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Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids – Step by Step Tutorial


Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

This fun and easy rainbow sunflower painting art project is perfect for kids of all ages! With just a few simple supplies, your kids can create a colorful and unique painting that they can be proud of. Learn how to make this sunflower painting and unleash your child’s inner artist!

Welcome to the wonderful world of rainbow sunflower painting art for kids! This art form is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the joys of art, as well as the beauty of nature. With a few simple supplies and a bit of creativity, you can create stunning works of art with your little ones. From vibrant colors to playful patterns, rainbow sunflower painting is the perfect activity to get your little ones engaged and creating. Whether you are looking for a fun activity for a birthday party or just want to introduce your child to the joys of art, rainbow sunflower painting is a great way to start. So, let’s get started!

Beautiful Way To Make Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art Idea For Kids

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Material Required:-

  • White A4 sheet
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrush
  • Stick with a round sponge
  • Cotton Earbud


Creating a Beautiful Landscape: Painting the Ground with Yellow Watercolor- Step- 1

Cool Art To Make On Paper Rainbow Painting Of Sunflower Craft Idea For Kids Using Cotton Bud

Let’s start this beautiful painting by drawing the grass on the ground.

Take a stick with a round sponge and dip it in yellow watercolor. Cover the bottom part of the A4 sheet in yellow color by making yellow circles by that stick.

Creating a Grass Detailing with Yellow and Green- Step- 2

Easy To Make Smudging Of Color To Make Rainbow Sunflower painting Art Idea For Kids Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids

Let the yellow color dry and repeat the same procedure as above with green color and complete the detailing of the grass.

Make green circles at the bottom of the grass only and give a faded look between yellow and green.

Creating a Flower with Grass and a Dark Yellow Circle- Step- 3

Creative Way To Make Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art Idea For Preschoolers Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids

After completing the grass, your painting will look something like this.

Next, make a dark yellow color circle using that stick. This will become the center of the flower.

Making Rainbow-Colored Petals of a Sunflower- Step- 4

Acrylic Paint Is Used To Make Beautiful Rainbow Sunflower Painting Craft idea For Kids

Now, you need to make the rainbow-colored petals of the sunflower. For this dip that sponge in red color and make an oval shape next to the yellow circle.

Using Orange: Repeating the Steps- Step 5

Step By Step Making Adorable Sunflower Painting Art Idea For Toddler Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids

Repeat the above step using orange color.

Brighten Up Your Garden with Multi-Colored Petals- Step -6

Easy To Make Colorful Rainbow Sunflower Painting Craft Idea For Children

Make other petals as well using other bright colors like yellow, purple, blue, etc.

The Finishing Touch: Crafting the Perfect Petals- Step- 7

Amazing Sunflower Painting Art & Craft Idea For Kids Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids

After making all the petals, your painting will look like the image above.

Creating a Sunflower Stem with a Paintbrush- Step- 8

Simple & Fun To Make Flower Painting Art Idea For Kids

In this step, take a narrow-tip paintbrush and draw the stem of the sunflower with free hand using dark green color.

Try to make the stem in one go to give it a raw look.

Drawing Dark Green Leaves on Both Sides of the Stem- Step- 9

Handmade To Make Adorable Colorful Sunflower Craft Idea For Kids Using Paint Brush Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids

Now comes the turn for the leaves. Refer to the image above and draw leaves on both sides of the stem using dark green color.

Finishing Touches: Painting White Stripes on Flower Petals- Step- 10

Cool Artwork To Make Colorful Sunflower Painting Art Idea For Kids

Just a bit more detailing and your craft will be ready. Make white stripes using a paintbrush on the petals of the flower.

The Final Touches Of Petals- Step- 11

Easy Process To Make Beautiful Rainbow Sunflower Painting Craft For Kindergarten

Your painting is almost ready, you just need to add a few more things like the sun and clouds in the background.

Completing the Picture: Adding the Sun and Clouds- Step- 12

DIY Project Idea To Make Rainbow Sunflower Craft For School

Make a red circle using the sponge on the top left side of the sheet.

Painting a Red Circle with Orange Sun Rays- Step- 13

A Watercolor Is Used To Make Creative Sunflower Painting Art Idea For Kids

Add sun rays using orange watercolor by drawing tiny stripes around the red circle.

