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Small Watermelon Ants Painting Step BY Step Tutorial For Kids

Small Watermelon Ants Painting Step BY Step Tutorial For Kids


Small Watermelon Ants Painting Step BY Step Tutorial For Kids

Activities for Kids

This is a Small Watermelon Ants Painting Step-by-Step Tutorial for kids. Well, who does not like the sweet, sugary, juicy watermelon?

This is a small watermelon ant painting step-by-step tutorial. This is for kids of ages around four and above. This painting activity will help the kids to explore various tricks and techniques related to painting and art. It is a very easy and wonderful painting to make. Through this, kids can learn to be more creative and more innovative. They can teach themselves to paint using sketch pens, quite impressive, right? Come on, gather the following listed ingredients, and let us start.

Simple Watermelon Ant Painting For Kids

Small Watermelon Ants Painting Step BY Step Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • A Pair Of Scissors
  • White Sheet Of Paper
  • Sketch Pens (Red, Light, And Dark Green)
  • Paintbrush
  • Black Pen


Step 1: Drawing Spirals

Take A White Sheet Of Paper And Draw Spirals- A step-by-step tutorial to help children paint a tiny watermelon with ants.

Get a plain, white sheet of paper. Cut it into a circle using a pair of scissors as the base of your artwork. Now, get hold of a light green sketch pen and make spirals at the bottom of the base as in the reference image.

Step 2: Completing Drawing The Spirals

Continuing Drawing The Spirals Until One - Third Of Your Sheet Is Filled- Illustrating a miniature watermelon with ants - a guide for young ones.

Keep drawing these green spirals, big and small. Try to fill not more than one-third of the base at the bottom.

Step 3: Painting With Water

Smudging Those Spirals Using A Paint Brush- A comprehensive guide to help kids paint a small watermelon with ants.

Grab a paintbrush dipped in water. Make sure, there is not too much water. Paint the spirals with the water paintbrush to spread the color of your spirals and make them look smudged over the base.

Step 4: Making Circles

After Smudging Them, Construct Their Outlines- A beginners' guide to drawing a petite watermelon with ants for children.

Now, take your green sketch pen and draw the circles to outline the smudged spirals.

Step 5: Drawing Watermelon Textures

Taking Sketch Pen And Make The Pattern As Instructed Below- How to paint a small watermelon with ants - a tutorial for kids.

Take the dark green sketch pen and inside the outlines of the spirals, make these slightly wavy patterns to make the watermelon textures.

Step 6: Making Some Half  Watermelons

Grabbing A Red Sketch Pen Now And Start To Color- An easy guide to help children create a tiny watermelon with ants

Following the same, make 2 half watermelons over the top of the whole bunch. Also, make their texture too using the dark green sketch pen.

Step 7: Making Red Spirals

Making Spirals Out Of  Sketch Pen, Similar To The Green Ones- A guide to help young artists draw a watermelon with ants step-by-step

Color the top of the half watermelons with a red sketch pen. Also, make spirals with a red sketch pen above these watermelons on the base.

Step 8: Smudging The Red Spirals

Smudging The Red Spirals With The Paint Brush- A step-by-step tutorial for children to draw a mini watermelon with ants.

Just the way you smudged the green spirals do the same with these red spirals. The technique is the same, using a paintbrush dipped in water, not too much though. These will become the leaves of a watermelon tree.

Step 9: Making The Trunk Of Watermelon Tree

Getting Hold Of A Black Pen And Start Drawing As Below- How to Paint a Mini Watermelon with Ants, Step by Step Guide for Children

Grab a black pen and draw the tree trunks of the watermelon trees as shown in the reference image.

Step 10: Making Ants Using The Black Pen

Making Ants Using The Black Pen- A Step-by-Step Guide for Painting Small Watermelon and Ants for Kids

With the help of the same black pen, draw some ants. Also, make some small seeds on the leaves of watermelon trees as shown in the image.

Here It Is! Small Watermelon Ants Painting

Here It Is! Small Watermelon Ants Painting- A Step-by-Step Painting Tutorial for Youngsters to Create a Small Watermelon with Ants

For the last step, make some watermelon bits above the ants using the red sketch pen.

So, that is it. You have your small watermelon ants painting. It was fun, right? Well, how often do you see ants eating watermelon? But, it is not yet finished here. You can learn from this, practice, and experience. Later, you can brainstorm your own ideas inspired by this and create something innovative and unique of your own.

From this, you might have learned a few techniques and you can definitely use them in your further painting artistic prospects.

You can have a look at the website and find more ideas, articles, tutorials, etc. related to art and craft. Also, do not forget to mention your suggestions, reviews, comments, and experiences in the comment section. We would really like to hear from you all. Thank you for your time. We hope you enjoyed this. Have a pleasant day.

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