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Star Wars Crafts For Kids

Star Wars Crafts For Kids

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Star Wars Crafts For Kids

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Bring the world of Star Wars to life with this fun and easy Star Wars crafts for kids! Perfect for a rainy day or to add a bit of intergalactic flair to any birthday party, these projects are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

When it comes to space, stars, and spaceships, children get excited. The movie “star wars are pretty popular among kids. Almost every kid loves to watch star wars, due to the fictional characters of that movie. Summer vacations are about to come and what’s better than engaging your child with some creative work? Crafting is the best method to keep your children engaged with some entertaining and productive work throughout the summer vacation. Star wars crafts for kids are one of the best crafting ideas for children who are a fan of Star Wars like me.

We all know crafting is so important as it helps to develop gross and fine motor skills in small children which is very important t for their growth and mind. Crafting helps to develop a creative mind in small children from a very young age. Star wars crafts are very easy to make as they don’t require much time and effort and can be easily made by small children under the guidance of their parents and children.

To make these crafts you don’t need expertise in the craft or any specific skills. With a few crafting materials you can easily make some very unique and colorful star war crafts. so this vacation brings your children to the world of art and crafts with their favorite characters of star wars and lets them enjoy the Journey of space at their home.

Star Wars Craft Activities For Kids of All Ages

Star Wars Crafts For Kids

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Star Wars Crafts For Kids

Lightsaber Made Of Paper Rolls

Lightsaber Made Of Paper Rolls - Arts and crafts ideas for Star Wars enthusiasts

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Star Wars fans love lightsabers more than anything. You can also make a lightsaber out of a toilet paper roll. This paper roll lightsaber looks amazing. For this, wrap more than half the paper roll with a sheet of tissue paper. Cover the non-tissue part of the roll using dark construction paper. Seal the point where the construction paper meets the tissue paper part.

Create a Star Wars Character Out Of Toilet Paper

Create a Star Wars Character Out Of Toilet Paper - Creative projects for youngsters inspired by Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

There are so many characters in star wars, so why not make our favorite character? in order to make the head of the character spilt the top of the toilet roll and create cardboard flaps which can be folded. Once done folding, paint the toilet roll with white color and if your toilet roll is white then skip this step. Once your paint dries draw your character’s details on the roll. In order to make the hair buns of princess Leia, you have to stick beads on each side and paint the top with brown color. For R2 D2 you have to draw a series of panels and buttons. Your characters are ready.

Chewbacca’s Stuffed Toy

Chewbacca's Stuffed Toy - Fun-filled activities for Star Wars fans

Image Source/Tutorial: Makezine

Chewbacca is one of the most loved characters in Star Wars. Make this adorable plushie with your kids so that they can snuggle with their favorite chewie.

Embroider a Star Wars Logo

Embroider a Star Wars Logo - Making crafts inspired by the Star Wars universe

Image Source/Tutorial: Simplistically Living

Why not teach your kids to stitch by letting them stitch their favorite Star Wars logo? For this activity, first, print out the logo template. Take a foam sheet and place it on the template. Using a wooden skewer, punch holes and highlight your template. From the back of the sheet, thread your needle. Your Star Wars logo frames are ready!

Star Wars Light Switch

Star Wars Light Switch - Artsy activities based on the Star Wars saga

Image Source/Tutorial: Sisters What

Decorate your kid’s room with this amazing Star Wars light switch. The kids will find the light side and dark side as a very interesting concepts for switching the lights on and off.

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The Fleet Of Tissue Roll Planes

The Fleet Of Tissue Roll Planes - Crafting ideas for children with a passion for Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Tissue and tissue rolls are very underrated craft supplies. There are numerous crafts and arts you can make using tissue and tissue rolls. You can even make a plan. All you have to do is take a tissue roll and a cereal box for the wings. The shape of the wings will be triangular. For the shape of the shuttle window, cut out a window shape. Stick all the pieces together. Once dried, paint your plan.

Cute Yoda Made Of Paper

Cute Yoda Made Of Paper - Crafting projects for young Star Wars admirers

Image Source/Tutorial: Toddler Approved

One of the most mysterious characters in Star Wars—is Yoda. He might be a highly mysterious and complex character, but this Yoda craft out of paper isn’t complicated. For this activity, all you need is paper and glue. For the cape, cut out two brown rectangles. For the body, a black triangle. A green circle for the head and two green triangles for the ears. For the mouth, a red square. Now stick the cutouts together. Your baby Yoda is ready.

