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Beautiful Underwater Turtles Craft From Leaves Tutorial

Beautiful Underwater Turtles Craft From Leaves Idea

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Beautiful Underwater Turtles Craft From Leaves Tutorial

Activities for Kids

Create a unique and beautiful craft with your kids using leaves, glue, and some paint! These Underwater Turtles Craft From Leaves Idea is perfect for a creative project that will look great in any room.

Welcome young artists! We present to you a stunning underwater art of turtles that is only made up of leaves. The complete article has been curated in such a manner that even young kids and preschoolers will find it easy to follow the steps and make this wonderful artwork! We have used various shapes of leaves to give an artistic touch to the whole craft. You need to go out in the garden along with your kids to collect the leaves. It will be a fun outdoor activity. You can even use the shapes of leaves of your own to make this craft. Let’s begin!

Easy Underwater Turtles Craft

Beautiful Underwater Turtles Craft From Leaves Idea

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Materials Required

  • Green long leaves
  • Dried  leaves(Yellow, Brown)
  • Green heart-shaped leaves
  • Craft sheet(White)
  • Glue Scissors
  • Sketch pen(Red, Black, Blue)


Step 1: Making The Seabed

Making The Seabed-An outstanding plan of forming turtles from leaves in the watery expanse

Let’s begin the craft by taking white craft paper and cutting it into a circle. This will become the base of our leaf craft. Use brown and dried leaves to make the seabed as shown. Take a long green leave and tear it in half. Paste the leaves on the left side of the circle as shown.

Step 2: Making The Body Of The Turtle

Making The Body Of The Turtle-A wonderful vision of creating turtles with leaves in the deep

Take two heart-shaped green leaves and paste them on the white circle as shown. This will become the body of the turtle.

Step 3: Pasting The Turtle’s Head

Pasting The Turtle's Head-A fantastic concept of designing turtles with leaves in the depths

Take a light green leaf and cut it into a circle and paste it in front of one of the turtle’s body to make its head.

Step 4: Making The Arms And Legs

Making The Arms And Legs-A fantastic plan of constructing turtles with leaves below the surface

Paste the head of another turtle using a yellow leaf as shown. Take a green leaf and cut eight small circles out of it to make the arms and legs of both turtles. Take reference to the image.

Step 5: Getting The Layout

Getting The Layout-An attractive plan of fashioning turtles with foliage below the surface

After completing all the above steps, you will get the body of two turtles along with a sea bed and green grass blades as shown.

Step 6: Drawing The Eyes And Nose

Drawing The Eyes And Nose-An inspiring idea of making turtles with leaves in the ocean

Take a black marker and draw the eyes on the face of both turtles. Using a red marker, draw the nose in front of both the turtles as shown in the image.

Step 7: Drawing The Water Bubbles

Drawing The Water Bubbles-A captivating concept of forming turtles from leaves beneath the waves

Take a blue sketch pen and draw blue circular bubbles to make the effect of the under-the-sea image.

The Beautiful Underwater Turtles Craft From Leaves Is Ready!

The Beautiful Underwater Turtles Craft From Leaves Is Ready!-Crafting turtles with leaves - an attractive underwater thought

And that’s it, you have completed the beautiful underwater turtles craft from leaves successfully! You can add more details to enhance the underwater effect.

Some More Turtle Craft Tutorial

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DIY Clay Turtle Craft For Kids

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This fun and easy craft is perfect for kids! Make a clay turtle with air-dry clay, and add some googly eyes to make it come to life. It’s a great way to spend time with your kids and create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. It’s sure to be a hit!

Kids will learn to cut the leaves creatively in this activity. The turtles are cute and adorable. The heart-shaped leaves used for their body are flattering and make the whole artwork appealing and impressive. The children will be able to develop their motor skills through this activity and also improve hand dexterity. They will be inspired to create more innovative art using leaves and broaden their creative intellect. It is a fun activity to do with kids and spend quality time with them. Keep following our website for more fresh content.

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