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Easy Save Water Drawing For Kids

Save Water Save Earth Easy Drawing For Kids


Easy Save Water Drawing For Kids

This article provides easy steps to help kids draw their own “Save Water” drawing. Kids will learn how to draw a water droplet, a water tap, and a glass of water, while also learning the importance of conserving water.

Save Water, Save Earth! This important message can be conveyed with a drawing that can be made in a few simple steps. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to draw a simple picture of Water droplet that highlights the importance of water. With the help of this article, kids will be able to create their own artwork and learn about the importance of saving water and saving our planet. So, let the fun and drawing begin with this Save Water Drawing!

Awesome Save Water Drawing Idea For Earth Day

Save Water Save Earth Easy Drawing For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Paper
  • Colors
  • Black Pen or Marker


Step 1: Drawing A Dryland

Drawing A Dryland - Preserve Water, Keep Our Planet Healthy

Take a piece of white paper and draw a dry land. To make dryland, draw a straight horizontal line that divides the paper in one-fourth. Dray zig-zag segments in the bottom part of the paper.

Step 2: Drawing Tap and Water Drop

Drawing Tap and Water Drop - Simple Art For Children

Now, draw a tap on the left side of the paper and a water drop falling from the tap to the land.

Step 3: Drawing Wilted Plants

Drawing Wilted Plants - Conserve H2O, Protect The Environment

On the surface of the land, draw some wilted plants and flowers that depict that they are wilted because of lack of water.

Coloring The Drawing – Save Water Drawing Is Ready!

Coloring The Drawing - Easy Pictures For Youngsters

Once you’re done with your drawing, color the drawing using different colors. This drawing will help your child to learn about the value of water as well as help them to enhance their drawing and coloring skills.

This article has provided simple and easy drawing ideas for kids to help promote the importance of saving water and protecting the earth. Through these creative activities, children can learn and explore the message of conservation in a fun and interactive way.

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