Make a Star Wars R2 D2 Trash Can

Make a Star Wars R2 D2 Trash Can - Arts and crafts for kids based on the Star Wars saga

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog 

Isn’t R2 D2’s trash can cool? This will look cool in your Star Wars theme room. This craft is quick and straightforward to create. Use an R2 D2 template for markings. Cut out different shapes on duct tape in order to make the droid as shown in the template. Hurray!

Perler Bead Star Wars R2-D2 Craft

Perler Bead Star Wars R2-D2 Craft - Fun activities for Star Wars buffs

Image Source/Tutorial: Brain Power Boy

Perler bead crafts can be a lot of fun if you do them correctly. Using some beads and boards, you and your kids will have a blast. Enjoy your vacations or free time by doing the Perler bead craft. You can use some references for designs or create your own.

Peg Dolls Of Star Wars Characters’ Crafts

Peg Dolls Of Star Wars Characters' Crafts - Crafting ideas that Star Wars lovers will enjoy

Image Source/Tutorial: Filth Wizardry

Star Wars toys and action figures are very expensive, aren’t they? In order to have your own Star Wars toy, you can make one for yourself. This craft might look very complex, but it is very simple to create and looks awesome. All you need are simple craft supplies and chess pieces.

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Create a Star Wars Character Of Your Choice

Create a Star Wars Character Of Your Choice - Projects for Youngsters Inspired by Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial:  Hello Wonderful

There are so many ways you can create crafts. So many materials and so many methods. Similarly, there are many ways you can make your favorite Star Wars character. Take a toilet tube and cover it with white cardstock paper. Use some circle punches to make the details of the R2 D2. In the same way, using a toilet tube and some cardstock paper, you can make your favorite Star Wars character.

Simple Star Wars Papercraft

Simple Star Wars Papercraft - Crafting Ideas for Children Based on Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial Mom-Inspired Life

If your kid doesn’t like crafts very much and you want them to start with crafts, you can let them do this easy Star Wars papercraft because it’s simple, fun, and quick to make. For instance, if you want to make R2 D2, then all you have to do is print out the character’s template on cardstock. For younger kids, make sure that the shapes are large so that it becomes easy for them to cut. Stick the cutouts together and your character is ready.

Star Wars Milk Jug Helmet

Star Wars Milk Jug Helmet - Artistic Pursuits for Kids Based on Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial: Bit Rebels

You are looking for a costume for Halloween or your Star Wars theme party. But the stormtrooper helmet and other cosplay items are very pricey. You can make this stormtrooper helmet. This helmet resembles the one you’ve seen in the stores. Cut the front side of the jug into a U shape. Separate the jug’s bottom side. Cut out two circles from the other milk jug. Assemble the pieces together and paint them with white paint. With black paint, you can draw the details.

Lightsaber Pen

Lightsaber Pen - Fun Star Wars-Themed Projects for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Having Star Wars stationery is such a blessing. Your kids will love this craft. For this activity, take fluorescent gel pens of any color. Using duct tape, cover the pen cap and decorate it with some silver tape stripes. Easy peasy

Pool Noodle Lightsaber

Pool Noodle Lightsaber - Creative Activities for Children Inspired by Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Avoiding toy shops and making your own homemade toys gives you satisfaction. These pool noodle lightsabers are pretty simple to make, and while they play, these kids won’t harm themselves. Cut out the noodles in half and wrap the bottom with silver duck tape. Line the top with black duct tape. You are good to go!

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Death Star Wars

Death Star Wars - Handicrafts for Little Ones Motivated by Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial: littlebinsforlittlehands

Spend an afternoon doing family time with your family by doing this Lego Star Wars craft with your kids. If you don’t have the exact color bricks, that won’t be an issue. You can show your creativity. Sometimes, while making some Star Wars characters, you need specialty bricks, but you can make this death star with the help of basic bricks. You’ll need grey and black bricks to build this Star Wars death star

Star Wars Can Lanterns

Star Wars Can Lanterns - Crafting Experiences for Youngsters Based on Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial:  Frugal Fun For Boys 

The Star Wars can lantern are a great piece of decor for your Star Wars theme party. These lanterns are simple to make and look gorgeous when you light them. First, plan the design and draw it on paper. Using a rubber band, attach it to the can and trace the design by punching holes using nails and a hammer. Spray some color on the can using a spray can. Your gorgeous Star Wars can lantern are good to go.

