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Cute Crab Underwater Scenery Step-by-step Craft Tutorial

Cute Crab Underwater Scenery Step-by-step Craft Tutorial


Cute Crab Underwater Scenery Step-by-step Craft Tutorial

Discover how to create your own cute crab underwater scenery step-by-step with this craft tutorial! Learn the basics of crafting with this easy-to-follow guide, perfect for crafters of all levels.

An animal so small has eight legs, two eyes, and two sharp hands that pinch so hard you will scream in absolute pain! Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, today we brought you a crab underwater scenery craft that has all the features but still looks cute enough and we guarantee you it won’t pinch at all! You will love to carry it around and show it off to everyone! To make this craft, you will just need the leaves which are merely waste that has fallen into your garden! Don’t throw them away instead create this beautiful creation that will be a piece to showcase!

Easy To Make Crab Underwater Scenery Craft Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Fallen Red And Green Colored Leaves
  • White Paper Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Googly Eyes
  • Blue Sketch Pen


Step 1: Making Crab’s Body

Making Crab's Body - Alluring Crab Undersea Landscape Step-by-step Art Guide

Let’s begin with this craft by taking a white paper sheet and using scissors, cutting it down in a circle. No, take a red-colored fall leaf to make a crab’s body and shape it into an oval with scissors. Paste the body in the center of the circle using glue.

Step 2: Drawing Hands, Legs, And Eyes

Drawing Hands, Legs, And Eyes - Appealing Crab Subaqueous Landscape Step-by-step Design Guide

Using a black marker, draw 4-4 legs on both sides of the body, 2 slanting lines over the top of the body for hands, and 2 eyes as shown in the image.

Step 3: Pasting Googly Eyes

Pasting Googly Eyes - Adorable Crab Submarine Scene Step-by-step Crafting Guide

Paste the googly eyes over the crab as shown using glue.

Step 4: Making Claws

Making Claws - Charming Crab Aquatic Scene Step-by-step Making Guide

Cut out 2 sharp claws from a red-colored fall leaf with scissors and paste them on the end of the hands using glue.

Step 5: Making A Rock

Making A Rock - Lovely Crab Marine Landscape Step-by-step Crafting Tutorial

Add a rock to your craft with a fall leaf front part and paste it over the right side of the circular paper using glue.

Step 6: Adding Rocks And Plant

Adding Rocks And Plant - Endearing Crab Oceanic Landscape Step-by-step Creation Tutorial

Cut out more rocks for your craft, and paste one at the left and other small bits below the crab from fall leaves. Now, paste a fresh green leaf over the right-sided rock using glue to make a plant over the rock.

Step 7: Adding Another Plant

Adding Another Plant - Attractive Crab Ocean Scene Step-by-step Crafting Tutorial

Paste another small fresh green leaf over the left-side rock to make another plant.

Step 8: Drawing Bubbles

Drawing Bubbles - Cozy Crab Sea Landscape Step-by-step Art Tutorial

Draw random bubbles in your craft over the white sheet using a blue sketch pen.

Your Underwater Crab Craft Is Ready!

Your Underwater Crab Craft Is Ready! - Sweet Crab Marine Environment Step-by-step Craft Tutorial

Congratulations! Your crab underwater craft using fallen leaves is ready in no time!

See for yourself, the crab turned out to be cute right? You can also customize your craft by adding more cute crabs and fish to it! You can now display your amazing underwater scenery creation in your room and dive into the depth of ocean and sea water while looking at it!

Some More Crab Craft Tutorial

Cool Activity To Make Crab Craft On The Beach

Cool Activity To Make Crab Craft On The Beach

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Making a crab craft on the beach is a fun and creative activity that everyone can enjoy. It is a great way to bring the family together and create a unique and exciting souvenir to take home.

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