Creating the Perfect Sky with Sponge- Step- 14

Homemade Painting Art Of Rainbow Flower Craft Idea For Kids

Take another round sponge(smaller than the previous one) and dip it in sky blue color to draw the clouds at the top. 4-5 adjoining circles would make a perfect cloud.

Creating a Sunflower With Three Clouds- Step- 15

Fun Activity To make Lovely Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art Idea For Kids

Make 2 more such clouds on either side of the sunflower.

Adding a Pop of Color: Decorating The Painting With Dots- Step- 16

Creative Activity To Make Painting Of Rainbow Sunflower Craft Idea For Kids Using Match-Stick

At last, take a cotton earbud and make red, yellow and purple dots in the background and on grass as well for the beautification of the painting.

Creative Art with a Rainbow Sunflower Painting- Final Image

Easy Way To Make Cute Sunflower Painting Art Idea For kids

Your beautiful rainbow sunflower painting art is ready just like that. Let the paint dry and laminate it for using it for decoration purposes. This is a very basic yet adorable painting to be made by your preschooler kid. He/she would love to make it with friends or alone also and it will surely encourage the kid to be a more creative and art-loving person. Go ahead and show your kid this tutorial to get his/her hands on some amazing work of art.

FAQs Related to Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids

1. What do sunflowers represent in art?

Sunflowers have been used in art for centuries as a symbol of joy, adoration, and loyalty. They are often used to represent the sun, life, and vitality, as they are a source of nourishment and energy. Sunflowers are also seen as a sign of hope, and they have been depicted in many paintings and sculptures throughout history to honor and celebrate life. Sunflowers are often associated with faith and loyalty, and they can also convey the idea of a bright future. In art, sunflowers are often used to create a feeling of warmth and happiness, which can be a reminder of the beauty of life.

2. What artist painted pictures of sunflowers?

Vincent van Gogh was the artist who painted pictures of sunflowers. He created a series of sunflower paintings during his time in Arles, France in the late 1800s. He used bold colors, thick brushstrokes, and an overall impressionistic style to create moving works of art. His sunflower paintings have inspired countless other artists and stand as a testament to the power of van Gogh’s work. They remain some of the most iconic and beloved images in the world of art today.

3. Is Sunflowers an oil painting?

No, sunflowers are not an oil painting. Sunflowers are actually a type of flower and is not a form of art. However, there are many paintings of sunflowers that have been created with oil paint. In fact, one of the most famous sunflower paintings is Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers, which was painted with oil paint in 1889. This painting has become an iconic piece of artwork that is beloved by many. Oil paint is a popular choice among artists for painting sunflowers and other types of flowers due to its ability to capture the vibrant colors and details of the flowers.

4. What style of painting is sunflowers?

Sunflowers is a style of painting most famously associated with Vincent van Gogh. This style of painting typically involves vibrant colors and thick brushstrokes, often featuring a single sunflower or a field of sunflowers. The sunflower is a symbol of hope, and this style of painting conveys a sense of joy, warmth, and optimism. The bright colors and bold brushstrokes in sunflower paintings make them a popular choice among art lovers.

5. What kind of artwork is sunflower?

Sunflower art is a popular and beautiful form of artwork that can be found in many different settings. Sunflower art typically consists of a sunflower motif, often rendered in bright, vibrant colors. It can be found in many forms, including paintings, drawings, and photographs. Sunflower art often symbolizes hope, joy, and happiness, as the flower is often associated with sunny days and happier times. Sunflower art can be used to brighten up a space and bring a feeling of warmth and positivity.

6. Which colours are used to paint a sunflower?

When painting a sunflower, a painter typically uses various shades of yellow, orange and brown. The center of the flower is usually a bright yellow to give it a vibrant and cheerful appearance. Orange is used for the petals, and the brown is used for the center and the seeds. Depending on the artist, some may opt for a darker orange for the petals and a darker brown for the center and seeds. Accents of green can also be used to give the sunflower a realistic look. This Rainbow Sunflower Painting Art For Kids is an enjoyable and rewarding activity that your kids will love. It’s a great way to channel their creativity and help them develop their artistic skills.

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