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Cute Walnut Shell Mice Easy Craft Tutorial For Kids

Cute Walnut Shell Mice Easy Crafts for Kids

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Cute Walnut Shell Mice Easy Craft Tutorial For Kids

Activities for Kids

This article can help you and your kids make cute mice out of walnut shells. It’s an easy project that you can do with things found in your home. Have a great time while making these adorable crafts!

If you have a creative mind, you can create literally anything. In every little thing, you will find something to create out of it. When you create something, you feel proud and delighted with yourself. So, today we are going to create something that is so out of the box that you might have never imagined. Let’s get started!

Just follow the given steps carefully and let’s create something cute and out of the box.

Walnut Shell Mice Easy Craft Tutorial

Cute Walnut Shell Mice Easy Crafts for Kids

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Materials Required

  • Walnut Shells (6)
  • Clay (Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Black)
  • Craft Paper (White)
  • Small Container
  • Water


Step 1: Take Six Walnut Shells

Take six walnuts shells-Complete procedure to make a Cute Walnut Shell Mice for Beginners

The first step is to take six walnut shells and a white coloured craft paper. The white coloured craft paper should be in a circle shape.

Step 2: Take Different Clay And Make Features Of Mice

Take different clay and feature mice-Step-by-step guide to make creative Mice using walnut shell

Now, take different colours of clay and make features of the mouse. For example, take green colour clay and make a shape of the clay as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Make Ears Of Mice With Clay

Make ears of mice with clay- Beginner's tutorial of making a Cute Walnut Shell Mice

The green colour clay which you made earlier, makes it into a shape of a petal to make the ears of mice. Make two petal-shaped ears. Stick the ears on the upper part of the walnut shell as shown.

Step 4: Put The Green Ears Into The Water

putting green ears into water-Stepwise procedure of making a cute mice using walnut shell for kids

Now, to make sure the ears stick properly to the walnut shells, take the water into a container and soak the green colour ear in the water which is in the container as shown.

Step 5: Make Eyes With Black Clay

Make eyes with black colour- step-by-step tutorial on making a mice using walnut shell for kids

Now, take black colour clay and make two circles with it to make the eyes of the mice. Stick the black eyes below the petal-shaped ears on the walnut shells as shown.

Step 6: Make a Tail With Green Clay

Make a tail with green clay- Complete tutorial to create a cute mice using walnut shell for beginners

Now, to make a tail of the mice, take a long and narrow strip of green colour clay and mould it into a shape as shown above in the picture.

Step 7: Turn The Green Tail Of The Mice

Turn the green tail of mice-Sweet Walnut Shell Mice - Easy Crafts for Children

To give the green colour tail a more artsy effect, turn green colour tail by overlapping it as shown in the picture above.

Step 8: Stick The Tail Behind The Walnut Shell

Stick the tail behind the walnut mice-Attractive Walnut Shell Mice Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Now, stick the green colour tail behind the walnut shell as shown in the image.

Finally !Your Cute Mice Is Ready!

Your cute little cheese-eating mice are finally ready. To make more mice, keep repeating the same above steps six times with different colour clay as shown in the image. Then, you can even make cheese and place it between the mice to give more emphasis to the craft. Place all the different colour mice in a circular motion on a circular white coloured craft paper as shown.

This craft will definitely blow someone’s mind as it is cute, creative and very easy to make. If you want to blow someone’s mind with your crafting skills, then this craft is definitely for you. Keep making cute crafts and keep blowing minds!

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