial

Cute Peppa Pig Scenery Craft Step-by-step Tutorial

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Cute Peppa Pig Scenery Craft Step-By-Step Tutorial

Activities for Kids

This tutorial will show you how to make a nice Peppa Pig scenery craft. It’s great for kids of all ages and you’ll be able to make gorgeous Peppa Pig pictures quickly.

Welcome to the world of adorable and entertaining craft ideas for kids! If you’re searching for a simple yet fun activity to keep your kids entertained, we’ve got you covered. Introducing the beautiful Peppa Pig scenery craft, ideal for encouraging children’s creativity and imagination. This craft idea not only entertains children but also helps them develop fine motor skills and attentiveness. So gather your paper, pencils, and scissors because we’re about to take you on a step-by-step tutorial adventure that will have everyone oinking with glee!

Cute Peppa Pig Scenery Craft For Kids

Cute Peppa Pig Scenery Craft Step-by-step Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Blue (light And dark), Red, Yellow, Orange And Green Coloured Sheets Of Paper
  • A Pair Of Scissors
  • Any Adhesive
  • Clay Dough Of Various Colours


Step 1: Create The Background For The Scenery By Adding Sky And Grass

Create background for scenery by making grass and blue sky-Adorable Peppa Pig Craft for Children

For the first step, take a light blue coloured sheet of paper and cut it into the shape of a circle using a pair of scissors. Then, take the green sheet and cut it into a large leaf-like shape and then paste it over the blue sheet using the adhesive.

Step 2: Paste The Peppa Pig’s Outfit Cutout

Paste peppa pig outfit cutout-Lovely Peppa Pig Artwork for Beginners

Then, take the red-coloured sheet of paper and cut it into a shape similar to that of a half oval. Then, paste the shape on the paper using the adhesive.

Step 3: Take Pink Clay Dough And Mould It

Take pink clay dough and mould it-Delightful Peppa Pig Construction for preschoolers

Here, you are supposed to take the pink-coloured dough and mould it into the shape of the face of a Peppa Pig, very similar to the shape of a whistle.

Step 4: Paste The Dough On The Outfit

Paste the dough on outfit-Beginners tutorial to make an cute peppa pig scenery for children

Now, you are supposed to place the dough on the outfit as shown below.

Step 5: Add Details Such As Nose And Eyes Using Clay Dough

Add details such as eyes and nose- Step-by-step guide to craft an cute peppa pig scenery for Kids

Then, you are supposed to add other details using the dough, such as the nose (mould into two small circles), ears (mould into two small leaves ), legs (mould into two straight lines ) and eyes( two small black circles on the white bigger circles ).

Step 6: Use Paperweight To Secure The Whole Design

Using paperweight to secure whole design-Complete procedure to make a peppa pig scenery for beginners

Now, take a paperweight and apply pressure on the design to secure it in one place.

Step 7: Add a Smile, Two Hands And Some Blush!

Add a smile two and and some blush-Sweet Peppa Pig Scene Creation for preschoolers

Now, take some more dough and add two hands, some blush and a smile by moulding the dough into the required shapes.

Step 8: Paste The Cloud Cutouts

place the cloud cutouts-Charming Peppa Pig Scene Crafting for beginners

Now, take the darker blue-coloured sheet of paper and cut it into the shapes of clouds of different sizes, then paste them on the scenery cutout using the adhesive.

Step 9: Paste The Sun Cutout

Paste the sun cutout-Pretty Peppa Pig Scene Activity for children

Now, take the yellow sheet and cut a circle. Take the orange sheet and cut small triangles out of it. Paste them together using the adhesive and then paste the whole cutout on the scenery.

Step 10: Add Flowers Made Of Clay Dough And a Tail Too!

Add flowers made of dough and tail too-Endearing Peppa Pig Scene Crafting for kids

Finally, take some more dough to create flowers and place them on the greener side of the scenery.

Viola !! Your Scenery Is Ready !!

The adorable Peppa Pig scenery project is a great option for kids who adore this famous TV character. They will not only have fun making it, but they will also learn how to follow directions, be patient, and persevere.

This project has various advantages, including keeping the kids engaged in an entertaining activity that keeps them from viewing devices or being idle. However, when engaged in creating activities, several cares should be considered. Always ensure that youngsters use non-toxic, age-appropriate materials. To prevent mishaps, make sure that sharp objects, such as scissors, are used under adult supervision.

Making a lovely Peppa Pig scene may bring hours of entertainment for both youngsters and adults! So grab your materials and get started !! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and do check our other posts for more such amazing ideas!

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