Star Wars Galaxy Slime

Star Wars Galaxy Slime - Arts and Crafts for Children Influenced by Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial: Parenting Chaos

Slimes are everyone’s favorite. It is the kids’ favorite play item. to make your own galaxy slime from Star Wars. Mix the entire bottle of Elmer’s glue with a tablespoon of liquid starch. When you are done mixing, add some glitter. In such a way, use red, black, and blue glitter slime and mix them together to get a deeper color. Add some toys.

Calm-down Galaxy Jar

Calm-down Galaxy Jar - Making Things for Kids Influenced by Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial: Mom Dot

Using simple ingredients, you can make your own calm-down galaxy jar. Fill your jar with water, add some tempera acrylic color and mix them together. Once done mixing, add some cotton balls to the bottom of the jar. Make sure the bottom is covered with cotton. Add some contrasting tempera paint. Add some more colors and repeat the same process. Your galactic galaxy jar is done.

Star Wars Felt Puppets

Star Wars Felt Puppets - Creative Pursuits for Kids Influenced by Star Wars

Image Source/Tutorial: Make and Takes

Puppets never go out of style and give you a nostalgic feeling. You can even add your own touch to the puppets. If you want to make Star Wars puppets, first draw the character’s sketch. This will give you a clear idea of the shapes to cut out

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Paper Snowflake Star Wars

Paper Snowflake Star Wars - Making Star Wars Projects For Children

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Birdie Secrets

This winter, decorate your house with these unique star war paper snowflakes. Print out your character’s picture and cut it out into a circle. For cutting the layers out, fold the lines. Start by cutting the grey parts and slowly unfolding the paper.

Paper Death Star

Paper Death Star - Crafting With Star Wars For Little Ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Stuffed Cakes

The death star paper craft is pretty straightforward. All you need is a cupcake liner. Decide on the design of your death star. Take clay and start making your death star in your desired design.

Star Wars Costume

Star Wars Costume - Creating Star Wars Artworks For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Melly Sews

Some movies just take an extraordinary place in our hearts and once you are all crazy about the movie, from intimating your favorite character to dressing like them, you try to copy them in all aspects. Talking about dress-up, your kids will enjoy these fun outfits. Dress your kids and see how much they will enjoy this activity.

A BB-8 Droid Made Out Of Paper Plates

A BB-8 Droid Made Out Of Paper Plates - Star Wars Activities For Youngsters

Image Source/Tutorial: Silly Fun Time

The BB-8 droid is another adorable character from Star Wars. To make your own BB-8 droid, first, draw the head and cut it out. Color the cut-out. Take a square of cardboard and punch a hole in the center of the cardboard. Add the paper fastener. Tape the square in the middle at the back of the plate. In another long piece of cardboard, punch a hole. Attach the head at the top of the neck.


1. What materials do I need to make Star Wars crafts for kids?

You will need various materials such as felt, craft foam, construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, and foam shapes.

2. What are some easy Star Wars crafts for kids?

Some easy Star Wars crafts for kids include making paper plate masks, foam stickers, a Han Solo carbonite wall art, or a BB-8 decoration.

3. How can I make a paper plate mask?

To make a paper plate mask, start by tracing a paper plate onto a piece of felt. Cut out the shape and then trace it onto a second piece of felt and cut that out as well. Glue the two pieces together and then cut out any details like eyes or ears. Attach elastic to the sides to hold the mask on.

4. How can I make a foam sticker craft?

To make foam stickers, print out a Star Wars character, such as Darth Vader, onto a piece of paper. Trace the outline onto craft foam and cut it out. Glue the foam onto the paper and then attach a magnet or adhesive backing to the back.

5. How can I make a Han Solo Carbonite wall art?

To make Han Solo Carbonite wall art, trace a Han Solo image onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Paint it black and then trace the image onto a sheet of craft foam and cut it out. Glue the foam onto the cardboard and then glue magnets to the back.

6. How can I make a BB-8 decoration?

To make a BB-8 decoration, start by tracing an image of BB-8 onto a piece of cardstock. Cut it out, and then trace it onto a piece of craft foam and cut it out. Glue the foam onto the cardstock and then attach a ribbon to the top of the decoration for hanging.

We hope that you enjoyed making these Star Wars crafts with your kids. While doing these crafts, your love for Star Wars might have increased. Do let us know in the comment section which craft you enjoyed the most. Don’t forget to look at our k4 articles as well. Very soon, we’ll be back with some more entertaining activities. Keep smiling and creating with k4crafts.

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