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Pretty Poppy Flower Garden Painting Art For Kids

Pretty Poppy Flower Garden Painting Art For Kids


Pretty Poppy Flower Garden Painting Art For Kids

This art project is great for children of all ages. With vibrant colors, they’ll have a blast making their own flower garden art. All the necessary materials are provided in this easy-to-follow guide. Have fun creating art with your kids today!

Ever seen a poppy flower garden? Love is all around! The pretty red color of these flowers reminds me of the red hearts! So, this artwork will be a perfect fit for your loved ones to gift! They will absolutely love the idea and will be decorating the artwork over their walls! The poppy flower artwork is pretty easy to make and a beginner can also make it easily! This step-by-step instruction tutorial will guide you to the easiest steps to create this artwork! Enhance your art skills by making this artwork with us now!

Beautiful Poppy Flower Garden Painting

Pretty Poppy Flower Garden Painting Art For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Colored Sketch Markers (Red, Green, Yellow, And Blue)
  • Black Marker


Step 1: Making Wavy Stems Of Flowers

Making Wavy Stems Of Flowers-A Radiant Poppy Field Canvas for Children

Let us begin with this artwork by taking a white circle paper sheet and using a green sketch marker to make 4 random wavy stems over the paper.

Step 2: Making Dashed Sepal Of Flower

Making Dashed Sepal Of Flower-An Eye-catching Poppy Garden Artwork for Little Ones

Over the top end of the stems, draw dashed lines in a triangle shape to form a sepal of the flower.

Step 3: Making Petals

Making Petals-A Picturesque Poppy Garden Artwork for Youngsters

Using a red sketch marker, make line strokes over the sepal to form the bushy petals of the flower.

Step 4: Making Leaves To The Stems

Making Leaves To The Stems-A Beautiful Poppy Flower Art Design for Kids

Form all the flowers and a small petal shape bud, following the same steps. Again using a green sketch marker, start making leaves from the stems of the flowers.

Step 5: Completing Making Leaves

Completing Making Leaves-A Creative Poppy Bed Painting for the Young

Completely fill all the stems with leaves from the green sketch marker.

Step 6: Making A Bee

Making A Bee-A Lovely Poppy Garden Art Project for Kids

Take a yellow sketch marker and form a bee shape, and color it to fill out. Then using a black marker, draw the eyes, texture, and antennas of the bee.

Your Poppy Flower Drawing Art Is Ready!

Your Poppy Flower Drawing Art Is Ready!-A Charming Poppy Field Picture for Children

Complete your artwork by adding 2 wings to the bee using a blue sketch marker and form one more bee on the right side of the paper.

Taadaa! Your Prettiest poppy flower garden drawing is ready in no time! The deep red color will definitely catch the eyes of the viewer! You can now hang this artwork in your room to get nature vibes right inside your room or you can also gift the artwork to your loved ones! You can also customize the artwork by adding some more bees and flowers to it! Show off your drawing skills to everyone and even teach your friends to make this beautiful flower garden and bees flying around!

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